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  • I've watched Buddy's show Cake Boss for years, always comes up with great ideas and executes them incredibly!

    Now, that being said, let's talk about the judges... who's bright idea was to let Demaris Phillips sit on any panel of judges?? She is clueless and obviously knows nothing about baking. It's also obvious that Buddy can't stand her either ... do the show a favor and toss that heifer out to the trash where she belongs... I'd watch more shows with the little gay Zach judge. He's a peach!!!

    But a great family show with creative ideas!!
  • warmax22 February 2020
    Another show that shows how prejudice Food Network Truly is. They have a black model turned chef that is prejudice against other blacks. Most of the shows will one black competitor, but not ever win and most don't make it to the second round.