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  • While it gives me great joy to see this after years of longing, I'm also terribly sad that my kababayans have to go through grave loneliness and abuse. Their plight as the 'new heroes' of our country is a story that has been told several times. It's a tragedy we're all familiar with but one that we have to live through because reality bites hard.

    In the case of Sunday Beauty Queen, I truly commend its boldness for tackling the pressing issues and for giving voice to our OFWs. We were informed of the lack of support from the government (like that's any news at all). We saw how groups advocate better work conditions and policies. We witnessed individuals selflessly offering themselves in the interest of others. That made me so proud because that's what being Filipino is all about! Our sense of community will always prevail wherever we are in the world. Although I already had an idea about its subject matter since I saw Hello, Love, Goodbye first, Sunday Beauty Queen still managed to make me cry and inspired! These beauty queens are real people with families and a true home where they belong but in the quest of reaching their ultimate dreams, they choose to make the hard decisions for us. If that isn't the best application of 'beauty with a purpose', I don't know what is.

    Thank you candidates for your lessons and life!