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  • This is just a desperate attempt to launch the superstar's son... I din't see anything special or extraordinary in this movie..... Pranav Mohanlal is just an average (may be below average) actor... He is lucky to be Shri Mohanlal's son...otherwise i dont think anyone would risk a high budget movie to launch Pranav.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Its basically a promotional video for Parkour. Unfortunately since this is India rather than make a 15 minute promotional video someone made all 3 hours of it. The last movie I went to watch alone was Titanic and that was almost 2 decades ago. Outside Kerala, malayalam movies typically release for a week and never get primetime slots. So unless you can make it at the weekend you have to wait for the movie to release on DVD. I missed Carbon last week so against my better judgement I fell for all the positive reviews and went to watch the movie on a weekday. I shouldnt have. Its not that its a bad movie its just that its not very good either.

    The first half really drags. In the second half the movie gets kind of interesting at times but it is so long that even the second half starts dragging after a while. The movie deals with throwing people off buildings and you start getting these urges to throw yourself off one.

    Pranav Mohanlal seems to be a better actor as compared to Dulquer when he first started out. He is not required to really act in any of the scenes so you cannot tell if he can act or not. He does not act badly in any of the scenes but he is not required to emote in any of the scenes so you cannot tell if he will be able to act if he is required to.

    If you have watched old Hindi movies you would have noticed that there is always this one woman whose whole purpose is to cry from the beginning to the end. Her sob story begins when she fails to hold on to her kids at the local fair or when dacoits attack her village and it continues throughout the movie. The character who plays Pranav's mother is the Malayalam cinema equivalent of this aforementioned woman. She is just there to sob. After a while it gets so irritating that you wish you could throw her off a building just so that the annoyance would stop.

    Siddique is a good actor and so is Anusree. The rest of the cast could have been replaced with cut-outs and you still wouldnt be able to tell the difference. The parkour scenes are shot quite well. They probably couldnt find any parkour practitioners in India so they bought in some guys from France for the chase scenes.

    Even at 2 hours it would have been watchable. With the interval the movie stretches for almost 3 hours and it basically just numbs your mind. I honestly could not wait for it to end. As the credits rolled a few people clapped and whistled. Maybe the movie appealed to a younger audience. Maybe they were experiencing motion picture for the first time. You will probably never know.

    Makes you wonder what the whole purpose of the movie was? Its quite a pointless movie to be honest.Its basically parkour scene, parkour scene and some more parkour scene interspersed with some really over the top plotline. Pranav is required to break into a building that has tighter security than the US treasury and the whole of Karnataka is against him but he has 2-3 Malayalis on his side and one of them supplies water to the building while the other one was a security expert for the same building. Talk about co-incidences.

    In the end the Karnataka police decide to not press charges and release him even though he has conveniently blown up about a dozen people. Agreed that one of them was a bad guy but what about the dozen security guards that were blown up simply for doing their job. Collateral damage, I reckon. I am guessing logic is not one of the writers strengths.

    If you want to watch a good movie on parkour, watch District B13. Atleast it gets over in 90 minutes.
  • Dont expect the pure Jeethu Joseph feel when you watch this movie, It is a movie with poor quality graphics editings. Pranav is still a starter in acting, with an immature voice which does not suit the character. He needs to improve on his acting skills. Jeethu Joseph had tailored the story to Pranav's capabilities in jumping. Movie does meet to the promise as marketed.
  • Jeethu Joseph. The name is synonymous with thriller movies. Be it Drishyam or Memories or even his first film, Detective, all were highly appreciated. But it was a dissapointment when it came to the 2016 film, Oozham. Now he has come with a new film Aadhi. Expectations were many for this film. Firstly, it is directed by Jeethu joseph. Second, It is the debut of Pranav Mohanlal. Third, the stunts (more on that later). Now, the plot: Adhithya Mohan, an aspiring musician, who dreams it of making it big, gets a chance to do a show in Bangalore. An incident there makes him to run for his life. The first half of Aadhi goes off in a slow mode setting up the story. The notable sequence is the action in the market place and the stunts performed (Parkour) is very impressive. But it's the second half that has it's share of thrills which leads to the climax with an unpredictable twist. The songs were good even though the two songs in the second half could have been avoided. The pick of the songs are 'Mizhiyoram(Unplugged Version)' and 'Gypsy woman.' Jeethu Joseph is an expert when he handles thrillers. This can be seen in the second half of the film. Editing (Ayoob Khan) was done neatly but could have trimmed some portions in first half. Cinematography (Satheesh Kurup) was good. Stunts, as I said before, was awesome. Have'nt seen any actor doing Parkour in any Malayalam film and Pranav needs to be applauded for performing the stunts himself. Now to the performances. Pranav Mohanlal as Aadhi is natural. He is outstanding while doing the action as well as in emotional scenes. Sharafudeen was good. Anusree too did a good job. Sideeq has a nice role. Lena was average. Siju Wilson in a negative role did well. Jagapathi Babu's role could have been better thought of. Mohanlal in a cameo was good. All in all, Aadhi can be watched for it's leading man and for the stunts. You will be entertained. My rating - 3.5/5
  • Awesome movie!! starts slowly but packs the punch with never-before-seen-in-mal-cinema parkour stunts & the debut of a young hero who proves that he's here to stay! Pranav Mohanlal is a revelation in action sequences, not that anyone would have expected anything less from the mega star kid.. The last 30mins of the movie is mind blowing. Jeethu Joseph saves the best for the last, taking his own time in 1st half establishing his characters and showing us the family & friends circle of the protagonist. Pranav doesn't disappoint in the emotional scenes either. He seems to blend into the character, emoting the vulnerability of a typical nice guy at the beginning and reluctantly yet with a lot determination taking things to his hands towards the end. Hope and wish this is the start of an amazing film career. Movie definitely belongs in the must watch category!! Fly Aadhi, fly!!!
  • Jeethu Joseph's latest feature Aadhi looks like a revised version of his 2016 revenge drama Oozham. The only difference is that the protagonist here is a parkour enthusiast and not an explosives expert. Debutante Pranav Mohanlal plays Aadhi, a young and aspiring music producer who gets embroiled in a mess following the death of an influential business magnate's son. How Aadhi spends his life after that being chased by the man's goons for the rest of the plot is what the film primarily talks about, where he also showcases his parkour skills and a sudden energy to solve the issue on his own. While director Joseph has used family threads and parents-son relationship as an element to attract his viewers, the plothole-ridden story never succeeds to keep them hooked. It's an exaggerated play that goes on and on, supported by a contrived narrative. Mohanlal's amateur and dull performance is the highlight of Aadhi, as he follows his director's cue like a frightened kindergarten child during a time of crisis. There is not a single interesting element that would make Aadhi a better rendition of Oozham, which is also a prime example of cinematic hyperbole. When even the talented Lena slips in her performance and Siddique made to look like a joker with his toupee, it is clear that Aadhi was a hurried attempt at launching the star child. There is no other reason why someone would make this film, which is one full hour of chase sequences and the remaining ninety minutes of mind-boggling claptrap. If you are someone who supports nepotism and consider yourself automatically a fan of your favorite actor, then Aadhi is something you can catch this weekend on DVD. TN.
  • The film has thrilling PARKOUR stunt (first time in malayalam) sequences which is performed by young actor without dupe. PARANAV MOHANLAL proved that he is an multi-talented champ who is a good GUITARIST,SINGER,STUNT GURU,LYRICIST through the first film itself. Acting is excellent except in some family emotion scenes. 'GYPSY WOMEN' song in the film is written and sung by PARANAV. The plot of the film is not new. But the way of story narration is completely different. PRANAV'S success as an singer,lyricist and guitarist is proved by youtube trending of his song. The actor also managed to grab a bunch of housefull shows through his acting and stunt performance. Considering it as an DEBUT film of a young actor he has done best of him and is far better than recent Debuts of actors like Dulquer,Nivin,Asif. Watching the film without hyped anticipation won't disappoint you. Rating(9/10){CONSIDERING AS A DEBUT FILM}.
  • This movie will be enjoyed by those that enjoy action and more realistic fight scenes where bad guys don't go flying in every direction known to man with just a flick of the hero's fingers. The character has to put in a little more effort and actually gets gut-punched right back more than a couple of times. The parkour and running were brilliant and i remember leaving the theater feeling really badass wanting to kick a few people. That's how i realized despite the few glaring errors, i enjoyed the movie.

    In terms of acting, Pranav Mohanlal seemed to take an ascending slope. It is a blessing the film didn't call for any real dramatic interpretation and acting. There weren't many dialogues to deliver nor too many emotional scenes to depict. Despite starting a little rocky (felt the first couple of scenes were slightly awkward but maybe that was because of the slight lag i felt between the dubbing and acting), Pranav seemed to adjust to the film better in the second half. He seemed the most comfortable doing the parkour bits. When he didn't have to face another person, bite out a couple of pre-planned dialogues, only run around and do his own thing. There were however many overused scenes, a cliche to films like these.

    Another thing worth mentioning are the rest of the cast. Siddique was as natural as ever (he gets better in every film!) Anusree was hilarious and gave something to laugh about in an otherwise dull scene. Aditi Ravi could've slightly turned down her enthusiasm for a certain song and Lena could've done the same during one of her hysterical cries. I know she can do better. I've seen Traffic.

    I did find the ending a little abrupt however symbolic it seemed. But overall, it was a decent film with the inevitable mistakes of a first time.
  • There are many movies of this genre released in Malayalam over the years. But still "Aadhi" fascinates with its technical perfection and top-class action sequences. Pranav Mohanlal has done a decent job on his debut. He was convincing and suitable for the title character as "Aadhi" , though he has miles to go to reach anywhere near to the acting brilliance of his father. Siddique, as always, gives a perfect performance whereas Lena seems a little odd. The parkour scenes were new to Malayalam film industry and they were fantastically portrayed. Overall, "Aadhi" is a good entertainer with all the thrills and suspense you expect in a action thriller.
  • Indeed an amazing movie.. shot well and directed... the main characters did well. I loved Pranav's moves and humble acting... its a good start for him and i wish he continues to do movies of this level and not the rubbish that we see these days,,,,

    about the movie... most of the reviews are already here.... i did not find a lag and nothing was dragging... fantastically taken and made!! congratulations !
  • One thing is for sure, Pranav Mohanlal works hard as an actor and since he's also multi-talented(music, does some neat stunts etc.), he can go really far. He's also a natural in front of cam like his father but ofcourse, one notices the nervousness in few scenes which is normal for a first movie. The action is the highlight of this movie and it's a treat to watch this young, humble guy do lot of the stunts & fight scenes himself.

    The other pros of the movie are the suspense and rest of the performances. Jagapathi Babu again makes an impact with a negative role. There are other prominent actors in the cast as well like Siddique, Lena, Sharafudheen, Anusree etc but I must mention Tony Luke here who gets a smaller role comparatively but he has a good screen presence(maybe due to his model background) and is a confident actor.

    What I didn't like about the movie is some of the violence, especially a scene when a good guy who tries to save Pranav gets shot. That was a bit too graphic. And the final scene that involves Pranav was slightly comical, there wasn't a need for him to do stunt there again.

    Verdict - whatever the flaws, Pranav makes a sensational entry into Malayalam cinema and can stand on his own for sure. A thumbs up just for him.