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  • Listen, I'm not saying whoever decided to cancel Crazyhead after one season deserves to be taken out behind the shed and dealt with, I'm just saying the entire entertainment industry should get a restraining order against someone who's obviously off their entire rocker.
  • munns3019 October 2016
    Bearing in mind that I am well above the target demographic; and that I am old enough to remember Buffy on TV the first time around...

    ...I was hooked from the opening sequence of this new show, which almost made me choke on my biscuit. I thought it was very funny, well acted, well paced, good effects; and nice use of a frankfurter sausage for comedy effect!

    Having been a teenager in the '90's, I did find myself making the obvious comparisons with BTVS. But, although the basic premise are comparable, this seemed to have a very different flavour to Buffy. In BTVS, our heroine was fighting to save the world; so far as I could tell from episode 1, there were no such lofty or noble aspirations for the war waged on demons, which I find refreshing. Also, the humour is so British the show might as well come with complimentary cups of tea and wellington boots.

    I am more than happy to sit down and watch episode 2 next week. Fingers crossed I come away feeling as happy as I did after 1!
  • clara_litescu21 November 2016
    Loved it from the first minute. It has a Misfits feeling, with dirty humor, idiotic situations and attitudes, a few clichés, yet the two main characters are lovable and sweet while being total bad-asses.I know, we all miss a good Nathan or Woody in our lives, but the delicious, quick-witted Raquel is the right kind of awkward to root for, awesomely completing the sensitive and sweet Amy in all things new and dangerous.

    The bad guy is a walking cliché, all-drama-evil-laughter-devious-plans-dude, but seeing how well the other characters are built, I can't help but think this is what was intended for him.

    The special FX are not spectacular, but they don't feel forced and still manage to get you in the right mood.

    Do try it for at least two episodes before you make up your mind about it, you'll probably have a charming, fresh, pleasant surprise!
  • I wasn't sure what to expect when I was scrolling through Netflix looking for something new to watch. But this grabbed me from the episode opener. And then when I watched the second episode, I was immediately hooked and I could not stop watching. Raquel is equal parts hilarious and insane (which makes me love her more). Amy is equal parts sweet and awkward (which makes me love her more). Amy's awkward humor had me laughing so hard in the second episode I almost choked. The play off each other nicely, and the chemistry is great throughout the season.

    The best description that I read of this show was that its part supernatural, part BTVS, and part Broad City. That description is pretty on point. But it is by no means a "monster of the week show". The twists and turns kept me guessing, and while it leaves it open for another season, the show is tied together nicely in the end. Highly recommended.
  • Excellent British horror-comedy.

    If you loved Buffy the Vampire slayer back when and always wish someone would make a good gritty but funny and possibly British version- this is your lucky day!
  • Mind you, I am well beyond the target demographic and I am loving it. As a child of the 90's, now mid thirties I guess I am not looking for shows like this.

    At first I was like 'oh no, not again!'. Then I was like 'Hold on, let me see more'. Now I am like 'Gimme gimme gimme'.

    Much to my surprise this has been reviewed only once. It must have not made it across the pond yet, and there must be a freaking serious lack of British on IMDb. Also, Americans don't understand the Brits? It appears to be only a 6 part series, but the first two episodes were kinds fun to watch. Dialogues that are humorous make the big difference, though the production isn't bad at all, the acting fair enough and the storyline of course a bit absurd.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there will be a US version of this soon, or if this gets picked up somewhere in the future and gets the praise it deserves. It is much much better than dozens of poor shows that airs lately (like Bull, Aftermath, Channel Zero, Conviction, Aftermath and horrendous mishaps like Too Close to Home).

    Americans, sit back, relax, enjoy, let the British humor surprise you............ Take it from a Dutch!
  • It's like Buffy meets Supernatural but funnier. And I hate British comedies usually. Confused with the tons of garbage series on Netflix that lasts for 3 more and this was canned. Just lost. I found this out of boredom. Oh well. Enjoy what ya have if it. Those two ladies are quite charming and hilarious.
  • wds00074 February 2017
    This was a jewel we just happened on while browsing Netflix. We had not heard of it anywhere but the title and some tiles that accompany it on the site were enough to convince us to give it a try. After all, cost nothing right? In one episode we were so hooked I was already grumbling about the short 6 episode season. Make no mistake - the best thing about this show is the banter. The back and forth between Rachel, Amy, and Jake is absolutely priceless. We turned on closed captions so we wouldn't miss a thing (especially since the English accents here can be a bit thick). It takes a lot to get outright belly laughs out of me but this show had me howling at times. Especially one scene where Amy punts a rabbit in the woods. Man I hope this gets a green light for another hopefully longer season! Give it a try.
  • Crazyhead. Two young women who can see demons, one who is half demon and go around kicking their butts back to hell. Seemed like a silly enough premise for a show to be funny. Well, I watched all 6 episodes of season 1 and found out it was! Nothing to strain your brain on here, nothing to get up in arms about or deep enough to argue about. You'll find it funny or not. It is just the right combo of stupid and funny to keep me laughing through every show. Not a lot to comment on here as the show is simple. They keep the story simple. The characters are likable and their friends stupid likable. Add it all together and I got a good laugh. Looking forward to more in Season 2.
  • minnieminroe24 March 2019
    It pains my soul that shows this well written and created of pure charisma can failed to be renewed. I understand how the masses can determine success but the the masses have proven time and time again not to be an adequate judge of quality. Crazyhead was unpredictable, original, and entertaining. A great addition to anyone seeking a comfortable lineup for a good day on the couch or with friends.
  • I really liked this show, I am so glad I stumbled across it, because it is a lot of fun watching it. If you like battling demons: come along. If you like fresh fantasy, come along. If you like buddy constellations or (pretty much outsider) girls finding their way through life/ their youth, come along. If you like fancy Halloween parties, come along. I cannot see that the show is lacking depth in characters, because this is definitely not the kind of show you turn to, if you want to watch profound character profiles. This is a fun fantasy show and it serves fans of such fully, and in addition, for this genre, the characters are very round. More character elaboration would have been harmful to the entertainment side, so well-done, I could have watched a lot more of it!
  • I love it. Just the right amount of goofy comedy, a bit like Benny Hill meets Ash VS the Living Dead and Shaun of the dead. It does have some stupid parts like from old horror movies but instead of the dumb girl you have the dumb guy who you scream at saying "don't be so stupid". There's obvious bad guys, the big boss is played by Tony Curran who's an outstanding actor. There's some characters you can't quite figure out, if they're good or bad, some jerks and all in all a great set of actors. Most have previous experience and are very believable. They do an outstanding job. I was hooked from the first one and now I am binge watching it for New Years, it's an awesome comedy !
  • I recently discovered the British TV series Misfits, a wonderfully weird thing about kids with superpowers, and after I finished it I looked around for something else by its creator, Howard Overman.

    I wasn't impressed with the first episode of his next series, Atlantis, but now with Crazyhead he returns to the same mix of action, humor, and insanity as Misfits.

    Following the adventures of two girls able to recognize bodies possessed by demons, the series is not quite as original as Misfits. While that show was a superpowers show without superheroes, Crazyhead treads along the lines of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, except there's an extra heroine and fewer side kicks.

    But the show's very funny, particularly Susan Wokomo as Raquel, the characters are likable and the story is engaging.

    I don't know why Atlantis wasn't better (maybe it gets better later?) but I'm happy that Overman has hit another home run.
  • Crazyhead isn't the most absolutely original thing out there. The premise has been done before, with Buffy and Supernatural and a host of other shows. But it manages to keep things fresh and exciting through excellent writing, generous use of brick jokes, and sudden gags that had me doing spit-takes. The two leads are easy to care about and act like actual people, and all the side characters do their purpose well. The big bad is great- A walking cliché, but he plays so well off all the other characters, it works.

    It's a great show to just sit down, relax, and have a few laughs and a fun story with.
  • kay_jay_kay6 April 2019
    Such a great show! I waited and waited for the 2nd season to drop - ended up being bitterly disappointed when it wasn't renewed!
  • I stumbled across this British gem in day while flipping through Netflix looking for something to watch. I was hooked during the first scene & took the ride through all 6 episodes. That's right, you read correctly- ONLY 6 episodes! Each episode is under an hour but each is pure entertainment with a kick-ass soundtrack to boot. I've only watched a few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer- I'm 42 and wasn't my thing however I guess I can say this show can be described as being Buffy the Vampire Slayer-esque the difference being that these 2 girls are demon hunters. It's really a fun show to pass time. It does leave you wanting more when the run is over.
  • The only reason this got a 6 out of 10 was for the awesome, refreshing boldness in it's authentically tasty weird style... and yet... no substance.

    I tried really hard to like this, even claiming it was good and "my new show" despite then somewhat laboring to get through each episode after episode (I draw the line after 4 episodes).

    I love Raquel's character. The blonde friend (which is sidekick I can't tell) is decent and can pull off some kind of chemistry. You can tell this show is really trying to pull it together with the other characters. I'm not saying there's nothing there, but it's not even close to enough. That with the lack of substance in writing, lack of depth and flavor in the characters (Raquel has flavor for sure, but not so much depth) and overall just no payout really leaves me sad because of how badly I truly wanted this to be awesome.

    There's a lot of "glitter" enough to spark your curiosity, and many attempts made to appease our appetite by some raunchy bold humor every now and then.

    The marketing is truly wonderful because of what's available to work with. From there it is pretty much a lot of minor letdowns.
  • As someone else said, cross British humour with Buffy and Supernatural, and voila. I'd even say there are echos of Being Human there.
  • diescobarmdq2 January 2019
    Funny and binge-worthy show! The characters are great, even the sidekicks are great! (Jake was awesome and hilarious!). Too bad there is no more than season 1. I would've watched it all!
  • lynn-johnston113 December 2018
    This is so funny great acting only 6 episodes on Netflix want more,!!
  • I cannot believe that I just found this show now(11/2018) it is awesome!!! So much fun & great acting!!! I am so upset that there aren't anymore!! 😢
  • I just found this in the fall of 2018. What a fun show! Too bad it was cancelled. ):
  • Amy is taken off her meds and hallucinations of demons hiding in everyday people return. She is saved by fellow seer Raquel Francis from one such demon. Raquel has mandatory psych unit visits, wacky ideas, and lives with her hunky brother Tyler. Amy's work friend Jake from the bowling alley has a crush on her. Her best friend Suzanne is taken over by a demon trying to kill her. The girls try to perform an exorcism and are rescued by a demon named Sawyer who turns out to be Raquel's dad. Sawyer asks Harry to defend Rachel against Callum and his minions including vicious single mom demon Mercy.

    Misfits is a favorite and this is another one from creator Howard Overman. At least, I'm intrigued from the start. The two leads have an interesting fun chemistry. They need more from their supporting characters. Tyler is a bit stiff. Jake is not pathetic enough. Sawyer is killed before real emotional stakes are established. Mercy is quite a compelling villain but Callum is only a standard prick in a suit. He has his fun but he's not scary. It might be more intense to have Amy and Raquel portrayed as teens discovering this world for the first time. Hormonal teens are usually more intense and their inferiority allows for greater danger. This show has good potential but I doubt it's getting more than the six episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have watched the season 4 times already. My best friend and I (both early 30's) were so excited to find this show. This cast is amazing!!!! Everything that comes out of their mouths is hysterical. I really hope it's picked up for many more seasons. PLEASE! Raquel, Amy, Suzanne, and Jake are my favorite cast! I need Suzanne back!
  • kupcuk27 December 2016
    Gritting through three episodes, I can honestly say that creators confused originality with 'being badly patched together'.

    I thought this would be a coming of age story in an urban fantasy framework. Content does not feel like a well-structured urban low- fantasy. Internal reality does not rely on established fantasy and it does not have anything original. Awkward instances seem like they are forcing cringe comedy. Sloppy and exaggerated action gives it a weak sit-comish feeling. So, it is annoying as a comedy and under performing as action. Characters are as deep as a tea cup and if there is any character development, I congratulate creators on making it really, really subtle. Plot has no attractiveness and I'm just waiting for creators' "witness how interesting my idea was" moment.

    TL;DR Banality with glitter
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