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  • manfromplanetx22 November 2017
    Having previously taken the "New Years Trip" it was time to board the "Express Train". One of three comedies featuring Kiyoshi Atsumi who with beaming smile is the kind hearted train conductor of this film series. Dedicated to his job, to his fellow travellers his priority they come before all else. Masaharu Segawa's films are wonderful enjoyable comedies, surprisingly little known outside of Japan. At first glance the goings on may seem to be a bit peculiar, but you soon realize riding along with the quirky lovable conductor that the journey is going to be lots of fun. Kiyoshi Atsumi has a marvellous range of comic expression, an animated character the role is perfectly suited , there is a terrific support cast, an odd assortment of characters who highlight all the diversions along the way.

    A simple story-line threads the comedy of interactions and misadventures together for a highly entertaining, warmly engaging comedy classic, Japanese style. Well Worth the Ride !...