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  • Best actress goes to DemetÖzdemir, best in showing, comic side, emotional side, strong woman side i mean everything is perfect about her, i really enjoyed so much, furkan is also very good and the whole cast is so good, best one😇
  • Wow.. At first I gave 5 stars because the lead actress Onur is a terrible actress and contribute nothing to the show but I liked the cast and the story at the beginning was interesting, so...5 stars seemed fair. After episode 40 it spiraled down.. repetitive stories . The same stories with different actresses. They kept going on and on and on and on with the same stupid stories all over again till the end.. The story started very nice and than became super stupid childish and boring.. what's with the "lost father"& the "lost daughter" stories scrambled in the last episodes??Wow hahaha

    No matter what,the whole world can be set on fire and Onur is always dressed as a runway model..he is so annoying with his consists fake smile,fake walk,fake everything. Did I mention he is by far the worst actress I ever watched on tv?? The wonderful actress Demet didn't deserved such a terrible actor beside her. Last 25 episode were unnecessary.. It's seems the writers were all over the place with the script.not focused on a specific story but 200 more different direction. the last 20 episodes it was chaos ..not a good story line. The only good thing I can say about it is the wonderful cast(except Onur the emotionless).
  • If Turkey has 3 actors with no talent or look whatsoever , that is the leading actor ...definately off putting Demet was still on premature phase so sometimes overacting The story lay out boring from episode 1..waste of time
  • The crew is amazing also the plot and the best thing is The perfect relationship between Lale and onur as it helps the audience To find out the best way to deal with the husband and wife.