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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Plot; Jack discovers a piece of information that lead he and Greer to Paris and one step closer to their prey.

    Another solid entry, w/the focus once again on the detective work, w/the action coming hot and heavy in the last 5 minutes. Though clocking in @ 45 minutes--a full 15 less than the pilot--it manages to sneak in more character moments; particularly w/Greer, who has an interesting revelation.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Better than the first episode (though too short) but stringing along on the incompetence angle. In the pilot the CIA/U.S. military seemed incompetent at a CIA blacksite and now it's the Paris police who just go in a room with a woman wearing a bomb vest and shoot her in the head without thinking if she's holding a trigger device, or not. One would think BY NOW with suicide bombers what to do. It was pathetically stupid. Also, and I'm not a prude or anything, but, I found the nude scene unnecessary. It last a few seconds in a pointed scene, and I just don't get why they had to have it. All it told me was: that woman did not birth three children.

    But it was, overall, a good episode. However, I'm not really getting into the slow dramatic and then the rush of an all out action scene. They're telling two sides of a story. Jack Ryan's story and the character of Suleiman. On the latter, it was minute in the first episode. Just a flashback scene started in the beginning (and end) and then a little more revealed in this film. I always found the Jack Ryan films and books to be dramatic thrillers, not mysteries. It seems they're adding the effect of a 'mystery' into this and I just don't get why. Sympathy? Empathy? I don't know.

    There were other minor things I didn't care for but they were minor and insignificant and didn't really hurt the plot. On to the next episode.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The second episode opens with the unexplained murder of a priest in an ally in Paris. Jack is now back in Langley, nursing his wound and an old spinal injury. In a meeting of the top brass, it is suggested that Suleiman is ISIS, but Jack disagrees. Something is different about this strange man from Lebanon.

    Jack cracks the code of Sulieman's cell phone. The password came from Suleiman's old prison ID number. Meanwhile, at the Gulf of Aden in Yemen, Suleiman bids farewell to brother Ali, who heads to Paris that is the center of the event that the group is planning.

    Back in Al Manajeer, Syria, Sulieman's wife is uneasy about the men her husband brought to their home, one of whom is shamelessly flirting with her young daughter.

    Jack has paid a visit to Dr. Cathy Mueller at Memorial Hospital, where Jack has undergone an MRI on his back. Dr. Cathy gives Jack her phone number. As for Greer, he has been out of touch with his estranged wife Jasmine, for whom he converted to Islam. But he is no longer among the faithful, as he tells one of his old buddies.

    The episode concludes in the Belleville and St. Denis area of northern Paris. It is there that the terrorist cell is met by a Paris SWAT team. But the ringleader Ali is tipped off and makes a daring escape just as a suicide bomb worn by one of his associates explodes in the apartment building. Jack cannot catch the furtive Ali, who flees the scene.
  • Why so many shots of Jack's face as he reacts to what is happening around him? Is this to showcase his acting skills?
  • mikeydross9 September 2018
    If you like GIGN or R6, this is the episode for you.
  • bobcobb3017 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This episode did not do anything to dispel the notion that this show is Homeland-lite, but as long as it works I am fine with it. So far it is entertaining though.

    I am not crazy about Jack Ryan dating and that being a big part of the show, but other than that most of it is working.
  • While in France all of the armed law enforcement have POLICE on their backs. In France police are essentially meter maids. They mostly write parking tickets and are not armed. The armed law enforcement are the Gendarmarie and are labeled as such.
  • One scene with a woman dropping her dress. We see nudity from behind, and the side of her breast.