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  • redisle30 January 2017
    OK so if you want to know what happens in a real lawyer's office go and sit there for a few days. This is television and this series (too short) is a great piece of escapism. It's so nice not to have about five thousand and twenty-three story-lines or a script that is unintelligible. There is a real freshness about this series and it is good to see an Irish team take on such a project. One criticism is that it would be nice to let the actors out of that canal basin now and again! Looking forward to more! Ms Huberman creates a new type of lawyer hero, one with an overlay of innocent ingenuity, again a refreshing departure from standard fare. Hovering in the background are a series of corrupt individuals giving the story a David versus Goliath theme.
  • bradpemberton20 March 2017
    This is so much better than the drivel from American studios. No overt sex or profanity and no exploding cars or blazing gun battles, wow actual dialogue that drew me in and made me feel that I was a fly on the wall watching, experiencing the drama. Loved the ending, just enough to make me want to watch next season and left me thinking that the character Eric may also be a victim - of his bad parents and their drive to make him 'win' at everything. I recommend this show highly.
  • Outstanding series with fantastic actors and excellent writing! I can't wait to see more. I especially appreciate that this legal drama casts its lead character as an intelligent, caring, strong woman. Her professional and personal relationships are developed in depth, with enough humor to keep the series on the light side. I also like that this series does not rely on graphic images of violence, especially against women and children, to convince viewers to keep watching, as do so many similarly themed shows. Thank you, Acorn, for providing such an awesome series!
  • This show is a refreshing change for a USA audience that's grown tired of the usual L.A. drivel. The characters are well developed and the writing and cinematography are first rate. You can't help but root for the characters. It's easy for normal, everyday people to relate to the characters and identify with their situations. There appears to be genuine chemistry between cast members and they all do a fantastic job of conveying the feelings, emotions and subtleties behind each character and plot.

    The story lines are complex but not forced or heavy handed, and flow seamlessly from one episode to the next. The twists in the plot are well-timed and develop naturally. I also found the portrayal of the city of Dublin interesting. Here in the States we are accustomed to seeing Dublin portrayed on-screen as a rough, gritty town, but in this show, the city comes across as beautiful and cosmopolitan, akin to Vancouver, B.C. or other trendy waterfront cities. It feels like the kind of place you'd really like to spend some time. There are plenty of good reasons to watch this show. But be warned, if you watch one episode, you're going to want to come back for more.
  • lindajean404419 March 2017
    There is just something so fresh about Irish programs. American TV is so redundant. I binge watched the 4 shows of the first season, and am so disappointed only four! From the very first I wanted her fiancé not to be written out of story cause I am hoping there is redemption for him, but of course with lots of drama and interactions between him and other characters. Writers doing great job stirring up our empathy for him. I am more interested in the relationships between the characters then I am in the actual plot line of each episode. Relationship between characters is why we read books or watch TV & movies and this show seems to be moving in that direction, and why I will be looking forward to season 2. So hurry up and get it on Acorn TV!
  • I enjoyed this Irish TV show so much I watched it twice within a few weeks - the setting is Dublin and filmed so well it makes you want to jump on a plane and go there - and the story about law and lawyers and their cases is so interesting and enjoyable that I can't wait for the next season. The actors are very good and you just want to see more.
  • seeker-2691219 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I stumbled upon this looking for something to pull me in, and found it here! Just love British TV!!! So much more interesting than the American political agenda garbage.

    The main character is a strong, beautiful woman, who suddenly finds her wrapped up & tied future crushed by her fiancée in a one night stand. So glad she stayed true to herself! I like the true bravery of her struggle to work with him as a solicitor and "ex", as well as former colleagues. She draws strength from her job, and not wallowing in self pity, putting her grief and energy to starting a new life. Her ex is a pretty boy who has never had anything denied him, and it becomes clear how much his mommy & daddy have seen to that. Supporting her are nice, but flawed people, helping her build her new life. I like that her clients are flawed also, not all bad, not all good, but somewhere in between. Will she flourish in her new direction, or fail? Are the dominoes being stacked against her?

    Looking forward to another season.....and to see how that interrupted dinner ends up!
  • ..this is a show if the powers that be leave it alone could go a very long way.. .. it has all the initial markings of an exceptionally long run series.. ..for is the writing and cast that if kept together, will be among the longer best..

    .. there lots of the not-so-good-ones that keep getting renewed season after season.. ..always good to have one of the really worthwhile pull through time & again..
  • Its a small world when you end up watching a TV series from 'home' 2 years after the event only because it got favourably reviewd in the NY Times, but yer honour, i have to plead guilty. Amy Huberman almost effortlessly carries the major weight of the series & its nice to see in these days of woman the barricades that she is accompanied by some other very talented female actors. the stories are good, but please mr director, can we lose the sweeping shots of the dublin skyline? MANHATTAN it aint
  • I agree totally with a prior reviewer's statement that there's something so fresh about Irish shows. Probably because the location stock footage and aerials haven't been "done to death" as they are with New York City, London, Manchester, Washington DC, San Francisco, Miami, and Los Angeles. To call this series "hackneyed" and "improbable" is outrageous. Anything can happen these days! Since Y2K, Donald J. "Trumpelstiltskin" made it into the White House with a wife who has done lesbian porn, an entire female family dynasty was launched by one sister's sex tape and peaking with her stepfather going from gold medals and fatherhood to gold stilettos and "sisterhood", and wannabe music artists, strippers, middle-age blond (?) gold diggers, and has-been athletes, all becoming (in)famous due to "reality" television. It's called life!

    This show may lack the cutting-edge concept of "Ali McGraw" or the in-your-face honesty of "The Wire" (cuz YOU can't handle the truth!), but it's no more incredulous than "The Sopranos" depiction of an irrelevant La Cosa Nostra family led by a capo in psychotherapy! In "Striking Out", a personable Amy Huberman leads a great ensemble, with something for everybody.

    My only complaint is that 4 episodes is way too short a period to really establish a solid following for a new series. Viewers unfamiliar with Ireland just don't "know" Dublin well enough. Even well-known film locations like London and NYC require sufficient time to establish the plot and character arcs. We have to learn the dialect and customs. Is the steering wheel right or left? Is tea or coffee the preferred beverage? Is the meal called "tea" actually lunch or dinner? We were just understanding that "Garde" mean police by the final episode. I'm still not sure how the whole Irish court process goes. I was up on barrister vs. solicitor, Crown Prosecution Service, and "M'Lord/M'Lady" to the judge. This is an Irish legal drama yet the viewer was only given 4 episodes the familiarize ourselves to both the country and its legal system. What? No legal briefs rolled up and tied with pink ribbon?!

    Still, this series depicts a different side of Dublin - beautiful, lush, and intelligent. Not a pub or leprechaun in sight! No one has "ginger hair", freckles, or bad teeth. Just a fresh new look at one of the oldest and resilient countries in the world. I say "Out with the old & in with the new......Ireland"!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I originally gave this excellent show a score of 10 until the very end of the last episode of Season 2, where they left us hanging- ending on a very unsatisfactory note.

    Perhaps they were hoping to be picked up for a 3rd season?
  • This is an excellent show. The cast is excellent, and not smug as in the USA. The characters are believable, and the plots are plausible as well. Don't expect this show to be highly politicized. This is a show about people. The scenery of Dublin is impressive, and so it the Canal. Press on! I like your work.
  • The characters of this second series imitate the insight created by the writers, in the first series, as the viewer can feel and empathise with the characters as they go through their journeys of trials and tribulations. The writers know how to get our attention by writing stories that communicate life and this life hypnotises us in enjoying the "true life" experiences of the clients of Tara as she guides and assists them to resolve the issues, the story revolving around the issues that touch us where it hurts. Brilliant work. Simply brilliant. To the writers, your brilliance mesmorises me as a viewer and it is with insight that I love connecting with each episode. The content of each episode is so concentrated that I can only watch one episode per day/ week and not binge-watch on this series. My feelings are too sensitive for binge watching. Rob Heyland, we miss Ultimate Force:-(
  • orchidami11 October 2019
    Why on earth would they cancel this show? Excellent writing, excellent cast, genuine and well done. I am keeping pay for view ACORN TV just to watch this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked this show because it was different, and interesting and I liked the characters. I'm really disappointed that there doesn't appear to be a season 3 and we got left with a tremendous cliff hanger. The story lines were engaging, however I got a little frustrated with everyone constantly changing sides, and those who were good guys suddenly become bad guys. And I really hate having a character like Dunbar who is so powerful that no one can ever bring him down, but he's bent on ruining the lives of everyone and keeps succeeding. No matter what client Tara's people get, Dunbar has something to do with it and ruins their case. I'm sorry, but that's just not believable. It's okay for a while, but when it becomes the only story line it gets tiresome. If there ever is a season 3 I'll watch it, but I hope they bring Dunbar down quickly and move on to something new. There is so much potential for this show I hate to see it wasted,
  • Opens impressively and maintains good visual quality. Pity the script disintegrated so soon. The set-up, with Tara (Huberman) two-timed on her Hens' Night is okay, if hackneyed. What follows is a mess of cliché and improbability. The notion that a lawyer would allow a young homeless miscreant to organise a new office for her is absurd. In a downbeat coffee shop backroom too. Leather-clad femme fatale snoop is a bit of a cliché, to say the least. It's eye candy, but shallow. The media star in the first case was terrible, a monosyllabic goof with popping eyes – perhaps the actor couldn't recover from reading the script. Meanwhile Tara is slowly turning into the worst TV lawyer ever, inexplicably handing over all her money to pay for the wedding she's been cheated out of. Hello? Is she really a lawyer? We may wait for a second series to see if there's any improvement. If there is a second series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ok, the first episode starts excellently - a young professional layer woman who thinks she has everything, experiences the worst shock of her life. She catches her gorgeous fiance (by the way, in every respect above her league), from a powerful and rich family she works for, cheating on her with a handsome woman just before their wedding. And instead of drawing on that shock, disclosing how all their marriage plans and everything else in her workplace was a farce, the writers of the show move immediately focus from that drama to some cute small criminal case, couple of kids from the street helping her, a goofy uninteresting looking colleague lawyer, and bunch of already seen cute but boring characters. Instead of taking a serious revenge of a man who humiliated her so awfully, she focuses on starting some silly childish new firm with the people she has just barely met, and bunch of other cliches, like actually nothing big has happened, and like a new childish firm can be a "player" compared to the corporate empire she had to leave because her fiance could not stay fateful. Really unconvincing plot. The worst thing is that the young layer protagonist all the time has to apologize to everyone for cancelling the wedding, like it was some personal problem of hers. And even worst thing of all is that she continues seeing the cheating boyfriend and keeps talking to him, like they are still all dear friends, and as if he has not just ruined her life and gave her the worst shock and humiliation she could experience. Man, she even does not change her clothes and hair style after the big shock and break of the engagement. One word for this show: boring and predictable. But at the same time, detached from real life. Someone who has invested all her life heavily into building her career would not let some filthy cheating boyfriend ruin all that for her, and leave without any compensation and revenge, like she is just some school girl who has not been invited to the party, so she made one of her one. In which universe a professional world works like this? They used an interesting beginning to end up in bunch of typical predictable situations, who maybe would work better for a comedy, but still would not be believable at all.
  • derektighe14 January 2018
    It's 1:30am, I'm thankfully anesthetized by another gin & tonic, bewildered by the awfulness of this program, It crashes on every level, script, acting, editing, direction. If this is the best the Irish publicly funded national TV station (RTE) can do; and I fear it is, it's about time this station was shut down, and stopped ripping off the Irish households to the tune of 160.00 euros a year. To anybody who has had the misfortune to come across this TV series, can I most humbly apologise for being an unwitting investor, one of the million or so, partially responsible for inflicting this on you.
  • Premise is good, acting is very good, dialogue is very good. Amy Huberman in the lead role of Tara is a strong actress able to carry the show but she has quite a few stellar actors in supporting roles to add a high level of polish to this show. The two sets of parents shine like stars in their limited scenes and the maverick mentor, Vincent, supplies just the right amount of edginess. After watching Season 1, I have hopes that follow-up seasons will expand those roles and also that the cafe owner will become more important in a variety of ways. I like that the philandering fiance was kept in the storyline and wonder if there's any way to redeem him, though I think not because he has a megalomania that would take years of therapy. Though I enjoyed this show, I was left with unanswered questions about what I felt were muddled plots: I wasn't sure how the bigamy case ended in favor of Tara's client (veiled references to stashed cash and something to do with jewelry); I wasn't sure about the conduct of the dad in the custody case; I wasn't sure about the extent of corruption in the bidding case; and the lease problem seems weak. I also have quite a few questions about Vincent's background because that role is so pivotal & entertaining. However, these are minor questions since the legal cases are overshadowed by the dynamics of all the relationships among the main characters but they add up to a 7 out of 10 rating. Looking forward to Season 2.
  • rosemarydale-0218726 February 2018
    Looks too like USA drama...doesn't feel authentic. Fiona O'Shaughnessy keeps me watching though and has hooked me in