Frank Grillo said in an interview that he would only return if the script is really good and James DeMonacco will have something to do with the movie.

No character from any of the previous installments will be returning.

Confirmed on January 30th 2018 to be titled "The First Purge".

James Demonaco said in a interview that he doesn't think he will direct this fourth film only write and produce it.

The poster for the film shows a picture of a red hat with the slogan "The First Purge." This is a reference to President Donald Trump's red "Make America Great Again" hat which was used throughout his presidential campaign.

Tentatively called "Purge: Island". This movie was filmed in Buffalo, NY and doubled as Staten Island, NY.

Has been revealed to be a prequel.

Bradley Fuller might come back to produce this film alongside Blum, Bay and Form

Frank Grillo will not reprise his role as Sgt. Leo Barnes in this fourth installment

The first Purge movie not to be directed by James DeMonaco.

Melonie Diaz's second film in which characters must fight for survival by killing others, the first being "The Belko Experiment".

This film will likely to be the only one that Dante Bishop (Edwin Hodge) doesn't appear in as he was purged by Earl Danzinger (Terry Sercapico) an NFFA Hitman.

Despite the fan theory and speculation that President Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) would be assassinated in this film leaving Minister Edwidge Owens to ascend into the presidency and for the annual purge to resume. This theory was proven to be false once it was revealed that this film would be a prequel. Since this film is in fact a prequel in The Purge saga, Charlene Roan can't be assassinated. We last saw her in The Purge: Election Year, having survived at leasts 18 annual purges. The end of that film showed her to have succeeded in becoming president.