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  • lor_9 September 2016
    The title is a giveaway, as "Sweet Candy Baby" takes the overpopulated jail-bait genre and makes it more specific to particular fetishes. Five repetitive vignettes trot out mainly pretty blondes with identical styling and format.

    The constant factors, many of which have voyeur appeal, are: pigtails, pink outfits and color scheme, including the sheet covering a handy mattress on the studio floor, lollipop to suck on, and an all-white backdrop. As she usually does, Jordan Pryce sticks out with huge breasts, departing from the generally underage look.

    Bigger exception is Danielle Cole, one of Britain's few Black porn actresses, who contributes interracial sex chomping on Jack Mason's huge cock. Assembly-line direction by DiSanto ends with an anticlimax, as the final segment starring Xena Clark is a yawner.