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  • Ok, I love SciFi and I watch it for that. I enjoyed season 1. Season 2, however... Where do I start? Overall, it's not primarily a SciFi plot. It's a teleporting framework to help tell PSA messages involving me too, coming out struggles, autism, redemption, and frustratingly drawn out drama about a teen brat. I found myself just wishing the star would get axed somehow to let the story go on without all the nonsensical snottiness. If that's what this show is supposed to be, please properly advertise it as such.
  • This show's pilot was well done and hooked me. I watched until episode 6 and had to shut it off midway and now I am done with this series. Each episode started the first 2 minutes with some sort of drama around the jumping and then ended with 2 minutes of drama around the jumping but the middle 40 minutes was teenage soap opera a kin to an unlikable Dawson's Creek. There was literally a scene in one episode that was more than a minute long where one of the teenage girls goes on a porn site to learn how to give a blow job. I was like, I thought this show was about jumping and I'm watching some angsty sophomore in high school worry about giving a boy she likes good head. After many many many scenes like this where you are wondering how this is related to jumping, I was done.

    Save yourself some time and skip this one.

    On a good note, production quality, acting, and directing was very good.
  • I'm all for a teenage drama with teleportation powers.

    However, season 1 is 10 episodes of very little. The main plot involves a girl called Henri who is an unlikable protagonist She is almost raped by an unlikable jock (who is more likeable than the lead) and slowly becomes friends with her unlikeable step sister. The only character who I liked was Henri's friend with Aspergers, Townes.

    In the end, we see a bunch of interactions. Very little movement forward in terms of story and the season finishing with a rather dull thud of nothingness with only a cliffhanger which only mildly wants you to see the next episode.

    There's a subplot which has something to do with a bloke trying to track down and kill other jumpers which is how the show kicks off, but then goes nowhere.

    Ultimately, season 1 could have been 2-3 episodes at most, stretched out to 10 episodes of boring teenage angst with an unlikeable, selfish and overall awful protagonist.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have read all but the last of the jumper series and enjoyed them , They are well written with lots of action scenes but also pretty decent character development. So i was pleasantly surprised when i came across this series. That did not last. There is no connection between this series and the book. It seems like some SJW producer got hold of the script and decided he/she was going to make a "what happens after sexual misconduct" series then crammed it into a sci fi format to get views. This is a total desecration of the book and the authors message. Read the book, forget this travesty .
  • If you expect anything like the first 5 Minutes in the rest of the episodes, forget it.

    There is no SciFi, period. The Jumper-Theme in my opinion just exists to lure evil men into watching it.

    Impulse is not totally bad (for a youtube original), but i do not think anybody over 20 enjoys it. I gave it 4 stars for effort and that's generous.

    The SJW is ultrastrong in this one. It's painful.

    The first 10 Episodes i wasted my time on are basically about an attempted rape. The SciFi/Action is just second thought.

    Since the audience seems to be happy at this point with where this is going, i officially give up on it.
  • A fair few reviews on here, so I'll try not to cover the same ground.

    I came to this show for the superpowers but they take a back seat for much of the series in favour of drama, intrigue and teen-life. Without the sci-fi element I may not have watched and that would have been my loss. The acting (including the main actress who comes in for some flack in some other reviews) is on point throughout, neither over nor under played. Film-making is well-done - again avoiding extremes and simply serving the story really well. Pacing is spot on.

    Major issues (that affect people in real life) are handled intelligently, honestly and without hyperbole. Both male and female characters are three dimensional enough to be believable and engaging. Few characters are black and white, almost all have shades of grey.

    So far (I'm up to episode 7) this has been a refreshing addition in a rather quiet time of the year. If you want a bit more grit with your super-hero tales, are happy to see female lead characters who are actually human and have an appreciation for well crafted TV then this will either provide a pleasant diversion or you'll find a show that nudges you towards bingeing.

    More like this please, makers of TV shows!!!
  • So disappointed with this MeToo political stunt. I was excited, expecting a show about the Jumpers. The opening scene was fantastic and I thought this was going to be an exciting ride in the Jumpers universe. But it quickly turned into an ad against sexual violence plus a coming of age teen angst drama. And SO slow and boring. Totally disgusted . There should be a refund for all who watched this garbage.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really don't know where to start, so I'm just going to comment on the endless slaughter of masculinity and an out and out narrative running through this series that masculinity is always toxic.

    It is just one negative male stereotype after another from start to finish and the number of negative males grows every couple of episodes. If I were to list them all and said what I truly thought of the ideologues pushing this man-hating message, then this probably wouldn't get listed in the reviews.

    It is no secret that silicon valley is brimming with one particular section of the political spectrum, so obviously they are going to produce media that is through their lense. but seriously, they usually try to hide the political message just a little bit, this is just an all out slaughter of men/masculinity. It is blatant this is written by affiliates of a particular ideology beginning with "F", pushing a clear narrative, not even subliminally, but right their in your face, "look at men, look what men capable of, look how awful, aggressive, difficult and depraved they are and how they prey on women".

    Take one scene in the series, when the main protagonist, Henri, is called to the principal's office because she hit a teacher while he was trying to remove a disruptive student. In the melee, the male teacher (yet another negative male stereotype) touched her inappropriately. The principle who just happens to be another strong female leader questions Henri over the allegation of hitting the teacher and she ultimately turns the tables on the teacher and rips into him about his credentials and the inappropriate touching. Ultimately, the principal believes this without any investigation and tells Henri while sat in front of the now "guilty until proven innocent" teacher, that action will be taken. Henri stands up shakes the hand of the Principal and cue the slow motion walk out of the office to funky pop music, while the teacher squirms in his chair. This scene added absolutely nada to the storyline because neither the teacher or the principal have appeared in the series since. It was just a cheap opportunity to crowbar in another "good female defeats bad male" narrative where two strong females character throw another "evil" male under the bus.
  • This was based on the same books as the film Jumper, but that's about all the similarity. The initial episode was interesting and set up what was sure to be a good series... And then it went downhill. I kept watching until the end hoping it would course correct; it didn't. In Jumper you had a male lead who started experiencing his "superpower" and then went on to take charge of his life (through sometimes less than legal means). Here you have a female lead who spends the entire first season in woe-as-me self pity (often behaving less than legally as well, though not in a fun way).

    Until the last episode... Which should have been the second or third episode. If you only watched the first episode and the last episode, you'd be anxiously awaiting the next episode. As it is, it leaves a sort of sick taste in your mouth that they took such a good premise and managed to screw it up to the point where, as another viewer noted, it feels like a cheesy (ten hour long) after-school special. I'd recommend giving it a pass or, especially if a second season comes out, watching only the first and last episode - you won't miss much.

    Final note: Having grown up with Buffy and equality feminism, this offended me. The lead is "supposed" to be strong and independent (they keep telling us), but is entirely devoid of inner strength and independence. It's almost like they purposely tried to create a feminist character using the worst stereotypes about women. The main character cannot admit when she's weak - and she's almost always weak. She cannot ask for help, but refuses to help herself. She cannot tell the truth, yet feels people can't be trusted. In other words, she written as the stereotypical neurotic female. And, no matter how many trigger warnings and PSAs for sexual assault they include in each episode, that portrayal hurts women.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first episode leads you to believe that this is scifi show similar to jumper. The show is about a boy who may or may not have forcibly molested a girl in a truck and how that affects the girl. The guy winds up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life but that's still not enough punishment for the women making this series. It might have been a good after school special but to stretch this thing out for an entire season is just beating us over the head with it. We get it. It's wrong for a guy to act that way. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Stupid BOORING teeny bopper coming of sexual age BAD series!!! The series tempts you with powers but alas the ENTIRE series is about her sexual assault and her EXTREME PTSD about the episode. She initiates a make out session, the boy puts his hands down her pants, she starts to say no bc she no longer wants to do anything, he takes his hands out of her pants and tries to force himself on her by saying yes and kissing her, she paralyzes him for life with her powers by breaking his back. She spends the rest of EVERY episode acting as if she had been put though 9 levels of hell as if the guy raped, sodomized and beat the living hell out of her.

    If they wanted her to react in such a strong way for sooooo long they should have ACTUALLY had the guy hurt her which would have given her extreme ptsd credence. It would have made more sense. And, they should have thrown in A LOT more powers action. Wont be watching ever again, waist of time.
  • hodedad1 October 2018
    Personally Jumper is one of my favorite movies when i read about a jumper tv show i was really exited i told myself finally a sequel or a side story but no instrad i got 13 reasons why except that it a tiny bit of jumping. It's just not what i expected it was very cliche a lot of highschool BS
  • Let me clear about this: This Series has NOTHING to do with the movie Jumper, so if you are considering watching this as an action sci-fi series you can just forget it. You get a jumper-related scene in the beginning of the pilot episode and well...pretty much that's it.

    Impulse is a SLOW evolving drama about a troubled teenager who "might" be a victim of a sexual misappropriation by a fellow student.

    The whole series actually is a masqueraded statement about sexual misconduct, dressed as a teenage drama, which in turn is dressed as a sci-fi series.

    A heavy dose of misandry is present in every episode. (7 out of 10 episodes were directed by women). And every episode has a written social message about "sexual violence" at the beginning, and a number to call (!!) if you are a victim of sexual misconduct in the end.

    The teenage protagonist (played by the 23 y.o. Maddie Hasson) is as unlikable and detestable she can't be. And the same goes for all the other, paper thin, characters in the show.

    The pace is slow and boring and makes the 50 minutes of each episode unbearable.

    OVERALL: This is NOT a sci-fi series. Don't be fooled and loose 9 hours of your life. This is NOT about the "superpower" of teleporting. It is just an unnecessary pseudo-politically correct message about asking verbally permission before you touch romantically anyone. Even as a teenage drama, it sucks. Avoid it.
  • eugorx2 November 2019
    Narcissistic main character that is becoming more and more annoying as the show goes on.
  • howtrite21 October 2019
    Someone actually suggested leaving the PC moral crap on the writing room floor. Sorry dear viewer, that is the plot...the story board. The rest is just filler written by some Hollywood hack that would sell his mother on the street for a paycheck. A board of 'directors' drew up an outline of all their 'square, jaggedly-chunk vomit' and a couple mediocre schleps put script to it. The talent and effort put into this stinker is commendable. It brings to mind what a circus lion in the act would say to himself; "You want me to do WHAT !!!" If you want to send a message, try not writing it on a rock and throwing it through my window. Use a little finesse. Scifi has long been an outlet for a writer to express an opinion without 'force-feeding' the reader. This dreck comes with a plunger and funnel but the offal stench can't be masked.
  • For the most part the acting is okay, the writing is stupid for the most of it. I was really hoping for more storyline but it just ends up being all about the Drama of being a teen, it detracts away from the original idea. So many times I was saying to myself "Bloody well get on with it!"

    If you're looking for something to waste some time on, watch it, it's pretty dull and doesn't really go anywhere.
  • This show fooled me in thinking it might be a sci-fi mystery drama using the Jumper idea, but it ended up being a confusing mess. The "sci-fi teen has superpowers" elements made no sense whatsoever. It just felt like the developers couldn't decide on weather to make it a superhero story or rather a teenage drama with high school issues. The main character was so bad written that you end up hating or at least disliking her completely. I just watched it to see if things got better cause it made me feel bad for wasting the time, but it just got worse by the end of it.
  • 1. Rotten tomato review system is corrupt(Gave it 100%), seriously!! 1. Starts with a good suspense and turns into a predictable family drama. 2. Acting wise, the French counterpart in the series acted fairly better than the american cast. 3. The idea was not explored properly; Often deviated off topic and turned boring. 4. Focus on the lead actress's useless victimization made it a complete wastage of time. 5. Promising a Science Fiction and delivering a tasteless drama has become a trend of YouTube Originals now.
  • I made it through the entire season because the story, a lot like Jumper, is interesting to me. However, the main character, Henry (female), starts off being constantly rude towards everyone and by the end, she has turned it up x10!

    I can't stress enough how much Henry being a complete crazy $&@#% ruins this show. She's a lot like a younger blonde Jessica Jones. From not showering, dirty ripped jeans, random let's have sex because life sucks, to that same bitchy/rude I don't care about my friends attitude. Though Jessica Jones being much older, is also much wiser while Henry is as stupid as a bag full of rocks.

    I have never cared for evil characters. I am never the one to like the bad guys/girls. However, somehow, Henry being so VERY unlikable, makes me feel very little sympathy for her. Meanwhile, I found myself having a little bit of sympathy for one of the characters that attempts to do something extremely horrible/evil to Henry.

    Henry uses EVERYONE and only cares about herself and her issues. She makes that clear, scene after scene after scene. Every other thing she spits out of her mouth, is just horribly selfish. She's truly as cold as ice to HER FAMILY and what few people she has wanting to be her friend.

    Early on, Henry gets chased by someone wanting to harm her. She tells the driver to stop the car. Henry knows the person chasing her is angry and coming to hurt her yet she gets out of the car on an isolated road, then tells the driver to go get help as if they don't both have mobile phones. Sure enough, something bad happens to her because of the anove stupid move.

    This show spends most of it's time on teenage drama. There is very little development of Henry and her powers.

    Then we have the constant smoking of weed by the teens from the very start, and cigarettes by the adults.

    There are times throughout the series where any adult can clearly see that the writers tried to apply adult logic to teens reacting to something specific that happens to Henry (not her abilities). In other words, we have teens speaking as if skin puppets controlled by adults with a public service announcement on how teens should feel and deal with the horrible event that happened to Henry.

    Yes, I've written a lot about the Henry the main character. That's because she is the show and almost everything that's wrong with the show, is all her.

    Seriously, Henry was written and acted as if Jessica Jones was the template. While I was busy hating Henry and her attitude, I was also fixated on her eyebrows!!!! Who the hell thought it was attractive to have this actress with her fake blonde hair and extraordinarily THICK AS BRICKS dark brown eyebrows?!?!?! Once you take notice, and you will, all you think is PLEASE, someone needs to trim those lion brows.
  • This series has everything, good plot, acting, writing and cinematography. It is definitely worth binge watching. I can't wait for season 2. I won't give away any spoilers. Don't listen to the negative reviews, be your own judge and give this series a shot.
  • oldtraff8 June 2018
    When i read a quick synopsis about a 16 yr old girl who discovers she can teleport, i almost passed completely,i was expecting complete teen cheese but it isn't. It's a pretty decent adult thriller that i'm enjoying and as long as it doesn't deteriorate seen far worse shows,i'm 3 episodes in.Maybe i'm enjoying it because i wasn't expecting much but i don't understand some of the low ratings and tell anyone to give it a chance.
  • When I first saw the trailer for this, I thought it would have the same teenager-y tone as Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars. I was happy to be proven wrong. This show doesn't hold back. It is soaked in the same tone as shows like Orphan Black, Ozark, and Jessica Jones. Several reviewers commented on the lead being an annoying teenager; I didn't have this issue. She carried the same rebellion as the lead in Orphan Black. Her personality is edgy but refreshing. She isn't a princess. She isn't a superhero. Another reviewer mentioned Impulse couldn't decide between 'teenage drama' or 'superhero story.' I didn't see it as either. The show made a clear, obvious point to mention that she wasn't a budding superhero. The binary sentiment of hero versus villain is nowhere to be found. The show sits in a beautiful gray area that feels human and natural. I'm eagerly awaiting a second season. Binge-worthy to say the least.
  • I was expecting something on the order of the other Marvel "kids with powers" shows, and i was happily surprised to find it had nothing in common with any of them. (except perhaps Cloak and Dagger which may prove to have similar tones) this is a very serious show about very serious interactions between teens, mothers and daughters, and fathers and sons. Henry is just about the most unlovable lead you might have ever encountered, but she has a perfect right to be the way she is. i think most of the bad reviews are by men, because of course they wouldn't understand (or don't want to deal with) what a young teen-aged girl has to endure. this is an important, impactful story about growing up awkward, un-centered, and unfortunately power-endowed, in a stark, winter-bound farming community. it's a dark tale, and all the better because of it. i saw no connection with the movie Jumper, except for the teleportation, and there didn't need to be. this is a standalone story that was dying to be told. And, on top of that gold, there's a whole other sub-story about teleportation that they barely touched upon in these 10 eps. i can't wait to see more about that in the second season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I read another review (something I do before watching or investing my time in a series) and saw a dismal 1 star. How Sad. Impulse is not going to be the easiest to watch based on the rape sequence which starts the series. NO spoilers here... it's in the first episode. So, ten episodes and I'm dying for the next. The acting is good and shows depth to characters and character building as we get to know the players. Filming and filming locations are rather bleak, but it is a series set in winter and the gray cast sets a tone. It's a science fiction fantasy but that doesn't take away from the story. Suspension of Disbelief is not a chore when the characters are so strong. Give the show a chance and you will love it!
  • To sum it up: poor story, weak characters, average actors, confused writers
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