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  • This series tells the story of Max, a police dog that solves crimes. I do not usually like police series, but this one has something special. Inspector Jorge, who has a captivating personality, is the owner of Max. The children are very good actors, especially the fattest kid whom I can't remember the name right now. Ruy de Carvalho, one of the best Portuguese actors ever, adds exprience and is one of the keys for the success of this show. The other inspectors are also very good, with the exception of Sergio who I consider to be very annoying. However, the actor who plays Jaime is spectacular, and I sincerely can't name many actors better than him in the whole world. I was also happy not to see the journalist who appeared in the first season, because she wasn't intersting and add nothing to the series. In short, it's a good series that could be better without Sergio.