Daizee Haze: [after the Haze/Sora-Sara Del Rey/La Malcriada match] "You're better than this; we deserve something more."

Green Ant- The Colony: [Last lines. Carpenter Ant is pacing around backstage when Green Ant barges in from stage left] Carpenter! You, you won!

Carpenter Ant- The Colony: I won.

Green Ant- The Colony: The sixth annual Cibernetico, and you won the whole thing.

Mike Quackenbush- Soldier's Army: [Walks into the room from stage right] Hey, hey, hey. That hold you won with out there, the Inverted CHIKARA Special. How do you know that hold?

Carpenter Ant- The Colony: [Pokes his finger into Quackenbush's chest] You'd be surprised at what I know.

[Exits stage right. Green Ant shrugs as if to say, "I don't know." Quack is unimpressed and exits stage right]

Daizee Haze: [Pacing around backstage after the Haze/Sora/-Del Rey/Malcriada match] . Stupid... LEONARD CHIKARASON! I am sick and tired of being patronized for being a woman! I did not get into this wrestling industry to be treated like a little lady! You do not put your coat down over a puddle for Daizee Haze. Uh uh. I jump in that puddle. I get down and dirty. By God. I'm quicker than Kingston

[makes a fist]

Daizee Haze: and I can pack a punch just like Brodie Lee. So don't think that just because I'm a woman that you can hold me down.

Sara Del Rey: [Walks in] DAIZEE HAZE! I know exactly what you are talking about! I'm bigger than Ophidian and that Green Bean Ant!

Daizee Haze: Yes you are yes you are!

Sara Del Rey: We are the best women, not just here, but in the world


Sara Del Rey: in the world!

Daizee Haze: In the world, in the world, and we've fought each other many times and we've had some darn good competitions but maybe it's time we put our differences aside.

Sara Del Rey: [Bangs her hand against a door] You know what? There's something going on that I think we might be perfect for. But sorry, Gary, not you!

[Pushes camera aside]