This is Jessica Biel's first leading role in a TV series.

Premiered during the TriBeCa Film Festival April 25, 2017

The fifth producing credit for Jessica Biel which includes two executive producer credits and three on being a producer. The Sinner, Jessica Biel is an executive producer.

Adult Phoebe says, "Are you not entertained?" This line also appears in Gladiator (2000), spoken by the character of Maximus, played by Russell Crowe.

The song "Hugging & Kissing" by Big Black Delta features heavily throughout the first season. It's vital to the plot.

Jessica Biel is 35 years old, but her character Cora Tanetti is 26 or 27 (the show is set in 2016 and her parents tell the detective she left home in 2012 at the age of 23).