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  • Don't be misled by the reviews. This show is interesting and leaves you wanting to know more about the setting. Is it an award winner - no. Is it entertaining and suspenseful - yes. Does the intrigue make you want to keep watching - absolutely. I read the user reviews before watching but decided to give it a shot regardless of the low ratings because I was I intrigued by the concept. I haven't watched the movie nor have I read the source material. I've now watched 4 episodes and I'm hooked. To enjoy this show you first need to accept that the premise is unrealistic. What it does accomplish is a very interesting analogy of classism. Many people seem to dislike the police procedural plot. I enjoyed it and I think it succeeds as being a plot device to give the audience a tour of the train from the perspective of someone in the lowest class, while showing the massive injustices between the haves and the have nots. Give Snowpiercer a chance if you enjoy dystopian genres and you aren't too picky about technical realism but want something that will make you think about the ugliness of wealth privilege.
  • Jennifer Lynn Connelly's acting is phenomenal. I'm literally watching "Snowpiercer" just to see her. She's divine. In my opinion, the plot is just great. All and all, I thoroughly enjoyed the "Snowpiercer" and I can't wait for season two.
  • First of all lets make one think clear, this is a show in a sci-fi setting and Sci-fi has always been experimenting with cheesy and illogical concepts. I don't know why people forgot that. Of cource the idea of a endlessly running train isn't realistic nor would the class system of the train work in real life, but thats not the point of the show. You wouldn't say that fighting with laser swords or travelling through time in a car is very realistic, but it is definitely fun to watch. That is why (at least for me) Snowpiercer works. Is it a show that would win awards for groundbraking acting or writing? No, probably not. But the story is definitely thrilling, the set pieces are fascinating and I am extremely invested in the show.
  • TruthSeeker828 June 2020
    People are weird. Sometime really ridiculous TV series and movies gets very good reviews and sometime decent series gets bad. This TV series is the example of later. It's not an Emmy winning series but nevertheless quite interesting to watch. The actors are doing good job and the plot has some life to it. I am not sure, how come some science fiction movies and TV series, like Star Wars, gets high ratings, despite being quite away from reality but some get judged based on scientific laws.
  • erickgal11 July 2020
    The story could be better, characters suddenly change their mood, and the main character acts without thinking, but that's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the cast, especially Daveed Diaas, he overreacts in every scene, and that makes impossible to understand his character. On the other hand, Jennifer Connelly acts sensationally, her performance is just so good, and just because of that I continued watching the series.
  • bc_global187 July 2020
    The show has potential and seems to be at least similar in concept to the movie, but the male lead actor is just not good. Most of the time he has the same demeanor and expressions without any real emotion. Others are better especially Jennifer Connelly but I keep rooting for them to kill off the main guy. I don't think it's going to happen.
  • Daveed Diggs can't make his character believable for an instant. You can know that another actor would make things much better and easily.He has no presence. All the production, writing and other actors rescue the show.
  • For those stating that the premise of a train wrapping around the globe that has to keep running is too unrealistic - that is correct. Though it's a great metaphor for how our class based elitist society is part of a never ending circle that, given the right circumstances , could entirely collapse at any moment.

    So no, train like this isn't possible. But that's not the point. Watch the story unfold and if need be pay attention to everything else and let the train part fall to the background. Either way, it's an interesting story and the acting is well done. The scenery is amazingly well thought out , and for a pilot episode they did decent job knocking it out of the park.

    I wasn't the biggest fan of the film- but I'm quite interested to see how they do with this. So far, so good.

    WARNING - you do need an imagination to watch this show. So if you take everything too literally you won't enjoy it.

    The only unbearable part of this show is daveed Diggs- he doesn't sell the part very well at all. The show would be much better without him as a centrepiece: it's a shame they couldn't find Idris or someone a bit more captivating in their acting - Diggs is lacklustre at best and he's outshined by every other character , even the background ones.
  • jecskene20 February 2021
    I know that people complain about Daveed's acting. I think people need to be aware that an actor should reflect the target audience. As a rule, the new generation is more cerebral than any that have come before. This takes on the appearance of being less animate and more tolerance for grey zone morality. We all remember Captain Kirk not lacking for an opinion on anything. That's not the new way of thinking. There are certainly enough decent actors that pull this show through; Sean Bean plays an excellent Wilford; we can witness both the menace, the desperate need for control and also the vulnerability. Jennifer Connelly's character is also highly engaging. Hers, imho, is the focal point of the whole series. Though seemingly morally grey, she is actually completely and selflessly dedicated to the survival of the human race. I also felt that Annalise Basso did an amazing job as a spoiled and demented rich kid but also with a character arc as well. Steven Ogg also does an amazing job as being, quite literally, the wild card; you never know what he is going to be up to.

    There are good actors in this show. Maybe not everyone but with this many people? You're not going to get a star studded cast on budget. Just enjoy the good acting when you see it and give the rest a pass.
  • This was a tv show I was eager to watch because of the original movie and of course, because it had a star on it. And then I got so badly disappointed that the main character is such a bad actor !! I could not believe it ! I'm not an expert, not even a native English speaker but if I notice this so clearly I can imagine how Americans should have their heads filled with not so good feelings about such a bad and void acting . Please, replace the actor , do something about him because his performance is so annoying that i cannot see much beyond it. The story itself is ok to watch , nothing great but with some good episodes and some nice CGI at times... but really... main actor needs to be replaced !
  • This Daveed guy is just horrible as main character
  • I have created a profile only to be able to dislike this show. The acting of the main actor is absolutely terrible!
  • elegantbruh31 July 2020
    90% of the acting in this show is appalling, it's really the only thing that ruins the show. If they had a stronger cast that wasn't so cringy, this series would be a joy to watch. Another negative would be poor gfx. Apart from that, the storyline is decent and still worth a watch.
  • Couldn't get past the first 40 mins. Horrific acting, cheesey, over produced nonsense. I do not know what the hype is. Jennifer Connelly is literally the only person who does not seem to auditioning for a Mexican soap opera.
  • Having greatly appreciated the original film, I had high hopes for this series.

    Unfortunately Netflix botched the story and mostly casted terrible actors.

    The main character, Daveed Diggs acting is absolutely terrible. The lines delivery, the gestures, the looks... they are just terrible, can't understand how they cast him in the main role.

    The only brilliant exception is Jennifer Connelly that tries to carry the all set, but unfortunately she can't do miracles.

    Watch this if you don't have anything else proper to see.
  • The show has so much potential, but the leading actor is just not as good as the show deserved. He's a rapper that hadn't play anything like this before. He's got the same face under any circumstances, proving he's still an apprentice and should give some steps backwards and start from the bottom. It's such a pity!

    Wilford actor and Melanie actress simply overtake the show in order to save it.
  • TV and movies are trying to cast more females, and minorities in leading roles. Great. As long as they can still act! I don't care what gender or skin of their colour, just hire someone who's good at their job. The acting (minus Connelly) was painful. No connection to the characters, no realistic feel of the story. But maybe that's because of the cliche plot they turned it into. I understand dystopian genre is based on somewhat fantasy and/or predictions, but you still need logic to carry the story. Poor, 'tail' passangers served no purpose for the 'bad' rich in fancy suits (yawn), but still kept them tagging along. Maybe, just unhook the cart? A once accomplished detective brought out of the slums, to solve a rich mystery, while they already framed someone? With that much fierce and ruthless power, supported by a security force, why risk it? All in all, I love me some good dystopian stories, and this one had a lot of potential. I still can't believe show business channels, with budgets and specialised professionals still manage to come up with this...
  • igbogirl27 May 2020
    I am a huge fan of the first one with Chris Evans but this one is more of a nuisance and the lead character, Andre, is so passive and monotone with his emotions. He doesn't strike me as a leader like the character in the movie did. I can tell, this is going to be a waste of time. The story is no better.
  • The series originated from a movie (based on a graphic novel): Snowpiercer. Snowpiercer is a train, about 5 times the size of a normal train, both in length, width and height, with an engine that never runs out of fuel. Some carts have three floors, to give you an idea, and the 1001 cart train is about 1 mile long. You really wonder where the recycling center for the sewage pipe is located, since it is a closed system, and how it's attached between carts. The story starts at revolution 12, the 7th year after departure, so a revolution is about 200 days. If the speed is about 80mph, the completely free of maintenance, snowed under icy track would be 192.000 miles.

    You'd expect a coherent group of like-minded people, working together in harmony to keep that miniature society running, tossing aside personal gain to keep that fragile environment running until that train breaks down, but the train is filled with a huge amount of leeches that don't contribute much and mainly consume.

    After seeing 9 episodes, I thought of something that bothered me for all that time (besides annoying stuff like deliberately breaking an irreplacable wineglass, wasting huge amounts of water for showering, a glass tunnel aquarium that is impossible to repair if cracked, people in key positions that don't know how to keep a confined, limited resources environment viable for the long term or simply a dripping water tap). What character in this series do I, or any viewer for that matter, actually relate to? what side am/was I on?

    There is no love for any of the flawed, erratic characters that weren't supposed to be on that train anyway.
  • mdrake1019 May 2020
    My entire family has been looking forward to this and what a disappointment this is so far. Diggs is a terrible fit for this role. He's very talented, but he lends nothing to this character. I'm going to give it one more episode in the hopes that it gets better.
  • I loved the movie, and I have been looking forward to this show for ages and I was not let down. The only thing I was let down by was the poor ratings. Can't wait for the next episodes. Great start to the shows!
  • It's not bad. I gave a 7 with the potential for higher numbers as this progresses. Not sure why others gave such harsh reviews and low numbers. Geeesh give a new show a chance! I never saw the movie, so I have no comparison to offer. For a first episode I'm intrigued enough to want to see more. Isn't that what most want from a pilot episode? Plenty of characters and potential for expanding storylines. The hour went by very quickly and previewed the upcoming season at the end of the episode. If you liked the Hunger Games this seems to be a similar vibe, although more gritty.
  • Did they even watch the original movie? The characters are so dead, and so badly developed it's actually insane.

    There's literally an orgy car with polyamorous couples and drugs, rich people are made to be as obnoxious as possible, poor people are seemingly useless but for some reason they don't just kill them. They couldn't stop global warming but they somehow managed to make an unstoppable around-the-world train when it's permanently snowing...

    Clearly these people looked at the movie and thought "I can make a version of this filled with PC culture, and then also make it an investigation thing with a tasteless main character, it'll be great!". Not great.

    Unwatchable. Give it a 2 cuz the CGI train looked good and I like CGI.
  • Did we really need a snowpiercer show, how far can a train ride really go? The main plot so far, a back car passenger being hired to investigate a front car murder, doesn't seem believable. The front car rich want absolutely nothing to do with the back car, I find it hard to believe they would swallow their pride and higher the lone homicide detective when they have police among them. That aside this really feels like a TNT show, horrible cinematography and editing. Not really buying into the characters after one episode either, but we'll give it another shot. Nothing about this seems better than the movie, which on of itself was barely above mediocre.
  • The first 2 minutes of the first episode demonstrates pretty clearly to anyone who's actually paid attention during the 2013 movie, that whoever's responsible for SnowPiercer the show did not understand it.
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