In contrast with how the Torneo Cibernetico matches were usually used to blow off feuds, this one was fought under Parejas Increibles rules meaning it was existing tag teams split off and wrestling each other. Soldier's Army (the Colony's Soldier Ant and Carpenter Ant (Adam Ortega)/Mike Quackenbush (Mike Spillane)/Incoherence's Hallowicked (Robert Goodwin)/Cheech Hernandez/The Future Is Now's Lince Dorado (Jose Cordero)/The Super Smash Brothers' Player Uno (Nicolas Dansereau)/the Young Bucks' Matt Jackson (Matt Massie)) defeated Team Hot Property (the Colony's Fire Ant and Green Ant/Jigsaw (Ed McGuckin)/Incoherence's Frightmare (Stephen Delicato)/KC "Cloudy" Day (Eric Downes)/The Future Is Now's Helios (Trevor Mann)/The Super Smash Brothers' Player Dos (Marc Dionne)/the Young Bucks' Nick Jackson (Nick Massie)). The rules of the Cibernetico say that there can only be one person left, meaning that even if everyone on the other team has been eliminated, if there are even two people left on the one team they have to wrestle each other. That is what happened here, as Carpenter Ant eliminated his own team captain Soldier Ant with the Inverted CHIKARA Special, the first time that the hold had been used, and which Mike Quackenbush had supposedly taught only to Tim Donst.

There was also a Trios Increibles match, with the UnStable's Colin Delaney, the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple's Crossbones and Team F.I.S.T.'s Icarus (Ronald Grams) defeating the UnStable's STIGMA, the Order's UltraMantis Black and Team F.I.S.T.'s Chuck Taylor (Dustin Howard) (substituting for the injured Gran Akuma (Edward Jones)). Vökoder (Tim Donst) walked down to the ring during the match showing interest in UltraMantis Black's staff. CHIKARA Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason (Joseph R. Sposto) told Vökoder to leave ringside. Then the man in white (Marco Jaggi) who had first appeared during the four-way tag match at CHIKARA Young Lions Cup VII Night III (2009) appeared on a video screen, and then he and a larger man in white (first on-screen appearance of the man who would come to be known as Tursas) appeared and scared off UltraMantis Black, leading to Icarus pinning STIGMA to win the match. This was another step toward the official debut of Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes (BDK) at the end of the year.

Los Ice Creams replaced the Badd Boyz (aka 2.0/3.0, Brad Badd (Shane Matthews) and Chad Badd (Jeff Parker, aka Scott Jagged Parker)), who were supposedly held up at the Canadian border, as the opponents for the Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield and Sugar Dunkerton (Jamar Wilson)), which was the debut of the team name. The team of Hatfield and Dunkerton had debuted the night before in Dunkerton's CHIKARA debut.

Vin Gerard replaced Eddie Kingston (Edward Moore) as Ryûichi Kawakami 's opponent, due to Kingston getting injured at "CZW Severed Ties" on October 10th.

After the Sara Del Rey (Sara Amato)/La Malcriada (Aki Kanbayashi)-Daizee Haze/Bullfight Sora (Atsuko Emoto) match, which the Haze/Sora team won via referee Nikkan Lee (Yuki Shiraishi) disqualifying Sara for Castigo Excesivo ("excessive punishment," due to how Sara kept pulling Sora up at two to continue hitting moves instead of going for the pin), Daizee cut a promo backstage about how she was tired of being patronized by the wrestling business for being a woman, saying, "I'm quicker than Kingston and I can pack a punch just like Brodie Lee (Jon Huber)". Sara walked in and said that she agreed with everything Daizee said, and that she, Sara, is better than Ophidian and "that Green Bean Ant." Sara said that they were the best women wrestlers not just in CHIKARA but in the world. Sara said, "There's something going on that I think we might be perfect for," and then dismissed the cameraman, saying "But sorry, Gary (Gary Walter), not you." That something would turn out to be the BDK, and they took part in the riot that marked its formation.

First American appearance for La Malcriada since "CHIKARA King of Trios 2007 Night III." Only American appearances for Ryûichi Kawakami and Bullfight Sora.