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  • Scar was stripped of his vile yet humorous characteristics we saw on his face and body language in "Be Prepared" from the 1994 animation. Beyonce was a complete joke. Sure, her musical talent showed well in the songs, but her lines otherwise throughout the movie fell flat. When I walked out of the theater I basically summed it up with my own one word description...The Lion King has now been, "National-Geograhicallized." It was a less than stellar performance and subpar to the original 1994 film.
  • The CGI in this is incredible, it's mesmerising and beautiful. But that's all it is, is beautiful cgi, they've completely lost sight of the story, the emotion and the magic. It's so boring, the focus has been so much on keeping this photo realistic, that everything else has been forgotten about. They've cut numbers, when Mufasa dies you feel nothing because the characters aren't showing any emotion and none of the acting is convincing. Really badly cast. The fur is so intricate, especially the attention to detail when it get's wet, it's very very telling where the money has gone from the get go.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jesus christ. I watched the original film when I was a child practically every week. I loved the music, the comedy, the drama. Just saw the remake. The music had been twisted to the point it was unrecognisable, with unnecessary key changes and over-dramatic flourishes, with the iconic song 'Be Prepared' sounding like nothing more than a half hearted poetry slam artist with a sore throat. The comedy was simple - they took a joke that was in the original film and ran with it until it literally wasn't funny anymore, until it dragged the initial smile off my face itself. Fart jokes and Timon putting Pumba down. Hilarious, I'm sure. Just not for me, or anyone else in my theatre judging by the stony silence that followed. The drama too, had been ruined. The tension interrupted by silly additions, like new jungle characters that did not exist in the original and contributed little, if anything, to the story. They dumbed it down and commercialised it, the capitalism of the film industry distorting an important and touching story into something I would never watch again. It was even painful in some places, and lacked any emotional levity that was in the original. Mufasa's death scene, which had made me cry like a baby in the past with the original, now felt stale and brief. Brushed off, even. Would not recommend to any fan of the original, or any fan of decent cinema. I don't doubt the talent of the voice actors, but I'm doubting the amount of effort put into their lines. They sounded like they were just reading off the script and relying to heavily on the VFX to bring their characters to life, which it did not. There are limitations to the range of emotions that the hyperrealistic lions could display, and this directly impacted the film. I could no longer sympathise with the characters, let alone empathise. Just very disappointing.
  • gries3829 July 2019
    Felt like a corporate movie and they know people will go see it on name alone, and they ruined the music. Not sure they realized the music was the best part. Songs felt like when an artist oversings the national anthem. The songs were great originally and felt like they were trying too hard.
  • For the last 10 years disney has been making nothing new but recycling their old classics. Yet many of them are really bad. This is very cheap and easy method to grab a cash from audience. This film has no emotion, no soul and originality. It only depends on nostalgia and success of original animation. I would give -10/10 rating for this trash. Obviously Disney only cares about money, not about the audience. They ruined MCU and now they are ruining their own classics now lol.
  • menzoderks21 July 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    The original Lion King is one of my favorite movies of all time and if you feel the same I'd recommend you to never watch this remake. Now let me explain how this movie is completely ruined.

    1. Characters have no facial expressions - So in the original if you just turned off the sound you'd still be able to understand what's going on as the body language and facial expressions were a big part of what brought these characters to life. In the new film simba looks like a real lion and similar to a real lion he has zero facial emotion. This is true for all the characters.

    2. The voice acting is horrible - everyone talks incredibly unemotional and SLOW. These actors have likely been told in production to do so as otherwise it would have looked weird for these animals to move their mouths so fast. Even Mufasa's voice is far slower and less emotional while it's still the same voice actor. They really talk half the speed and have odd pauses in their dialogue. Emotion is gone entirely.

    3. Clever jokes and small exchanges are not in this movie - Because characters talk so slowly they can't say as much. Therefore all small jokes and clever exchanges are left out. A few are kept in, but fall flat as the timing is off now. For instance when in the original Simba and Nala go to the elephant graveyard the hyena have all these fun exchanges and they are left out in this movie, Instead we get 2 hyenas that are particularly unfunny...

    4. The songs are ruined - In the original movie, songs bend real physics and reality to give an expressive montage that was visually stunning. Here they just walk or jog a bit.Then a few other animals might appear, but that's about it. Songs are also played at a slower tempo which in itself ruined all the momentum out of the song.

    5. Simba is unlikable - Before simba flees away from pride rock you feel his character is a bit reckless and a bit cocky, but he is also brave and has the characteristics of a leader as he protects others. In the elephant graveyard he stands up for Zazu (while he does not even like zazu) saying the hyena's should pick on somebody their own size. When he and nala then have to run for their lives nala is falling behind. Simba then runs back and saves her by scratching Shenzi. These 2 things do not happen in the remake, which make simba a cocky guy only caring about the power he will get as a king. In the second half you'll start to wonder if he really should be king.

    6. Filler scenes - There are a few additonal scenes or things that are dragged out that give zero character development and do not bring new information at all. You'll notice these scenes in the film, but to give 1 example I'll tell the one that's the least spoilery. Remember that mouse that scar grabs under his hand in the beginning? You see him run up to the camera, wash his nose and BAMN. Scar has him under his paws. In the remake we see this mouse crawl for a whole minute. Why?!? Later in this movie there is something that took the original 5 seconds too, but here takes 2 minutes! They're are really struggling to make the movie 1 hour and 50 minutes, whereas I do not think it's necessary at all and they could have just made a movie of 1 hour and 25 minutes as the original was.

    This movie has no soul and leaves a bad taste towards the original.Disney has lost all it's credibility and respect it still had left by making this atrocious movie.
  • The movie is adequate, that's not good enough for this live action though. Lion King is a masterpiece story that has been celebrated for years for its emotional and timeless value. This version falls really short. The voice acting is flat the tone is wrong and there is little to no emotion felt during a very slow boring few hours.

    The only highlight in my opinion is Seth Rohan and Billy Eisner. Past that? A very forgettable and hollow version of the story.

    Oh and Beyoncé over sings everything.
  • Another Hollywood smack in the face, great animation with so much promise until the characters started talking, the new actor replacements were HORRIBLE! NO emotions in the voices NOTHING...NOTHING! ZERO emotion, as if these actors didn't care or were just reading there lines in a room by them selves. This was just a travesty, a classic... RUINED by terrible acting , TERRIBLE Direction, just HORRIBLE! WHO the HELL made these decisions??!! With the very few dialog add ons WHY would you re cast WHY????? Why would you remove Jeremy Irons as Scar?? WHY??? Why would you put emotionless actors as Simba, Nala etc.. Yes Beyoncé was not good not at all, no emotions just terrible and ruined the original music. Seth Rogan was ok, yeas just Ok not close to as funny as the original Pumba.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
  • The only thing what was "good" is the animation itself.... That's it. No emotion, no Charme, no happiness, no sadness....
  • Quit it! Quit remaking EVERYTHING over and over again. Try and find new, original ideas and make movies from those. I for one am done with Disney as a whole. No more Disney movies for me, which will be hard I suppose since they are buying everyone else in the industry. But I shall remain strong. The last movie from their Borg Like Collective I watched was Captain Marvel. Haven't watched one since and won't pay a dime to see them in the theater. Might see them on Netflix or something If I'm drunk enough. But otherwise not happening.
  • The original is amazing! this remake is like an old cornflakes packet in comparison, dry lifeless and boring, expressionless and deprived of everything that made the original great, don't bother watching it, your only waste your money, and your time.
  • Visually beautiful. & thank god for James Earl Jones as Mufasa. Other than that just BLAH!! Acting was flat & didnt even hold a candle to original!!! BUT THE WORST was Beyonce!!! Way too much of Nala & Beyonce's stupid singing!!!
  • I am appalled at what they have done to an amazing classic. Please don't watch nor buy the movie. They have disgraced Disney.
  • Lion King was the only movie growing up that actually made me cry, the soundtrack alone was amazing, but there was a magic in the cartoon version. This new one is awful. They spent tons of money on the tech and actors, but forgot to add the magic. This isn't the Lion Queen, it's not about beyonce, but it's become all about her, when she didnt actually bring anything to the movie. James Earl Jones will never get a bad review in my book, he did his job. Everyone else was simply forgettable. The cartoon version I remember each actor, each song, each joke, etc and I havent watched it in years. My guess is that Disney is making all these worthless remakes to maintain the copyrights of those movies, but there's 0 intention to do it with the same magic and formula that captivated people from the beginning. The only remake I've enjoyed so far is Cinderella, we even bought it. The rest I don't even remember and my kids prefer the cartoon versions over the remakes now too, that should say something. Not that anyone at Disney will care, their goal is to take over everything to continue being in control and taking in heaps of money for their own exploits. I'll stick with the original Lion King, including the soundtrack and the Broadway show (also amazing), and never speak of this waste of money of a film again.
  • Emotionless. Too focus on CGI. Let me suggest to make this easier for you. Just use the old voices, and create the animation based on that. And please put some emotion. There are no point try your best to make it close to a real life lion and sacrificing all good emotions. It's just a small thing compared to what you have done to the movie. If you really want to make it so real, then it's better make them a real animal which cant talk.

    I am really frustrated and mad. My wife and kids wanted to watch other movie but I convinced them that this is the best movie in my childhood. I want to take all my words back. You failed miserably this time Disney. The Jungle Book was better in terms of emotion CGI in a real animal faces.
  • I LOVE the original. I wanted to love this movie. I was over the moon excited for it. They took out too many important parts of the original. Showing the strength of Mufasa but also his friendly side (his friendship with Zazu, how he respects and hugs Rafiki, that he taught Simba how to pounce). Even the opening scene wasn't the same. Why would you alter that? The huge rising sun in tune with the music that gives almost everyone goosebumps. The new one you see trees with a slightly lit up morning sky and then a small sun appears off to the side that isn't in sync with the music. Mufasas personality doesn't sound the same even though it's still James Earl Jones' voice. It's different somehow. The hyenas are not the same. They don't make jokes and laugh at themselves like "make mine a cub sandwich" then laugh hysterically at their own jokes. They eliminated Ed, the one who doesn't speak, just laughs. Timon isn't flamboyant or half as funny as the original. The hula scene in the original was fast paced and funny to distract the hyenas. The new one he slowly sings "Be our Guest"?? No action and not as fun. In fact, ALL of the new characters (including Beyoncé) sound like they are just reading from a script and it's really mundane and forced. None of them are in character and flow like the original. There's no sass or wit. The music is boring. It's a huge disappointment. Rafiki catches Simbas hair and knows immediately it's him. In the original, he knows the scent, but it takes him a minute to figure it out and when he does, he's ecstatic. Not in the remake. There is no image of Mufasa in the clouds to guide Simba to remember who he is. Rafiki doesn't give him a lesson about how the past can hurt with his stick. Simba doesn't hug Rafiki like his father did which is also symbolic to how Simba is like his father. I don't understand why Disney would eliminate these bonds and characters that we all love and change it to make what is a visually stunning movie into something I will never want to see again.
  • killnight4 August 2019
    This remake of the original, lack allow, unable to make the connection with the public, the music songs have horrible singles the music lack volume y emotion, I will keep the original
  • TLK is one of my favorite Disney classics, so while I didn't understand the need for a remake, I did look forward to seeing it with the full theatrical experience again. Boy was I wrong.

    The core failure of the movie is the inexplicable choice to go fully photo-realistic with the animation. There is zero, and I can't stress this enough, ZERO expression or emotion in the characters' faces. Sure, it's zoologically accurate, but why does that matter when your plot is a conniving lion plotting a political coup with another species?

    The voice acting was.....barely passable. Nothing remarkable, especially given the A-list names on the cast. Timon and Pumba were the high flyers here, and even they were a pale shade of the excellent originals. Classic musical numbers were either underwhelming or over-performed (looking at you, Beyoncé).

    All of this is made even more obvious by the fact that the movie is nearly a shot-for-shot, line-for-line copy of the original. Timon and Pumba had some clever self-aware lines that poked fun at that fact, but given how closely they mimicked the original, it's remarkable that the final product managed to come out so flat in comparison.

    I don't know what this means for Disney's other forthcoming live action re-releases. Aladdin wasn't up to snuff either, but had the energy and character to make up some lost ground. I've not yet seen the Dumbo remake, and want to look forward to Mulan, but if this is where they're setting the bar, I'll wait until they come to Netflix.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen a lot of bad movies in my life but I've never been personally offended by how downright awful one is. Had the original 1994 movie never been made and this movie given to us as an original, I highly doubt that this would have made it to theatres. No character in the movie has a discernable personality. There's not really any character growth. Two of the most memorable songs aren't even songs and instead are the voice actors talking slightly faster with a faint music score. Some of the best dialogue in the movie is cut out and new dialogue and scenes are inserted in their place. The new scenes are blatantly obvious in comparison to the old, as the writing falls flat and is ultimately irrelevant. It's impossible to care about or have any emotional investment in the characters, as the whole movie lacks entertainment value or the typical fun and excitement of any given Disney movie. Instead we have a line that summarizes the feeling of the entire movie: "life is meaningless".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Lion King was truly a disappointment. It was difficult to emotionally connect with the characters. Timon, Pumba, and Zazu were the only characters who were casted correctly and brought a comic relief into the movie, everyone else was blah. I had high expectations and after 20 minutes into the movie, my expectations fell apart. One thing I was truly looking forward to was the soundtrack, but it truly missed the mark, ESPECIALLY when Nala and Simba sang, "Can you feel the love tonight." I was bumbed out, because Aladdin was fun and better than expected. In my opinion, save your money and just buy the original movie on Hulu. Overall, bad casting and emotionless.
  • fewtexan29 July 2019
    Total waste of time and money. Kept asking myself 'why' like: 'why am I still at this disaster?'.

    It was visually interesting (at least initially) but that wore away quickly. It just wasn't enough in the acting, dialogue, etc to keep you engaged. I guess if it was your first experience with the plot, then it would be okay. I would just buy the original.

    They missed the opportunity to have the animal be more natural and redo the story in way that educated about wildlife instead of misinforming.

    I realize this is fantasy, but I think they could have enhanced this cash cow instead of milking it dry. Definitely will not go to anymore Disney remakes.
  • cmblanco27 July 2019
    Some scene for scene remake, some overly verbose "I'm not plagiarizing" rewriting. Flat voices, drawing out scenes that dont need drawn out and cutting short poignant scenes. Either remake it scene for scene, or make it something different. Hollywood has no more original ideas and these remakes are awful.
  • andersonla-722006 August 2019
    Since when did nala sing and they are missing a lot from the original
  • Where do i begin for this one. First off, lets just start with casting. I'm not sure who was in charge of casting but wow you did an HORRIBLE job. Not only do the voice actors not know how to express emotion and make us FEEL something, the dialogue is all robotic! Seth Rogen (Pumba) was the only decent individual that matched his role and thats just because it's the easiest role to fill!

    Secondly, changing certain plot points didn't flow as smoothly, in other words, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." The hyenas were all of a sudden not comic relief or goofy, but instead more on political and serious. Timo and Pumba have a whole new group of friends in there jungle paradise, which isn't a big deal, but it makes it seem less like a special place that the three share.

    Thirdly, most of the movie is a visual flex, they focus less on story and more on trying to show you what their capable of with live action. There are scenes that will unnecessarily take longer than it should, just to be visually appealing.

    Finally, this movie did something so wrong, unlike the other Lion King. Instead of showing us emotion, they would consistently try to express it with dialogue. SHOW MORE, SAY LESS. You can say its because the other Lion King was animated and its easier to pull off, but i don't think so.

    Basically, been preaching this for a long time, PLEASE Disney, stop doing these remakes, you guys are ruining classics for the future generations. I know its more for the MONEY that these films are made, but at least put a little effort. Big Fat Thumbs Down!
  • Simba and Beyonce. Or better yet, it's not Lion King.. It's Lion Queen. She wanted you to hear very clearly what her origin is, while at an interview she won't. Now the album will be a gift to africa or from africa. Great, I did not know the movie is about how much we are devided. She did not get it beautifully done out of respect for the movie. This beautiful creation is messed up due selfish reasons. She should have played the hyena. I always liked Beyonce up till now, she is being way too transparant about her intentions.
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