The Ashley Remington-Archibald Peck match and the Elimination Losers Hoist the Winners' Flags match between the Baltic Siege and the Bloc Party were the only matches that were not CHIKARA vs. the Flood matches. Although Eddie Kingston was not a member of the Flood going into his match with Jervis Cottonbelly, it was about Flood member Jimmy Jacobs corrupting Kingston with promises that if Kingston joined he'd be able to get "her" (the CHIKARA Grand Championship) back. Kingston destroyed a Flood follower, whose name would later turn out to be Callux.

The Throwbacks scored a significant victory in the war between CHIKARA and the Flood by defeating Pieces of Hate (Jigsaw and the Shard) for the CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas (tag team titles.) Pieces of Hate had won the belts at "CHIKARA Aniversario: Never Compromise," the night of the shutdown. This was their only title defense. Their title reign lasted 413 days with much of that being the time when CHIKARA was inactive.

It is announced that referee Bryce Remsburg specifically asked to referee the Archibald Peck-Ashley Remington match. The match was so deliberately funny that even Peck was actually laughing on camera. This match also featured a spot with Archie going for the Cranium Crescendo (diving headbutt) and landing a few inches short, with Ashley actually moving closer and throwing Archie's arm over himself for a two count. In a serious match, it would be considered a terrible botch. However, the match was played entirely for laughs, which it received. Remington ultimately won.

Last appearance of the Polar Baron, the manager for the Bloc Party (Mr. Azerbaijan, the Proletariat Boar of Moldova and Prakash Sabar) who left out of disappointment with his team losing the Elimination Losers Hoist the Winners' Flags to the Baltic Siege (the Estonian Thunderfrog, the Latvian Proud Oak and the Lithuanian Snow Troll). After the match, the Flood attacked the Baltic Siege, culminating with Deucalion destroying the Estonian Thunderfrog with the Chokebreaker in retaliation for the Thunderfrog having destroyed BDK member Tursas. This would be the Thunderfrog's last appearance for 15 months.