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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first half of the film is filled with lots of humour here and there.Jayasurya as Lucky does a very fine job,so does Lal as Ramzaan Ali but Siddique with some melodrama,steals the show.Three of them makes the movie run.My rating is actually "6.5". Plot:Lucky and Franklin are two engineering dropouts who accidentally starts a new business from taking quotations and solving the matter verbally without having fight and making money from both the parties. Subsequently,Nafsi and Sana,two cousin sisters from same royal house'Fukri' comes with their problem of wanting fake guardian for bunking class and getting caught.Getting into business,the problem gets even complicated when an actual cousin named Ubaid of the girls was visiting them after their fake guardian meets the principal. Sana comes up with a lie to Ubaid that Lucky is the son of Ramzan Ali Fukri,'the devil born son' of Ali Fukri according to the father himself.Father and son were at loggerhead for the son's mistake of eloping with other cast girl earlier and also son trying to stab his father for destroying his business even after getting him out of the royal house.Now that the family came to know that Ramzan Ali's son Luckman Ali Fukri aka Lucky has returned,Ali Fukri gets his gun loaded.But after the two girls confessing to Ali Fukri that Lucky has nothing to do with his father instead is a good man who asks everything about the whereabouts and well-wisher of Fukri family,the old Ali khan melts. The meddler Lucky now is in trouble to fake as a grandchild when his father Ramzan lands all of a sudden.Even then Lucky tries to unite the separated father and son. Pros:Director Siddique tried to make us laugh with a plot which is known by the Malayalam industry audience for decades.Beautiful acting by Lal as Ramzan,Siddique as Ali,K.P.A.C Lalitha as Bhagyalakshmi's mother and also Jayasurya as Lucky.2 and half hours movie but film goes in a flow with only some flaws.Joju George make us giggle even having a short role. Cons:Not major one but it is a Known plot,i.e we have come across this type of movies very well.His Highness Abdulla and Udayapuram Sultan comes to our mind easily but Siddique somehow manages to give the film some new twists. Music does not entertain us or make us feel anything. It was just there. Major flaw:There are some flop comedies from Kalabhavan Niyas,Nirmal Palazhiand Naseer Sankranthy.Only few make us laugh.Bhagath Baby as Franklin is indeed better than the three.
  • Director Siddique once renowned for his expertise in handling family dramas stuffed with delightful slapstick humor had lost his midas touch of late with his recent filmy attempts such as Ladies And Gentleman,Bhaskar The Rascal and King Liar (Story,Screenpay) being easily forgettable affairs that were no way close to stature of his evergreen comedies as far as the quality of presentation is concerned.Fukri too is no exception as the 156 minutes long family drama has nothing new to showcase except for an uninspiring tale of impersonation that reminded me of at least half a dozen films ranging from Sibi Malayil's evergreen superhit 'His Highness Abdulla' to Barjatya's Salman Khan starrer 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' of late.

    The screenplay is more or less a 'Kichdi' of family dramas scripted by duo of Udayakrishna and Sibi K Thomas such as 'Udayapuram Sulthan','Karyasthan' and 'Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu' with loud humor used as a garnish over the hollow predictable plot that has lost its steam by overuse over the years.Agreeably there are few laughable humor sequences (thanks to Nirmal Palazhi who's in his full form) in the movie but the overall packing was tiresome with the melodrama and romance portions looking totally outdated and unconvincing particularly in the latter half of the movie.

    The narration by Siddique who once won our hearts with his rib-tickling comedies such as Ramji Rao Speaking and In Hairhar Nagar looked outdated and heavily relied-upon verbal humor from the Quartet of Jayasurya,Nirmal Palazhi,Bhagath and Kalabhavan Niyas,unlike the slapstick based humor that he has mastered in the past.BTR and King Liar too suffered from this abundance of such skit-based comedies that emerges from Whatsapp jokes and similar stuff.

    Jayasurya's performance looked half-hearted for the most part and his expertise in handling humor too wasn't well-utilized by Siddique at any point in the narration.Heroines Prayaga Martin and Anu Sithara were passable.Lal was impressive in a role that looked tailor made for him.Siddique's godfather-like character looked artificial and repetitive.Nirmal Palazhi made an impressive comeback after a brief hiatus for few months.Among others, Bhagath Manuel,Krishna Prabha,Salini etc did their part well.Joju George,Naseer Sankranthi etc were wasted.

    The technical side of the movie was pretty mediocre in general.Editing by K. R. Gourishankar was very poor and lacked continuity.Cinematography by Vijay Ulaganath was average.Songs by Dr. M. Sudeep Elayidom and Viswajith failed to make any impression.

    Overall,Fukri is a half-baked comedy drama without any high point as such.