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  • Although I got the impression the budget may have been tight, the makers of this film got everything out of it. The atmosphere of the forest was dark and the sense of foreboding it lent went along way towards making the movies low budget work well. The acting was good and the fact I knew none of them seemed to make it better. I was happy to stumble upon this film and would recommend it as a good watch if you like horror/supernatural films.
  • As a practicing Heathen, I loved the accuracy of this movie. Outside of it being a horror movie with a revenge undertone, it depicts the goddess Hel, Niphelheim, The Seidr, and the Runes accurately. Most Americans won't like this film cause they don't understand the lore or pagan practices, but if you do, you can appreciate it.
  • It is the story of an area in 11th century Sweden which had been converted to christianity and where some local folks had been too hard on some of the pagan remnants. When a missionary disappears in this forested area, a village deputy gets a "posse" together to go onto the forest to retrieve him and his companions. The searchers are attacked by bandits at the edge of the forest and then, as they get further in, they are attacked by something else. These are the Draug.

    As a historical movie it is very accurate; nothing anachronistic to distract in the dialogue, costuming, or sets. The acting was very good and the scenery was exceptional. Both used to advantage in telling a spooky story based on Norse mythical creatures. We loved it
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Have you ever watched an Asian film that wasn't meant to be marketed to English audiences , and you thought it was edited really badly because stuff just didn't make sense or wasn't explained enough? And it jumped from scene to scene without so much as a story to propel it? Yeah sort of what happens here although I'm 100% sure it makes way more sense to a Swede. Something does get lost in translation. And it wouldn't matter so much except that the entire story line - this happens to. Yeah in the end it makes sense , but getting there is difficult and it is such a good movie in other respects that you really want this movie to tell the entire story and you want the explanation. You want the back story. You want it all to come together clean. This movie could have been one of the best indie movies of this genre - if it had done that. But instead it has characters that don't make too much sense ( why are they there and why does it matter and how do they connect to this?) and you have a loose at best story..... that for English listeners doesn't make sense- a story about an old lady who got buried and they had to cut her head off. A girl who enters your body- and takes over .... but it's the old ladies curse. But then - that's not the story. Actually at the very end - there was a homestead. And they cursed the land. Ok.... but so much could have been cool there that was wasted .... and I'm not sure if it was the translation or a bad script or just culturally implications that I missed - is it worth a rental? Sure. Is it mind blowing ? No. Seemingly up to standard production value also. Not a B film.
  • asylum500016 October 2019
    The set design and the locations are very good but the acting and the story is absolutely terrible. It's rare I dont finish the film and i had only 10 mins left