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  • (Sorry about the weird accent mark over 'e' in Hassėl, but IMDb does some automatic spelling and changes Hassėl to "Hassle" otherwise) If you're a fan of the "real" Roland Hassėl from early 90's, you'll get deeply disappointed.

    Except for the name, this new "Hassėl" has NOTHING in common with the old series.

    The personalities are not the same. They have just taken a few names, Hassėl, Ruda, Simon - but they have nothing in common with the old ones.

    The stories do not have the same mood or manner. The story is over complicated, exaggerate, and giving a very distant perspective from reality - As opposed to the simple stories in the old Hassėl.

    Recognizing Stockholm is not the same. In the old series, there were nice views of Stockholm, many places you could recognize. Here the camera is dizzy, they almost never show the surroundings without blurring the images.

    If you have seen the old Hassėl and liked it, you will most likely get very disappointed if you see this. You'll get annoyed that they have stolen the name, but nothing from the feeling of the old Hassėl and nothing from the personalities.

    If you haven't seen the old Hassėl, its also unlikely that you will like this series.

    A piece if advise - just leave Hassėl 2017 unseen.
  • This is probably the worst criminal drama ever produced. It's just a overly dramatised cop series with could probably be the worst acting in Swedish history. Every single person is so extremely cliche it physically hurts to watch this crap and in the end it has absolutely nothing to do with the original, and brilliant, TV show from the 80s. Spend your time more wisely and avoid this production!
  • As I have not read any Olav Svedelid´s books and see perhaps a couple of Hassel films, I do not have any special opinion or though how a series could or should be. But based on others works where Ola Rapace participated, e.g. Tusenbröder, Farang, I have noticed that he likes to dominate, often through intensive mindtwisting and violence - sometimes groundedly, but at times not, which is clearly visible in the series in question as well. So the logic of event would tarnish or create blah!/wtf! feelings (bearing in mind that it is Sweden, not a Latin-American or post-Socialist country where law is usually bendable), and the pseudo-political dimension becoming evident in last episodes is not too convincing.

    On the other hand, this series is more UK- or US-like than most of Swedish ones, so the audience accustomed to them could "digest" it more easily and watch it less reluctantly than e.g. Beck or Wallander. But for me, it is not a series I would be definitely waiting for a sequel.
  • pastafrolla19 January 2018
    Realistic, gritty, engaging, well crafted police drama with a stellar cast. This show is a slow burn but it delivers on every level.
  • I watched this only because Nicke Andersson made the music. The music is great and therefore it gets a higher rating.
  • emavin-7318211 February 2019
    I have nothing more to say than it's awful and don't watch it. .