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  • lor_22 September 2016
    The second episode of Adam & Eve's great 22-part series "Naked Hollywood" dives a bit deeper into the lives and loves of our four heroines, with steamy results.

    After her tumultuous opening segment, radio host Nina Hartley as Lindsey finds new hope with her lover boy Steven (Evan Stone), after she was left high and dry last time around. Whether he will ultimately be The One is uncertain thanks to a surprise ending in "Lust or Love", but before that the duo seems back on track in the sack.

    After her lesbian-oriented introduction in Part One, Dee hooks up with an old friend TJ Cummings who forgoes his gay orientation to give her a heady hump session.

    The prolific lady in the quartet Monica (Keri Windsor) demonstrates her patented deep throat technique on big-dicked new boyfriend Billy Glide, but soon after he's dallying with guest star Darla Crane, absolutely fabulous in an early role when she was transitioning from fetish diva to mainstream assignments -even anal action this time. If this were a more violent-oriented action show, he'd be dead by now.

    Lauren Montgomery's Kim has the least to do in this episode, humping a new guy played by Brick Majors without any plot preamble. Unfortunately for her, he splits immediately after his money shot, Mr. self-appointed One Night Stand.

    Writer-director Toni English's heavy emphasis on sex content is a key factor to this edition working so well, especially as subsequent audiences have shown impatience with too much exposition. She saves most of the complications and foreshadowing for the final minutes, with the soap operatics ringing true and a suitably cynical view of Hollywood as the Dream Factory for our civilization.