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  • This show is entertaining and funny. it's a comedy (british humor for sure). and it's better than most of the sad excuse for comedies that have been coming out in the movie theatres these days. for the people who are saying it's unrealistic.. well duh. comedies usually have some ridiculous storyline lol. acting is never perfect. don't listen to reviews and watch for yourself! I myself enjoyed it. I also love how they subtly snuck in a nod to GOT's arya..
  • WhoMadeYouGod21 September 2020
    I'm surprised at some of the low ratings and reviews - I can only think that they are from people that don't get British humour - you don't have to have canned laughter on a show to know when to laugh (or maybe some people do)

    The acting is good, the wit is quick and dry and it's just thoroughly entertaining.
  • ......this is NOT the show for you.

    The many reviews giving the show 1 to 3, are obviously from people in that category.

    If you do enjoy that sort of thing, this is a fun and gory dark comedy, which is hopefully extended for another season.

    I highly recommend it for Anglophiles :)
  • It's a fun series and doesn't need to be more than that, I didn't expect this to win any awards but I expected to have a good time and I have, Maisie williams is always a pleasure to watch, and I also enjoyed the mum in the series a lot, the brothers are where I find the major faults as others have stated, I don't think the acting is awful but I also don't think it's amazing on their behalf. The police are fine, pretty stereotypical. There are a few moments that had me laugh out loud and I don't often laugh out loud (whenever the man in the diner makes an appearance) and I liked the premise of the prank of two weeks to live however I can see a plot hole or two in the raising of Maisie's character but overall good fun, go in with an open mind.
  • Having watched the trailer shortly after lockdown in the U.K. I was delighted to find the whole series ready to view today. We binged the lot in one sitting. Funny (a brilliant nod to GoT In episode 2), an easy watch and fantastically entertaining. A bit obvious throughout but non the worse for this. It has a bit of a 'Wrong Mans' vibe to it. Roll on series 2.
  • If you don't like our dark sense of humour then I wouldn't recommend watching this series. I literally laughed out loud many times, I loved all the characters even though a few were pretty cliche, but I think that was part of the charm. Can't wait for the next season! Fun and exciting little series.
  • Basically Killing Eve meets Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with a bit of Fleabag energy thrown in.

    Got some laughs in it and it's well acted but suffers under the weight of its (very obvious) influences.
  • Honestly so confused as to why people are giving this 1-4 stars? It's brilliant!
  • HankTen28 November 2020
    A+. Wonderfully written and acted. Hysterical and violent and it's blended perfectly. Such an interesting concept and executed perfectly. I love this show!!!
  • jamiema2414 November 2020
    It's action packed with little splashes of comedy right where they need to be! I don't want it to stop!!!
  • sarahjuliet16 September 2020
    Look, it won't win any awards and the script is a tiny bit smug, but I adored this. There is real pathos between the self-aware gags - the 'close your eyes' scene hit me right in the gut. Maisie Williams carries the whole thing, and Taheen Modak's evolution as Jay is skewiff and charming. Bring on series 2.
  • hacheaime16 October 2020
    Really enjoyable and different, this is what we need to get away from the misery for a few hours !
  • davidrhann12 September 2020
    Good quirky show. I think you probably need to be a Brit to like it.
  • This is definitely a show for those with the British sense of humour. If that's not you then this might not be the show for probabaly explains some of the lower ratings.

    Think of a 4th installment of The Cornetto Trilogy and you won't go far wrong...Sharon of the Survivalists if you will.

    Maisie Williams is excellent and Mawaan Rizwan plays it great as her love interest/comedy foil.

    However, for me it is Sean Pertwees brief but unforgettable appearance that steals the show.

    I'd definitely look forward to another season.
  • Enjoyed this.

    'Two Weeks to Live' is a nicely paced six episode series, with Maisie Williams in the starring role. Williams is definitely the standout performer, those around her are neither good or bad; serviceable. The show attempts to mix humour and seriousness, not very well if I'm honest. The comedy is fairly strong, Williams has good delivery, but the more sincere stuff doesn't quite land - it made me a cringe a little bit in some moments.

    All in all though, I would recommend this. I would watch a second season.
  • rrssaron3 September 2020
    Now I've just read the comments and reviews people have left and the one that stands out the most was, I was going to watch this but then I saw made in the uk and thought nope,why is made in the uk so bad if you look at most of the top shows on you will find most of the main characters are brits,wasn't that long ago when game of thrones was the best thing since toilet roll,negative comments like that are not a true reflection of a show you haven't watched,I loved this show it was witty the 4 main lead charecters seemed to have great chemistry.the only down point in my opinion is that the episodes were not long enough Give it a try you might just be surprised
  • Okay so first of this show is an 8/10 but to combat the reviewers being... Yeah. Someone actually compared it to Fleabag... HAHAHA.

    First off this is nothing like Killing Eve.... which in itself is a rip off of how many shows?

    This is Brit comedy at it's best. It is well written and knows when to use it during a serious situation to full effect. The characters are believable with the exception of Kim (Masie Williams) and her Mother. Masie plays the part wonderfully.

    The production quality is high, with nice use of colour to convey feelings of a scene. There are a lot of little things like that which make you realise this has all been well thought out.

    The only thing you can say is that there needs to be more and feels like it could benefit with another series. This series is almost a set up. I don't want to spoil anything so wont say more.

    Had me in stitches and one of the best Sky productions I've seen. And one of the best shows British shows I've seen in a while. If you like stuff like Wrong Mans then this is for you.

    I would say this show can offend with the language. But all UK productions tend to be heavy on the swearing. This is a lot less graphical and violent than Game of Thrones though. And it is nowhere near as crass as the aforementioned Fleabag.

    As for the brothers, on a last point. So true. As a geeky awkward person with an older "cooler" brother it was nice to see their bond. And I would have loved to see more of Kerry Howard as she has me in stitches. Her ability to do the "awww" face is second to none! hahaha.

    If you give this show less than a 7 I think it means you don't like comedy and probably not a fan of anything with swearing in. Either that or you just didn't get it. Which is weird... Fair enough it not being your cup of tea. I don't like Dexter but understand it's a good show... People are so weird with how they review based on subjective things. HA.
  • The chemistry between the four leads is incredible and the characters and story are gripping throughout. The first episode starts off a little rocky, but by the finale I was desperate for more episodes. Loved it and have my fingers crossed for a second series!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A violent, dark British comedy with one of the stars of Game of Thrones? What's not to like? I thought this might be a great show along the lines of Utopia but unfortunately, it's a mess of bad writing and cliches, and feels like wasted potential.

    Kim's story starts strong but quickly goes downhill. Maisie does a passable job given the material. As for the rest of the cast, the brothers barely make an impression. Jason Flemyng is quite good but doesn't really get enough screen time.In general, the antagonists are your cliche assortment of white guys, complete with corrupt cops and an actual Nazi.

    It's never explained how or why Kim is an expert marksman and martial artist. At least in Hanna we had the make-believe excuse of genetic engineering and a father with elite training. In Two Weeks, we are just supposed to accept that a twenty one year old girl raised by a single mother in a rural area with limited resources has all the skills and strength to take down multiple opponents twice her size. It's a cliche that was already stale before this show was made. It's all just fantasy violence really, no more threatening than lightsabers or Harry Potters wand.

    The writers get themselves into a corner during the action scenes, and then they lazily write themselves out by resurrecting multiple characters who appeared to be dead or mortally wounded, which removes any sense of danger or risk. In this film, guns are mostly harmless talismans that are stuffed in waistbands and waved around while Kim gets ready to kick your ass. The knife throwing scene with the crime boss is especially egregious in that regard, and they rely on that kind of fourth wall breaking reaction scene repeatedly, which gets old and isn't really funny. Utopia did it far better.

    The twist reveal at the end is fairly obvious. And the twist also reveals a plot hole that added to my incredulity. Sian Clifford was 37 when this was filmed, which is clearly not old enough to have been a police officer on the take and also have a 5 year old daughter who is now 21. Again, bad writing ruins any attempt at engaging the audience and suspended disbelief.
  • "Two Weeks to Live" is a genuine treat and addictive television. I devoured all six episodes in one evening; it's easy and light viewing and ticks all the boxes.

    The cast are excellent. Fans of Maisie Williams and Sian Clifford will savour every moment when the two share the screen. It's always brilliant to see Sean Pertwee, too.

    9 out of 10. I dearly hope there will be another season.
  • robertbowler5 September 2020
    I can't understand why some viewers have given this average outing such a high score? Maybe it's personal taste, or cabin fever, but this mildly amusing drama with an unbelievable story line is hardly worth watching .
  • davidssefton3 September 2020
    Obviously all a bit much for the mouth-breathers on here but don't listen to the dissent - this is smart, well-written, well-acted and subtle comedy (clearly a bit TOO subtle for some). Maisie Williams goes from strength to strength.
  • somethingreal8111 September 2020
    I thought this was a really fun watch. Considering there are only six half hour episodes I easily could have binged this in one sitting.
  • Of you want an easy to watch thriller/comedy/ action programme, here it is. Its not going to earn prestige amongst the 'elite' viewing crowd but it is what it is entertainment. Yes its cheesey but its fun enjoy for what it is, game of thrones it ain't 🤣
  • alindsay-al2 September 2020
    It has been a busy week for Maisie Williams with The New Mutants hitting cinema and now her new TV show Two Weeks To Live making its way way to Sky and here is my review for it. The premise of the show sees a young girl set out on a mission to avenge her fathers death.

    Main Character So as I mentioned Maisie Williams plays the main character and she does an okay job here. She does have some moments where she is a fun character and you care about her but we just don't see it enough and really I blame the writing for her character. She is just so naive and it is so unbelievable that somebody who has been trained so much would know so little about the world is unbelievable. Also, she just can't rise above the poor dialogue, which is there quite a bit and she doesn't always do a good job with it even though I think any actress would have struggled here.

    Supporting Characters I mean there are quite a few of weaker supporting characters but I will mention the ones I thought did an okay job here. Sian Clifford as Williams mum was fine and I actually thought they worked pretty well together and the dynamic was okay, I mean nothing special but you take what you can here. Sean Pertwee has a smaller role here and he is fantastic, he is so awesome here and has the best interactions with Williams in the whole show, it is just a shame that he is barely here. Now onto the weaker elements of the cast, Taheen Modak and Mawaan Rizwan plays two brothers dragged into the mess and they are truly terrible, these guys have no chemistry together and their comedic timing is just not there. The show tries to make you care about them and you just really don't. Great actor Jason Flemyng plays a crooked cop and I usually like him but he was pretty bland here and I thought he could have been played by almost anybody.

    Story The story here is all over the place, imagine the first season of the Amazon show Hanna but it's in England and is a comedy and isn't funny and that is what you have here. Every twist and turn you see coming from a mile away and it is as cliche as possible, everything that happens here you have seen somewhere else and seen much better.

    Script Easily the weak part of this show is the wrting, it is so bland and generic. Whether that is the characters or the story there is nothing original and nothing to really keep you watching or be interested in a future season. There are a couple of laughs but not enough for a comedy and not enough drama to make it a drama so who knows what they were truly going for.

    Style The style of the show does actually have some okay action, especially in the 2nd episode where it is actually well done. But the show peaks at that point and never hits this height again also thank goodness it is only 6 episodes and 30 mins long each but that doesn't give the plot time to breath and develop naturally.

    Overall Overall, this is another poor Sky show. It does nothing to drag you in and is just another generic show and I hope Williams can get back on track and start making good things.
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