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  • lhpoulin31 January 2019
    This was just... awful. I've never seen anything so underwhelming in my entire adult life.
  • Yes, this is a very low budget film, and the low budget is very obvious in this film. The make-up and costume look like they are from a seaside joke shop, the visual effects are laughably poor. The dialogue is clunky and riddled with cliches, and at times the lines are delivered with absolutely no emotion or enthusiasm. (The prison guard at the beginning does not sound like he is missing the son he claims to want to see). But if you look past the home video quality look and cringe-worthy script, then this is quite an enjoyable movie. Sure, it is very low budget and obvious about it, but for the budget they had, they have made a reasonable silly, tongue-in-cheek film that requires no thinking, just a complete suspension of your usual high-quality movie production standards.
  • Very very cheaply done. As if you and your friends were having a Sci-Fi costume party and filmed it and decided to unleash it upon the movie universe. Entirely dreadful in every aspect. You'll want your 90 minutes of wasted life back if you sit through this to the end.
  • This movie was magnificent!

    The critics are missing the point. This movie was supposed to be camp. And it succeeded.

    Camp is a style of movie that is intentionally bad/ridiculous. Like the Sharknado movies. If you liked Sharknado then you might like this movie. If you hated Sharknado, then stop reading this review.

    Yes the fake beards were awful. The acting was mostly intentionally over-dramatic. And there some of it that didn't even qualify as acting.

    The movie is a spoof. I saw homages to the early Star Wars movies and Buck Rogers.

    This movie is definitely not for everyone. But if you enjoy camp sci fi, this movie is for you.

    This was by far the worst sci fi movie I have ever seen (and that is saying A LOT). But I enjoyed every minute.
  • This movie was made for less money then a new car, they say 15000$, and it shows.

    If i would have known this i would not have spend my hard hear money renting this garbage.

    There should be a worst movie i ever saw, and i guess this one fits the bill with the very bad acting, bad makeup, bad fx and bad bad bad everything....

    Not sure who approves these movies it pains me to say it but this one if worst then the asylum movies.
  • There should be a law against directors/writers starring in their own films. It is usually an indication of how bad the acting is gonna be...and, oh boy, was this one bad. I know it doesnt try to take itself seriously, but still, If you actually expect people to pay money to buy this, then at least try to put in some effort. When porn films have a bigger budget and better acting, you should know your product is gonna stink...bad.
  • The best way to make a good B-movie is to set out to make a good movie...and have a bunch of unintentional shortcomings.

    Better still, follow Roger Corman's model--he can make a good movie on a shoestring budget, and it'll still carry that B-movie label.

    Let's just call this what it is. An independent art house type movie that is a 21st Century version of early 20th Century experimental films.
  • joebon121 February 2019
    Even writing a review is too hard. In all seriousness, there should be laws against making movies like this in 2018. Sure, if you can sit through the stupid costumes and bad dialog, there is an element of plot that makes it through your laughing.
  • Just didn't click for me. After seeing the cover, the effects seem a lot like an Atari game brought to life in the 70's. The amusingly low budget costuming paired with ever present CGI practically screams Atari.
  • When you go see your kid in a school play, you don't compare their performance to McKellen in Godot.

    John Carter wasn't great, I mean, I liked it, but, generally it didn't go down well, this film has 0.00006% of the budget, and to me, a military engineer and Sci-fi nut, it managed at least 10% the entertainment value. If you want to be negative about it, (and John carter), give JC 1 star, and this film still deserves 10 by weighted comparison.

    The action is well paced, the costumes are...brave? and the tongue-in-cheek campness of it all is hilarious, there's even the odd homage.

    Given a few hundered grand to pay for an acting coach, wardrobe and a couple of experienced AD's, I think this team could easily produce something comparable to, say, The Ice Pirates.
  • rbsm816 March 2019
    The low budget effects are charming. The cardboard costumes and make up are outstanding, and so visually interesting and creative The over the top dialog is sublime! The character names, and the hilarious salutations and fairwell are so bizzare and clever that I can't help but wonder - how did these guys make this stuff up? The performances of 90% of the cast are outstanding. The protagonist does a good job, but the main "wizard" like character and the antagonist are out of this world spot on with their deliveries. Amazing jobs! The (comic relief) albino guy seems to forget which accent to use from time to time, but even still I want to see this movie AGAIN soon! I hope there's a sequel. The ending is both satisfying and perfectly set up for one. GREAT JOB! Especially for a movie that looks like it was made for a couple thousand bucks tops.
  • This beautiful stinker deserves a cult following not unlike Rocky Horror. This movie made me laugh out loud, as I hurled insults and (in my mind at least) funny comments. I'm telling you, everyone is watching this movie all wrong.

    Maybe it's just me. When I watch Mr. Ed, I don't see a guy and his funny talking horse, I see a sad portrayal of the onset of schizophrenia, in a man who thinks his horse talks to him.
  • Galaxy Lords is clearly an homage to late-'70s/ early-'80s low bud budge sci-fi films, such as the ones made by Roger Corman (Space Raiders, Battle Beyond the Stars). Now, I'm a huge fan of sci-fi in general. And this often includes badly made low budget films. I've watched "2019 - Dopo la caduta di New York" multiple times on VCC/V2000 tape in the '80s/ early '80's (yes there were other video systems beyond VHS and BetaMax) and got a fresh DVD-quality copy about a year ago, so you'll know what I'm talking about.

    I'll forgive the bad blue-screen shots, the game-like computer generated environments, the overly clear CGI characters and the awful cardboard cutout stuff for the above reasons. I truly applaud the effort made here.

    What makes this truly unwatchable is having to go trough this in crystal clear Full-HD 1080p. Bad '70s/ '80s movies were shot on either really cheap 35mm or (more often) on low-grade 16mm film and you finally got to watch them on a bad video-transfer. Bad picture quality obfuscated bad effects generating greater suspension of disbelieve (you got to watch '2001 a Space Odyssey' in the same quality as 'Galaxy of Terror').

    Had this movie been transferred to poor-quality analogue tape, copied from tape to another re-used tape and then been re-digitized, it would have looked more like an early '80s film to me. I may actually have been willing to finish watching the film then.

    3 stars for effort.
  • Movies like Starcrash, Flash Gordon, and Battle Between the Stars all seem to be the inspiration for this film. This movie could have stood to be shot and completed in a lower resolution to give it that cheesy straight to VHS feel. The humor falls a bit short, the over acting, bad props, and CGI are a tribute to those movies before it. It's not a good movie, but I appreciate what the creators were going for. If you are into watching bad movies (as I am), you may enjoy it for what it is.
  • I read the summary for this movie on net and thought it read like a 14-year-old SCIFI fanboy who plays D&D would write. Still, I gave it a try before turning it off after 20 minutes when I could no longer stand the pain. The producers probably had a budget of $50k since that is the amount commensurate with the quality of the film. I imagine the main actors were paid a few thousand dollars and, after watching this movie, they should have been paying the producers.....
  • In a lot of ways, this flick delivered pretty much what was promised. Yeah, it was zero budget and when it showed, it showed. I mean, it s-h-o-w-e-d. But the budget isn't the problem here. The film also had moments of crazy, genius, demented whackaloon enjoyment that sometimes surface in flicks like this - stuff made by people who barely know what they're doing but are having a boatload of fun doing it. There simply wan't enough of that.

    Some of the exterior ship scenes were actually better than expected - perhaps too much so. Yeah, they were still bad but a few steps beyond the moments where a pilot is controlling his ship by holding a cardboard box. And that difference underscores the whole film. This film really needed cardboard ships... or kitchen gizmos turned into spaceships. (Think Ernie Fosselius' "Hardware Wars")

    I suppose the film's real flaw is it doesn't go with its real strengths and misses some real opportunities. Take the guy with the massive black cardboard costume, giant shoes and huge Groucho Marx nose over a walrus mustache - damn damn damn, that guy should have led the entire movie - he absolutely owned every scene he was in. He should have been the villain. Or the hero. When that guy walked out of the dressing room, they should have scrapped the script immediately and shouted "we're going with this. He's the hero. Let's rock and roll, baby. Pecan pie for EVERYONE!"

    In short, Galaxy Lords is pretty much what it tries to be. If you like no-budget amateur sic-fi cinema, you might dig this. You might not. Mileage will definitely vary.

    But if for no other reason, watch it for the guy with the giant black cardboard costume. You will not be disappointed.
  • So far, I've seen this movie three times, and I intend to watch it at least three more. Yeah, I know, it's a low-budget, silly sci fi adventure. Saying it's good sounds crazy.

    But it really is good. It just is.

    The homage to the classics is great in many scenes. The robot's arms made from an oven mitt and dryer hose. The flying treadmills. The hilarious use of sci fi technology. I can't describe how much I love it all.

    Yeah, it's not a major, big budget Hollywood production. But it is something real. You can really feel how much fun this must have been to make. Please, take me very seriously when I say this. Please, for all the light in the seven galaxies, make another film. Please. I will actually send you money to make another one. Please make another one.
  • kendallwehr11 February 2019
    If you start with an expectation of low budget sci-fi you won't be disappointed. Obviously very low budget, but they used the money wisely. Not much on costumes and more on cgi and design. Story isn't half bad,its entertaining from start to finish.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So hilariously funny from the intentionally campy (but very inventive given the obvious lack of budget) costumes to the stupendously funny intentional (I hope) overacting. In general, the story was good. Use of props hilarious (yet good if you just watch with disbelief suspended).

    We laughed all the way through, and enjoyed the story right along with the awesome melodramatic speeches.

    Spoiler Alert: (possibly) Things to look for: Peggy Bundy's Wig, a treadmill, possibly a Nintendo blaster?
  • If you watch this as an ultra-low budget B sci-fi then you've missed the whole point. It's so perfectly bad and corny that it's quite clear it's nothing other than a most superb spoof. The badness of everything is so skilfully handled from the so obviously fake beards to the camp costumes. Check out the films Facebook page and you'll realise more people appreciate this film than the bad reviews given here.
  • All I have to say is: STD watch out! There is a New hero in town!

    Our story picks up years after the Odysseus has repeatedly saved the Mulltiverse.

    Helios, a very young Alex Jones, is at his best as he finally gets to fight off those pesky trans dimensional aliens he talks so much about! I really felt anger as the evil Adorastias sat aroundMan Spreading. I thought the Lizzard fighters were pegged into a stereotyped roll, not all Lizard people are bad!

    Anyway, Frank Zappa gave a pretty astounding performance as Hagglehawk. I was also amazed how they got that lady from David Bowe's video Ashes to Ashes. Sean Penn also gave a solid revision of a much older and wise Jeff Spicoli in Dr. Tokina.

    Overall, I think it was well worth putting aside dating to make this film. I know that I am seriously considering dressing up for the next comic con as either Adorstias

    I give this movie three Thumbs up.
  • texnd14 March 2019
    Ok, yes this was the absolute craziest movie i have sat through. Horrible costumes and even worse makeup. OMG the acting was so horrible. It was AWESOME. Now, yes i realize that this movie is like an eight grade geek club decided to get extra credit at approx midnight the night before grades are submitted. There were some horrible effects and actually some not real bad ones. For the experience, there is a smidge of Flash Gordon involved here. As well as just about every other space movie. This movie, wow, absolutely blew me away. With a budget, actors...props, cgi... oh, and a dialogue improvement, this could actually be a decent movie. CRIMSON STALLION!!! There could be something to this. MAJOR KUDOS to the actors for staying in character, and having the gall to actually produce this film. Amazing! Mystery Science Theater 3000 will play havoc with this film and it will be worth the watch. Good choice putting it available through Amazon!
  • This movie is meant to be watched while wasted. This is the milinials Plan 9 From Outer Space. I'm watching this as I speak, and I can't stop laughing. The makeup and costume are so bad, I think the filmmakers ran down to local costume store, and bought up all the left over costumes, the day after Halloween. All of the costumes are modified with painted junk from the Dollar Store. If anything, I give credit to the costume department. Creating unique costumes with no money must be a bitch.

    The special effects are the worst, and I mean the worst. It looks like the gang chipped in, and bought an old Mac Pro at a yard, sale, with a cool graphics program pre-installed. "Cool. Dude I can make stars with this thing.

    And the acting. You gotta try hard to act this bad. And I haven't even mentioned the killer robot. What a hoot.

    I beg that gang over at MST3K do their thing with this awful gem
  • Any reviews you see telling you this is campy, a cult hit, or "so bad it's good" are lying to you. It's a train wreck from beginning to end. If you strapped a go pro to a deranged hobo and turned him loose at Dragon Con, the footage you received would have made a better Sci-Fi film than this steaming pile of crap.
  • The movie is like watching a train crash they try hard with no budget most of the cast can not emote the sets are CGI or cardboard

    all that i can forgive

    but the fake beards are so bad it is painful