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  • This is a solid movie and a great action movie. The plot is mostly predictable and probably something you've seen before. What makes the action great is the realism. The gun fighting is up there and believable. Sure our hero survives a few times he shouldn't but that's what makes it an action movie. My biggest complaint is probably that the payoff didn't really exist. "Mission Accomplished" came to mind at the end. What was it all for?
  • I like the movies with realism in their action scenes. It makes you to get in to the film more. I have to give credits for John Street and his amazing team. From holding the gun to the preparing for battle, you definitely feel that actors got trainings. Director got an excellent job to allow the actors to use the militaristic atmosphere. The simplicity of scenario and gives the message to the audience what the movie is about. When it is about mercenaries, it is every men is for himself. Even Milo Gibson shows his characters dark side with the ideology. I enjoyed the movie overall. Gun battles reminded me Den of Thieves realism. And the general concept of the movie reminded me Ronin. I would recommend to every action movie lover.
  • ttrimble-433632 September 2019
    An excellent movie. Excellent acting, story and battle scenes. Milo brings it. Stoic and emotionless. The people that think that is bad acting have know idea what it is like to be a seasoned soldier. What it can potentially do to the mind.

    This is a man's movie. There are a few of us still out here. Let us enjoy a "tough guy" movie made for us. Go watch your own movies made for you. We don't watch your movies and then low score and criticize them because we don't understand them.

    Everybody needs to just get over themselves.
  • Expected much less than I received watching this film. Character development is not too deep but it's good enough to like (or not) the characters and want to see what happens to them. Gibson does a good job playing a burned out former military type who is now working for the CIA. He doesn't emote very much but real military guys don't either when it comes to the mission. If you have 90 minutes to spare, give this one a go.
  • I can't believe this flick only managed a 5! A really well put together little piece, nice action, nice pace, well acted, well written and nicely directed. Like what's the problem man? Gibson was great and offered awesome intensity, those eyes in that review mirror, man oh man! Reminded me of his Dad way back there as Max. I really enjoyed it and it was a nice break from all the tawdry bs CGI crap that's so become the norm these days. Check this one out. 7.5 from me.
  • Nothing extraordinary in this typical cat and mouse film. Novice writer/director Matthew Hope did a decent job directing the cameras but not so much in directing his cast, as most actors were missing their 'skip in their step', especially Milo Gibson. The pacing was a bit drab, and the writing had many plot issues. The fight scenes choreography was surprisingly decent and the military tactics on point. Milo Gibson's acting was too stale, as the majority of his lines were too monotonic and he seem asleep throughout most of his dialogue. His fight scenes however, were on point. For me, the only three stand-out lead actors were William Fichtner (too bad only a mall role - haven't seen him do much lately), Joseph Millson, and Gbenga Akinnagbe killed it (well, compared to the rest). And enjoyable film to see if you're craving action and nothing else to watch on a Sunday afternoon, but nothing memorable. It's a 6/10 from me.
  • Action shots were well choreographed and filmed. The action was believable. I really enjoyed this movie. Intense. Glad I watched it.
  • This film is vastly underrated for starters. The storyline is compelling and the characters are pretty close to what CIA black ops would hire. Emotionally damaged what some might say psychotic or sociopaths but it is never the case. They are all broken. How can you be sure you ask? Because everyone is vetted before joining the military. They are tested as a team and will die for their brothers. Everyone else for the few that have shut down are nothing. On the surface, but underneath it eats away at their souls. They are discarded when no longer useful. The film is intense and it shows how they all feel invincible but in the end they are just as fragile as anyone. Well worth watching.
  • This was a breath of fresh air. Loved how we weren't overloaded with backstory and exposition. We weren't drowning in dialogue to eat up minutes. No one playing the victim card. Solid and simple movie. Must watch action movie.
  • I just finished watching te movie . I really enjoyed the entire movie. The action scenes are well done in the movies own unique style ...this is not your generic John Wick style with the obvious cascade of events. The back and forth double crosses Keeps you guessing what the outcome will be....The ending was kinda in the successful hollywood style we've all come to know and like ... But even that didn't workout quite the way I anticipated.... All the actors did a great job...Milo Gibson (the 5th. son of Mel Gibson) was stellar. That man has a great future in films ..also nice to see William Fichtner again. For movie enthusiasts that enjoy this style of mercenaries, shoot em up with a sprinkle of skullduggery should by all rights enjoy this movie....I did ....
  • Gun fighting looks like real though the story is not new and somewhat predictable but overall , it's enjoyable to watch.
  • It's as good as Netflix's Triple Frontier ($60M budget). I'd guess this cost $15M. Good dark and surprisingly realistic action-assassin-spy flick, vs typical Hollywood crap. Learned a few things I can use the next time I'm being hunted by killers, too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the bonus track of the DVD of "All the Devil's Men," writer-director Matthew Hope discussed his goal in exposing how the CIA began as an intelligence gathering organization, but evolved into "an assassination agency."

    At least Lyndon Johnson agreed with Hope when he famously remarked that the CIA was "running a Murder, Inc." operation. As it turns out, the film was more of a standard action film than a political exposé, and Hope's directorial skills are better than his screenwriting.

    A weakness of the film was in the character of Leigh, who is the CIA operative directing the lead character Collins and his fellow "bounty hunters," who are contract killers with an endless supply of assignments. Leigh was never entirely credible as the rogue agent motivated primarily by personal reasons to avenge the death of her father, who was beheaded by the film's villain in South Waziristan in northwest Pakistan.

    According to the bonus segment, the film had pretensions of showing how "empires are destroyed from within." But the viewer is confronted by such a convoluted plot and so many double-crosses that it was difficult to contemplate the big picture of an intelligence agency run amok and "working in the shadows." There were also too many clichés in the scripting, including such lines as, "Are we protecting the homeland, or are we just making more enemies?"

    Milo Gibson is good in the leading role of the beleaguered veteran contract agent. Gibson is the son of actor Mel Gibson, and, although Milo is much stockier than his dad, the facial resemblance is uncanny. Gibson turned in a credible performance.

    In the bonus track, Hope described how the film was intended as a throwback to such thrillers as "The French Connection." But that film had superb plotting, well-rounded characters, and the gritty realism of international crime, features that were missing in "All the Devil's Men."
  • Wow, I picked up this Blu-ray at Walmart not really expecting much. The premise was enough to make me buy it though and man am I glad I did! The lead actor Milo Gibson (yes the son of the Lethal Weapon himself Mel Gibson) is the lead here, and he shines in the role for the most part. He seemed to do most of the stunts himself and it was filmed very well! I particularly liked the overhead shot that was used during the boat sequence. The other actors do a fine job as well. Sylvia Hoeks is downright beautiful and does an excellent job, especially towards the end. William Fichtner may be on the cover with a gun but his role is much smaller then you would think.. His role is still very pivotal though and I'm glad he's still doing great work here and there as a character actor. Gbenga Akinnabe is a great sidekick as well and his chemistry with Milo works very well. I don't know if it's possible but a prequel with both of them during Their SEAL days would be worth watching if done right. Now, onto the bread and butter and the reason we watch these kinds of flicks.. The action of course!! Matthew Hope does a great job here and you can tell he's fan of action sequences himself. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he grew up watching a lot of Seagal and Van Damme flicks as the gun and knife fights here are filmed very tight, with brutality and blood sprays. Definitely looking forward to see what Matthew and Milo cook up next!
  • I watched it for 1hr and 40min but it felt like I watched it for 10min. Really good movie.
  • 05/16/2019 This movie really gets into the action quickly. 10 minutes in, it's already gotcha hooked. The IMDb 5 stars rating is incorrect, their rating is way to low. Lucky for us, this is a much different government hit man movie. It has a solid and constituently moving forward storyline without all the loud gunfire noises, car chases and to loud Hollywood drama music that we normally are forced to endure. These hit men use common sense, technology, weapon silencers and moderate speech without alot of unnecessary loud, vulgar language. The movie comes across as possibly believable/real like any intelligent hit man might choose to work. I really liked this no nonsense movie better than our normal Hollywood fare. Watch for yourselves and decide. Bon Appetit 03/11/2020 Just watched it again, still excellent plus this time I had a heads up as to the complexity of the forward moving, always changing storyline. The fast pace, no nonsense approach makes for a much better, more realistic movie. There are "NO" dead spots in this movie. If you haven't watched it, you're gonna love it.
  • Not a lot of dialogue but a solid .Twists on every side not what I expected.Well done Netflix best from the son of Mel so far .
  • johnnyreevesbass16 November 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Going to include some spoilers!!!!

    Over all I really enjoyed the film. I think one of the few things Ive seen in a spy film is the opening kill. Colins uses modern spy tech to lock the doors and sets a timer to unlock them long enough for him to do his job and get away. "All The Devils Men" is a spy vs spy film with a bad guy buying a nuke. I really did enjoy it and I think most people would. If you have the time it worth checking out!! At the moment the overall stars is 5/10 and I don't really agree with that. I fell a 6/10 or 7/10 is fair for the overall film.
  • I'm one of a few women who like action movies wth a semi-realistic plot that has nothing to do with zombies or space fantasies, that can keep my attention. This is such a movie. Good men fighting evil men is always great theme, but even better is when a movie adds gray areas with ambiguous morality, as does this underrated gem. There is a lot of violence, but it is not gratuitous. Milo Gibson is perfect in the lead role as a former Navy Seal with PTSD, a mix of half crazy vigilante and righteous seeker of justice. I also appreciated the minimal, low-keyed music ( or absence of music) which made the action scenes more realistic. There were a few plotholes, and there was some odd dialogue that should have been edited out, but overall I found this movie very good.
  • ramesesbrathwaite21 May 2019
    Applause! Applause! Well shot, well played, well executed. Watched 2 times in a row.
  • I loved this movie. It is great directing and acting. Milo Gibson was excellent leading star. He is following his father footsteps. He has a incredible performance. I can't wait to watch more of Milo Gibson movies. This movie catches my attention and exciting movie than other highly budget movies.
  • I joined IMDB just to write a review for this clearly under-appreciated film. This is a gem of a movie. Facial expressions, tight action scenes, sparse dialogue, raw brutality, all lay bare the mental struggles of a killing machine struggling to remain human. This film deserves, and rewards, your attention.
  • Fine military tactical realism, good acting. Looks a lot better than its budget would suggest. Good work in this genre. I would eat this this type of move up everyday.
  • chnjose27 December 2018
    No storyline, no acting, no dialogues, plot predictable - in short, not worth any time and money.
  • Movie is just as bad as the trailer represents it to be.
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