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  • Watched Punjabi Movie : Nilkka Zaildar ... fully enjoyed it..

    lots n lots of fun moments.. good dialogues..

    few songs are excellent..

    as usual Sonam Bajwa was looking lovely ..

    daadi was lifeline of movie .

    story was little predictable but thats normal
  • pavneet-055616 October 2016
    This is my first review on IMDb. All i can say about Nikka Zaildar is that it is a very good comedy movie, You will laugh a lot after watching this movie specially dialogue of this movie are very good. Acting of ammy Virk is awesome and Sonam Bajwa, Karamjit Anmol have also played there role good but the main actress of this Movie is Bebe of Ammy virk she has done a brilliant job i believe this is the main reason why this film is a superhit. I believe this movie will be a benchmark in pollywood cinema and will be one of the biggest hit in ammy virk career. I believe allo you shoulg watch this movie once as it is one of the very good movie in punjabi cinema and you guys will love it.
  • mereayara9 August 2017
    I am a movie buff who hardly skips any movie whether its English, Hindi or Punjabi. Sadly, I did not get a chance to watch it in theatre. So, I did wait for the DVD release. I must tell you this one is one hell of a movie. I have never laughed so much in any movie. This is probably the best comedy movie ever made. Watch this one to get the laughter of your life and you might end up rolling out of your chair by the time the end credits roll. DO NOT MISS THIS GEM.

    Special Mention: Tremendous act by the most versatile actors in the Punjabi film industry; Ms. Nirmal Rishi and Mr. Karamjit Anmol.
  • The first half is pure entertainment . Story is grippy. Dialogues are well written. And comedy scenes are actually funny. From engagement scene to the love story - everything looks believable. Nirmal Rishi as Nikka's grandmother is fabulous .Although, she has just one role, and does it well well. Ammy Virk and the man who played his father are good.

    But the second half is boring and cliche. The same story which we are watching from decades. And the ending is predictable. All actors started fading in the second half.

    It will give the 1st half a 9/10 and second half 5/10. Overall good film . Recommended for Punjabi viewers.
  • jagmohansgaggi5 September 2019
    Like all punjabi movies nothing for lead actor and actress in the story. A brilliant script writing of comedy made this movie watchable and superb performance from Nirmal Rishi lifted the movie to another level. Story was ordinary and I would say its 2 hour comedy show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If you understand Punjabi then it is a must watch for you.

    Awesome Songs, good acting.

    This Man "Karamjit Anmol" is dude, he can make you lough loud.

    Ammy Virk is equally good with his voice.

    The dialogue "Love by heart but also apply your mind to execute it" changes to "Love can only happen by heart and executed by heart only"

    "A college brat falls in love with a junior student, then the drama starts:

    The "Tadka" Bebe The deaf Bapu The devil Brothers and the Jugaadi friends, :p :p"

    All in all it is a great comedy movie. Go watch it. :) :)