Genie: I made you look like a prince on the outside, but I didn't change anything on the inside. Prince Ali got you to the door, but Aladdin has to open it.

[Aladdin bungles his courtship of Jasmine]

Genie: In ten thousand years, I have never been so embarrassed.

Aladdin: This girl, she's a princess...

Genie: Aren't they all?

Jasmine: How did you get past the guards?

Aladdin: That was challenging.

Jasmine: You cannot just break into a palace like you own the place.

Aladdin: If you don't have anything, you have to act like you own everything.

[last lines]

Jasmine: Stop thief. Your Sultan commands it.

Aladdin: Sultan. Does that mean I'm in trouble?

Jasmine: Only because you got caught.

Aladdin: Hey, can you make me a prince?

Genie: There's a lot of gray area in "make me a prince". I can just... make you a prince.

[creates a prince out of thin air]

Aladdin: Oh, no!

Genie: Right. You'd be snuggled up with that dude for the rest of your life.

Prince: Y'all seen my palace?

Genie: Be specific with your words. The deal is in the details.

Aladdin: Do we need the topknot?

Genie: That's like my whole cherry on top!

Genie: It's showtime!

Aladdin: No, I'm in charge, and I decide when it's time to...

[Genie blows Aladdin over to Jasmine]

Aladdin: Really?

Aladdin: [from official trailer] I thought a princess could go anywhere.

Jasmine: Not this princess.

Cave of Wonders: [from teaser trailer] Only one may enter here. One whose worth lies far within. The diamond in the rough.

Dalia: A handsome prince wants to marry you. Oh, when will life get easier?

Genie: [from trailer; in a deep voice] O great one who summons me / I stand by my oath: loyalty to wishes three!

[Aladdin stares]

Genie: [in his normal voice] I'm kidding, watch this...

[sings "Friend Like Me"]

Aladdin: Do you trust me?

[Aladdin holds out his arm]

Jasmine: What did you say?

Aladdin: Do you trust me?

Aladdin: Face it, princess, sometimes you just have to take a risk.

Jasmine: [opens her door] You!

Aladdin: [Holding a drinking tray] Tea?

Genie: [last line; At the ending of the dancing finale] You ain't never had a friend like me.

Jafar: [seriously] Jams?

Iago: Jams?

Jafar: I can make you rich... rich enough to impress a princess.

Aladdin: What do I have to do?

Jafar: There's a cave of wonders. Bring me a lamp.

Aladdin: Can you give me a hand?

Jafar: First, the lamp.

Aladdin: No. No, first your hand.

Jafar: We don't have much time. Give me the lamp.

Aladdin: Abu, no!

Cave of Wonders: You have touched the forbidden treasure! Now, you will never again see the light of day!

Genie: O Great One who summons me, Terrible One who commands me, I stand by my oath, loyalty to wishes three!

[Aladdin can only muster a faint terrified squeal]

Aladdin: We have jams!

Jafar: Jams?

Iago: Jams.

Aladdin: Yes, jams! Yam jams, fig jams...

Dalia: Yam jams!

Aladdin: A-and date jams! Seedless, delicious, ex-exotic jams!

Genie: Move. Away. From the jams.

Genie: [from official trailer; to Aladdin] You really don't know who I am? Genie, wishes, lamp, none of that ringing a bell?

Jafar: [from second teaser trailer; to Aladdin] Bring me the lamp. Your life begins now, Aladdin.

Aladdin: So, how does it work?

Genie: You're... kidding, right? The whole song... was the instructions!

Aladdin: [form official trailer; to Jasmine] Do you trust me?

Cave of Wonders: Only one may enter here. One whose worth lies far within. The diamond in the rough.

Jafar: Remember, take nothing but the lamp.

Jafar: The Cave of Wonders. When you enter, you will see more riches than you'll ever dreamed of gold, diamonds and the lamp. Bring it to me, and I will make you rich and free. But take no other treasure, no matter how sorely you are tempted.

Jafar: Genie, I wish to be the most powerful sorcerer there is!

Genie: As you wish, master.

Jafar: Genie, for my final wish: I wish to become the most powerful being in the universe. More powerful than you!

Genie: A lot of grey area in that wish. But... Most powerful being in the universe, coming right up!

[Genie transforming Jafar into a genie, Jafar cackling]

Jafar: The most powerful in the universe, at last! Second to no one! And I thought I had power before! First, I'll lay waste to those fools in Shirabad.

Jafar: [about the prisoners sent by one of the guards] You seem to bring me the rough, but not the diamond.

Jafar: I was like you, but my ambitions got bigger. Steal one thing, and you're a thief - steal a kingdom, and you're a sultan.

Jafar: What have you done to me?

Aladdin: I haven't done anything to you, Jafar.

Jafar: [yells] What have you done to me?

Aladdin: This was your wish, not mine. A genie might have phenomenal cosmic powers.

Genie: But, an itty-bitty living space. You see, a genie without a master goes back in their lamp.

[Another magic lamp appears and he began to sucked in]

Jafar: No! Not the lamp!

[to Aladdin]

Jafar: I will not forget you, boy! Mark my words: I will not forget what you have done to me!

Iago: Good-bye, Jafar!

Jafar: Parrot! You're coming with me!

[grabs Iago's tail and got sucked in his lamp]

[Genie saves Aladdin from drowning]

Genie: It cost you a wish, though.

Aladdin: I don't care what it cost. You saved my life. Thank you.

Sultan: You can change the statutes to marry who you wish. He's a good man.

Jafar: Second best is not enough to suit me! And it's not enough to save you!

[Jafar rubs the lamp at an Agrabah street corner]

Genie: [bumps his head] Ow, man! Why'd you rub the lamp under an... archway?

[sees it's not Aladdin]

Jafar: Steal an apple and you're a thief, steal a kingdom and you're a statesman.

Jasmine: We should only be as happy as our least happy subject.

Jafar: [to Jasmine as Rajah starts snarling] Control that cat if you know what's good for you.