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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not a long time k-drama fan, so perhaps I have a small sample size to identify this couple as one of the best ones I've seen so far (this marks my 24th k-drama). I've been following Joo- Hyuk Nam since Cheese in the Trap and was very glad to see him at Scarlet Heart. Needless to say that I was programmed to watch this series.

    Bok Joo is one of the female characters that I came to like right away, in HIGH contrast with the crazy Baek In-Ha which was a bit annoying. Sung-Kyung was a real and wonderful surprise in this simple character about a weight lifting athlete who is supposed to be "big" and not so pretty.

    Jung Joon-Hyung is the swimmer who recognizes her (actually her first love) and becomes very close to her in a friendly way. What happens after is the best.

    A beautiful couple relationship develops after Bok Joo has her a broken heart after her first crush. And this is where the bar for a boyfriend raises to a new level. Joon Hyung becomes the dream boyfriend any woman should aim for.

    All their scenes together look so natural and yes, that look that Bok Joo receives will be always remembered. The rest is also naive and sweet. Such a massive change from the all violence/sex/boring US shows.

    I've laughed like I haven't done in years of US/European shows. And probably I've re-discovered the tenderness a TV program can portray (with other values as friendship, family value, commitment to achieve a goal, overcoming obstacles) without the need to use all the clichΓ©s I've mentioned.

    Watch it and relax, you'll come to treasure this couple.
  • I really got hooked at kdrama more after watching this. I love the soundtrack and the plot is so simple but its unique though I know that this is based on a true story. I love the chemistry between the leads ( so sad they broken up), the friends, the teachers and the uncle is so funny. The female lead has always been casted as a villain or a bad girl. It is so refreshing that she did this role. It truly suits her and her acting is good.
  • One of the best thing I have ever seen,well written and executed,great performances from the female lead and very good supporting casts ,one best of quality works south korea has to offer.
  • pronetomovies14 June 2017
    I love nam joo hyuk and lee song-kyoung's chemistry they look so good together you just want them to end up in real life because OTP. I love the flow of the story because it's not really that complicated it's like something that is just happening in real life which is really good. I recommend this you won't regret.
  • This is one of the best rom-com Kdramas in 2016. The leading couple Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk is like eye candy to watch. Such a well matched on screen couple and the chemistry between the two are so good that their acting appears to be flawless.

    The flow of the story is great. Unlike in most Korean dramas where the plot makes a twist in the last 1-2 episode, this drama gradually develops to a predictable, yet well-suited ending.

    The drama tries to portray real hardships and situations faced by athletes who are majoring various sports like weightlifting, swimming and gymnastics in Sports Universities.

    This drama is definitely recommended as a stress reliever and fun to watch.
  • rahayuabubakar21 February 2019
    An inspiring sports drama. Funny, cute and motivating genre. This drama make me want to go swimming! SWAG!
  • tashrimac22 March 2019
    This is one of my favorite shows of all time. The main couple is so lovey dovey and adorable. The entire cast is so good. I love this because of the simplicity of the plot. It's nothing complex. It's about college kids and their everyday situations. I've always liked Nam Joo Hyuk, he is so charming here. The chemistry between the main couple would definitely make you ship them. I watch this drama whenever I'm having a bad day or hard time. It cheers me up every time. Anyone wondering whether to start this or not, I 100% recommend that you won't regret your time.
  • shreyachugh27 November 2019
    This is by far the best kdrama I have seen till now. It's soooooooo awesome. Just watch it and njoy every second of it...Complete SWAG!!
  • This show was so good! I watched it after strong woman bong soon and fight my way. Loved this!! Entertaining and the actors did such a great job! You won't be disappointed. I highly recommend it!
  • alfianofong21 December 2018
  • dersqabg4 October 2020
    It's cuteeeeeeeee and coool Perfect Nammmm jo huyk
  • Like so many other dramas, I delayed watching this because of the Title, but as usual it was way better than expected. This was largely down to the leading couple. Hats off to Song Kyoung Lee for brilliant acting, she is actually so pretty but made herself seem so boyish and frumpy. The star of the show was another new actor for me in Nam Joo Hyuk. I think his smile rivals Lee Jong Suk! He played such a playful but genuinely lovely character. Great acting from both leads and the undeniable chemistry was confirmed by them dating after the show. The one annoying friend character of Kim Bok Joo was so ridiculous that I deducted a star just for her, hopefully K-dramas will steer away from the stupid side characters in future.
  • Kim Bok Joo is a female weighlifter in a sports university who aspires to go pro doing the thing she loves to do, weightlifting, which she and her father shared when she was still young. A series of events brings her to several other people who will make make her stay in her sports university more romantically eventful.

    Let me start with some of the issues I personally had with this series. First, it makes use of tropes you've probably seen a couple of times before, where emotions flare up to stir some drama and compel one character or another to be driven by jealousy or passion for his/her love interest to take notice. Second, chance encounters or '"leaving it up to fate" is a crutch that is used for the plot to progress. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but overuse ruins the uniqueness of the show. Last, the plot can get a bit confusing due to several things happening at once aside from the main story.

    Now for there a lot more good things the show has than the issues I mentioned. I very much enjoyed how they made use of Bok Joo as an enjoyable female protagonist as someone who's pretty much independent and capable enough as a character to do whaever she wants, plus the trio she has along with her father and uncle provides warm and lovable characters who serve as Bok Joo's financial and emotional support. Side characters are utilized pretty well and not just tossed aside after they have fulfilled their roles, where the cast does a good job of portraying their roles well enough to support one another and display an entertaining performance. This makes it nice to see actual characters develop along with their own resolution aside from the main plot progression.

    Overall, despite the tropes presented, this show has a lot going for it. Acting performance, character development, and great use of side characters / sidekicks, and a pretty vibrant or cutesy soundtrack to match the scenes, make this a decent and romantically exciting kdrama series.
  • pennyelenabooks13 January 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Honestly, the title is a bit odd and rather than creating interest, it might stop you from watching this drama. Which would be a mistake. Sure, the story is very simple and maybe I'm giving it 7 out of 10 because: 1 I love Nam Joon Hyun, he is a really good actor and played in many hit dramas of 2016, like Scarlet heart and Cheese in the trap 2 My favourite theme is school life But, part from those two, this drama has one thing that many others lack; a strong couple. The chemistry between them was amazingly powerful, even though their romance didn't start till probably the tenth episode. But even so, the dynamics were great! Cute and romantic, they were the it couple!! The story is nice too: a girl, who's a weightlifter, falls for a doctor who owns a weight lose clinic. In order to be close to him, she signs up for a weight control program in his clinic, but lies about her college major, as well as lying to her fellow students, family, friends and her trainers. The only one who knows the truth is her childhood friend, who's also the doctor's brother and the eye candy of their college. Because of that, they become close friends. THe performances were nice and the soundtrack was great. One thing that maybe wasn't that good, was that the leading lady supposed to be overweight, or at least not skinny to be able to do weightlifting, but the drama only had her wearing buggy clothes and she not even looked strong enough. But other than that it was a quite enjoyable drama.
  • The couple are soooo cute and the story is good too. I really like it overall
  • ncnarit15 February 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's a genre that looks so relaxed. If anyone who does not like to watch a series that is really stressful, has a lot of clues or is very violent. Look at this story, you will like it. There is a lot of cuteness of the characters, the hero and the heroine Chemistry got along very well. The villain of this story is not too bad, unlike Thai dramas. Or a Korean drama that has been organized Because real life Everyone is evil, but evil always has a hidden good. Choosing an actor to play is a very good match. See and believe and be in with it, always smiling with this story. There are some episodes that secretly shed tears. There are many emotions in this story, there will be sports matters. Which is interesting As for the love scene, the first part might not be much because according to the age, the characters that hope when she will love each other.
  • I started watching because I had seen Nam Joo-Hyuk in Start-up, The Bride of Habeak and Cheese in a Trap and am an ultimate fan and if you are too you will be rewarded as his acting style and emotional character portrayals continues (plus he is a swimmer so there are scenes of him swimming too). But Lee Song Kyung as the lead character, Kim Bok Joo was amazingly funny and unique. Her portrayal of a big, girl among many smaller female athletes was wonderfully acted. The story line was well written and kept you interested from beginning to end.
  • Hands down my favourite k drama idec. This is the best one ever. I watched this after watching strong women do bong soon which is also amazing!!!!,
  • MUST WATCH AND THE KEEP RE-WATCHING! This is the BEST drama that I have ever seen. Nam Jook and Lee Sung are AMAZING with terrific chemistry! The rest of the cast is spot on! Even while re-watching, I didn't have to fast forward any part of this drama. Not even a second of dull moment!
  • ak_20o37 December 2020
    A must match teen romance and comedy drama 😍😍 kim-bok Jo
  • aniketkinhikar26 November 2020
    One of the best series I have ever watched, full of fun and cuteness, emotions, career and sport!!
  • engislam-899667 November 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very nice drama. It has romance,comedy,sad moments and happy moments. You will feel good if you watch this. Every actor and actress has done a very good job .Their acting is very good. Everyone should watch this 😊😊
  • A female weightlifter and a male swimmer practice hard to qualify for the Olympic Games at College. They have know each other since childhood and over the series their feelings develop. It is a very enjoyable watch with many amusing moments. The romance side takes a long time to appear but feels genuine as there are few deep talks but plenty of silliness that you would expect from young love. Good side characters and family stories complement each episode and Lee Sung Kyung as the weightlifter and Nam Joo-Hyuk as the swimmer are excellent.
  • Yeppeun16 October 2020
    This drama is really nice. The story is well shown and is very simple drama. Not a delusional. I really love how they kept it simple and this drama is the most unique drama. I really liked the drama
  • Afi_vaqar14 October 2020
    One of my favorite drama !!! The story was amazing !! So original !! Beautiul !! Absolutely amazing omg !! The cast was sooooo good !! Definitely a mussst watch !!
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