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  • Skateboarding has never been my kind of thing, im more the sturdy on the ground type of traveler, but this los angeles based movie about two young boys going on a dream trip through dangerous and murderous parts of the big city in the middle of the night is, and was a great adventure to take part in. its not an action movie, more a roadie movie on boards, and its a good one if your not too squemish.

    its a shallow story, that for sure could have been better told and better shown, especially for all of us that has never been to this metropolis of a city. a gps map with blinking dots now and then showing the boys whereabouts, would have given an even greater feeling of travelling with them.

    the filmography, and camera work are really excellent done, and the 2 main actors are doing their work brilliantly, on the board and on the act. beware, they have talents.

    the grumpy old man acknowledges this movie with aplause, a 7, and couldve been even better,its up to you to decide.