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  • 'KIN': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

    A sci-fi action flick about an adopted teenage boy and his recently paroled brother who go on the run from violent vengeful criminals, as well as the law and aliens, with a secret otherworldly weapon. It was directed by debut feature filmmakers Jonathan and Josh Baker, and it was written by Daniel Casey (based on a short film by the Bakers). The movie stars newcomer Myles Truitt, Jack Reynor, Zoe Kravitz, James Franco and Dennis Quaid. It's received mostly negative reviews from critics, but I mostly enjoyed it. It's definitely uneven, and not a great film by any means, but it is fun and involving. The performances are all good in it, and it reminds me of a lot of the 80s sci-fi flicks I really enjoyed as a kid. I had a good time watching it.
  • Born in the 80s, I grew up with the classical must see Sci-fi (Metropolis, 2001, Blade Runner...). These past few years, I have been witnessing a lack of innovation in the genre. It's rare to see a fresh new idea such as Gattaca or more recently Arrival. The bad reviews intrigued me. They were either really bad, or very good. As if something either disappointed or surprised. I went with the second. It's great to see that there are some folks out there who can still create something which will interact with your imagination. Kin reinforces the basic theory that the "less is more", especially for this genre. Using dark modes, focussing on the characters performances, being meticulous with the soundtrack. All the ingredients which you can't trade for better SFX, CGI. So if you are the "kin" of person who's been thirsty for something creative in this space, then go watch Kin.
  • Truthfully, half of the movie I was bored. The characters were good, the story was "eh". However! The ending W-O-W, I couldn't keep my eyes away, it was unexpected and I couldn't believe it was ending. Now I cannot wait until the next one comes out. Sincerely, the ending changed my whole view about the movie. I want to know more!
  • Really guys, I mean this movie had it all. Fine story, awesome CGi, really nice flow, pretty cool characters, and with some minor illogical moves (on the side of the afro american kid) it had it all. I'm a huge sci-fi fan and last "good" sci-fi I've seen was Blade Runner remake, which wasn't really that great, right? But this one, it ain't no AAA movie, sure not, but it has some great story to tell which made me hoping for a sequel.
  • lizshotter8 November 2018
    I really liked this film, it had a great theme of family and how the characters deal with loss and conflict. It has an amazing ending and I hope that there will be more films as it has a lot of possibilities. James Franco is great at playing sleazy bad guys and he really delivers in this (with the exception of the "walkman story"..that was a bit uneccessary and a bit cringy). I loved the special effects, they were subtle in places and I was glad it wasn't a film bloated with cgi and was relevant to the story. The lead actor was brilliant and a promising young actor and who doesn't love a bit of Zoe kravitz in sparkly underwear? She plays a really good part in this but sometimes I tire of the " tart with a heart role", women are capable of so much more, but she played it well.
  • I love this type of sci-fi movie, like Terminator and Predator. Unexpected encounters and out of this world advanced hi-tech. The special effects where amazing. Quaid and Franco were great as usual. You could go to so many places with a sequel. I'd definitely like to see Kin2. If you like to watch sci-fi like me, you'll definitely love this one. Kin2 must happen and I'll be there when it comes out.
  • sweeleigh12 November 2018
    This movie took an amazing twist after laying a somewhat slow setting. Initially I was like "meh".... Oh buddy, I went from laying down to sitting straight up in bed and to saying "whoa" and "wow"!!!!
  • mariafi9 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I almost didn't see the movie because of all the bad reviews, but curiosity got the best of me. I'm glad it did. I honestly liked everything. I thought the acting was great, the story was interesting, the characters were interesting and that the writer and directors did a very good job at maintaining the suspense and the tension. It starts out a bit slow, but you soon realize this isn't your typical "sci-fi" (don't get me wrong, I love science fiction movies). It's a family drama with a "sci fi twist," as I'm sure I read it described somewhere (maybe even the movie summary?). I guess for me it's about going with the story the creators wanted to tell, rather than the one you expect. I enjoyed it a lot.
  • I dont know what movie the other reviewers saw but what I witnessed was an epic film shot well directed well with interesting locations and great locations. Kin aikens back to a more subtle time, where a film doesnt have to shove subject matter down your throat to be categorized within a genre. The sci-fi is subtle the coming of age is subtle the love story is subtle the action is subtle with payoffs but when you add all this subtlety together you get an epic adventure. Albeit the passing feels slow at times it's nice to add some breathing room for the characters to grow and the story to progress more than a to b. Alot of the story is showed and not told, a nice contrast to other films released along side. 10/10 would reccomend to anyone and everyone.
  • This is a drama film, with other things, it's an "on the run" crime film about morality and family, but there is another sci-fi element that keeps you wanting to know more. The ending was amazing with a tip of the hat to the original Terminator movie. Great acting and cinematography, I hope to see a sequel
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While collecting scrap to raise some money, the fourteen year-old Eli Solinski (Myles Truitt) finds a weapon-like device and brings it home. Meanwhile, his stepbrother Jimmy Solinski (Jack Reynor) is released after six years in prison and has a cold reception from his widow father Hal Solinski (Dennis Quaid), who is an honest hard-worker. Jimmy owes US$ 60,000 to the dangerous gang of Taylor Balik (James Franco) and decides to heist the office where his father works to pay his debt. However they are surprised by Hall and Taylor kills him and Jimmy kills Taylor´s beloved brother. He flees with the money and lures Eli, telling that they are going to travel on vacation to Tahoe and their father will catch them later. Along their journey, Jimmy and Eli befriend the dancer Milly (Zoë Kravitz). What they do not know is that they are hunted by Taylor and his gang, by the police and by aliens that want to retrieve their weapon.

    "Kin" is a highly entertaining action sci-fi movie that looks like a pilot of a series. The characters are well developed and the conclusion is open to a series or to a sequel. This film is indeed underrated in IMDb and deserved a better rating. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): Not Available

    By far the best part about reviewing films as an independent reviewer is that because I'm not associated with any studios or publications I can be more honest and say if I disagree with other reviews.

    This film is one such film which I've been looking forward to seeing for a while.

    With a current rating of 5 out of 10 on IMDb ill say it now, right upfront that I totally disagree.

    Basically a Sci Fi story with a human angle and the twist at the end was totally unexpected.

    In essence the title of the film is perfect, what would you do to protect your kin? How far would you go?

    Yes slow in places but stick with it because this didn't disappoint.

    Rating 8 out of 10
  • There is not much I can say about this movie,except that it felt more like the fist part of a book than a movie and I was looking for part 2 even before the credits were done. Not because the film was good or great, nor because the acting because it could have been better, the stenography was in part both understandable, working and dull at the same time. And it felt short, like a part was missing.

    The core of the story on the other hand was interesting and it has been a long time since a movie story has had a core story that was interesting to me. Don't take me wrong the story could have been better and it felt unfinished in an unsatisfying way.

    I'm an avid movie buff and have loved movies for over 30 years, I love fantasy, science fiction, books and above all I love stories that has not been TOLD before like most movies that comes out. This story felt untapped, like there were more to tell and I hadn't heard something quite like it in a looong time and they should have lots nice words for just that

    The story didn't feel derivative like most movies and tv-shows these days and it has gotten noticeably worse the last decade or so, so this was a nice way for me at least to spend 70 minutes or so, but maybe just maybe not everyone will see it the same way I do and at least some, if I go by the comments online, didn't get a major part of the story at all..

    Still I want the rest of the story told, read or seen..
  • wilkins-g39 November 2018
    I found this innovative and surprising and truly believed the characters. Well done to the production team! I wish the distribution was wider!

    For all those people who gave this movie a negative review. Please crawl back under the rock from whence you came!
  • Kin is in many ways the spiritual successor to the universally hated Laserblast (1978). Same movie, tweaked and modernized.

    It tells the tale of a boy who finds a futuristic weapon in an abandoned building, and the chaos it brings to his life.

    The movie is stylish though it reeks of teen sci-fi franchise. Hollywood should know better by now, the majority of these things don't make it past the first movie!

    So it looks the part and the cast is great featuring Dennis Quaid, James Franco and Zoe Kravitz. It's cliched, it's rather generic and follows a very tried and tested formula.

    My issue isn't with any of that, to be fair generally that's what you expect these days. My issue is one that has been rife in the movie industry for a good decade now, and that's scummy protagonists.

    One core movie essential is a character or characters that you care about, that you empathize with, that you're along for the journey with and you're cheering them on every step of the way. So why do so many movies now shove down our throats these scummy criminal "Good guys". Why should I care about them? These are not good people, I can't cheer them on! They're antagonists surely!?

    This is something I just can't get over, movies like Attack the Block (2011) really seemed to start this wave of them and enough is enough.

    If you like teen sci-fi movies then this might appeal, but I hope you don't mind cheering on criminals.

    The Good:

    Looks the part

    Decent cast

    The Bad:

    Who am I supposed to be rooting for?

    James Franco is saturating the industry, enough already

    Really generic stuff
  • mikebellamyk8 November 2018
    Some reviewers obviously don't know how to watch a movie. Good film, good concept and good acting. Sit back, relax and just enjoy the film for what it is!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kin (2 out of 5 stars).

    Kin is a science fiction action film that tries to be a buddy road trip movie as two brothers build their relationship while a group of thugs and some unknown beings from a different world are after them. The film fails to be an exciting science fiction film. The plot is boring. The concept could have been better if there were more details on the unknown beings. The characters are tedious and the script gave flat characters. The action is nothing new worth watching.

    The plot follows Elijah (Myles Truitt) who got into trouble at school. His father Hal (Dennis Quaid) decides to put him to work with him. Elijah scavenging for parts to sell at warehouses. Came across an alien type of weapon. He takes it with him. His brother Jimmy (Jack Reynor) just got out of the prison and steers an argument with the father cause he is asking for money to pay off a group of thugs led by Taylor (James Franco). Taylor had his men protect Jimmy in prison. While Jimmy found an escape and brought Elijah along with him to avoid the thugs from getting him. Jimmy lied to Elijah that their father would want them to go on a road trip. As they bail out of town with Taylor's thugs after them. And two unknown beings that came from a different world arrive. Wanting to get their weapon back.

    The plot was boring. It tries to build the brother relationship with Jimmy and Elijah. As they settle their differences, Jimmy teaches Elijah how to drive. And talk about their mom. While Jimmy is sneaking Elijah into strip clubs, were they meet Milly (Zoe Kravitz). Who tags along with them cause she is wanting something better in life.

    The concept is not as exciting seen on screen. Two brothers trying to escape from a group of thugs and some unknown beings. It feels like a first episode to a young adult sci-fi tv series. Were the unknown beings does not have much of a backstory or explanation. Besides, they get into battle with other unknown beings and being involved in a shoot out in a warehouse. And some little twist in the end that is added in there that is supposedly trying to make the movie story feel like there will be more to this film. Sadly, the twist is forgettable. And the exciting factor for the action is also not there. The climax was dull. The characters are tedious. You do not really care much for Elijah, Jimmy, or even Milly. The script fails to develop any characters.

    Myles Truitt gave a flat performance. Jack Reynor was dull with his role. Zoe Kravitz is the only decent thing about the movie. Were she tried to deliver a role about wanting a better life but she is forced working in the club. James Franco playing a thug was terrible. Sure, he must have had fun playing a crazy villain but his performance is forgettable.

    Overall, Kin is a bad film. The acting is terrible. There is barely any action in the film. And when there is in the climax it is forgettable. The plot and concept felt uninspired to science fiction genre.
  • As confused as a mainstream movie gets, this cut-rate sci-fi yarn ticks off more clichés than a half time interview at the footy: troubled adopted kid lashing out, derelict older brother with a heart of gold, stern father with fortune-cookie wisdom, damaged girl with alluring pluck, dirtied-down James Franco... the list goes on. Throw in a coming-of-age tale loosely wrapped in an otherworldly mystery, with a side of poker-robbery, road tripping and getting drunk in a strip club, and this is movie-making by checklist. It's not hard to see why this was originally a short film - 15 minutes is more than enough to tell this story. Conceptually there are a few nuggets of mystery-building potential, but these are largely lost within the completely pedestrian plot. And, save for an unexpectedly good (but quick) finale which clearly hogged the lion's share of the budget, the visual style lacks flair and ambition. One of the biggest slaps in the face is that it gives the super-talented Carrie Coon, plus another star who pops up for an uncredited cameo, approximately one minute of screen time in the final act, clearly setting them up for a sequel that exactly nobody will want to see. Lazy script choices, bland casting and a muddled tone results in Kin being entirely devoid of charisma, intrigue and excitement.
  • All the excitement comes on too early in the film, and I saw it in IMAX. It felt like a TV movie that was given a push to theatrical release. It dragged on far too long to the point that I fell asleep, woke up, and hadn't missed the finale surprise. Wasn't the only one either by the looks and stretchers of the audience.
  • The pacing struggled, and it was difficult to invest in any of the characters with the lone exception of Zoë Kravitz. I had to actively suspend my disbelief only a few minutes into this film.
  • I actually didn't see any marketing for this movie and it was literally last on my local AMC new releases page. But I saw the trailer and was hooked - so glad I went!

    This is a great little cross-genre movie, it's a scifi-action film - and without spoiling it I'll say it's kind of like the Terminator in that one of the leads is a young teen and it's PG-13 but it wasn't really a kids' movie, if you know what I mean.

    We definitely need more of these! The story was tight and the acting was excellent. I didn't get pulled out of the movie the entire way through. Definitely recommend it if you're a fan of scifi. :)
  • fishwickjohn231 September 2018
    This film had a lot of potential but it wasted it with a very poor script.

    the producers should have worked on it more.

    6 out of 10
  • It is a good movie. See for yourself. You can not believe everything you read.
  • The poster promises a sci-fi opus. While there's clearly an element of that in the so-called story, this one plays out more like a conventional crime drama, featuring a couple of half-brothers on what one thinks is a road trip, but the elder knows to be flight from bad guys with a grudge. That ain't all. Besides the crooks, they're being chased by a couple of undefined, high-tech soldiers trying to recover a weapon the younger one found in an abandoned warehouse. The lads even pick up a friendly stripper (Zoe Kravitz) along their path from Detroit to Tahoe.

    James Franco plays the main evildoer as a one-note maniac. It's almost as painful to watch as his 2011 Oscar co-hosting gig of infamy. No one develops a persona worthy of enough empathy to engage us. The adrenaline rushes the premise should enable fall far short of reasonable expectations. Bad direction? Insufficient budget? Only a film school class would care.

    This potentially exciting setup turns into sheer tedium, until an over-the-top climactic sequence. It's longer and duller that 102 minutes should allow. Maybe that's part of the sci-fi angle - bending the space-time continuum to make the movie seem like its twice as long, only to discover upon exiting that you still have more of the day/evening left for better activities. That relief will be the greatest satisfaction this experience can deliver. As one ponders the possible reasons for this weapon's existence during the ample dry stretches its lack of action generously provides, one may form several theories. Among them, the one chosen for this denouement will likely seem the least satisfying. One of the more missable films of the year.
  • Slibster4 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    If you can endure this movie you can endure anything! Eat a ton of popcorn and drink a liter of coke to ease the pain!
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