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  • Having watched a number of interesting features made by B. Skow, my turning to his gonzo stuff has finally neared its logical conclusion: I've seen enough. This unnumbered Part 9 in his "Sexually Explict" series is pure filler, and despite casting highly-rated current talent it's boring junk.

    The marketing ploy of issuing stuff in 2-DVD packages as if that made it important or valuable is trotted out, putting 2-1/2 hours of content in 70 plus 80 minute portions that could easily have fit on one disk. It boils down to 4 bloated segments spotlighting the girls, posing and then humping with the usual gang of idiots. In keeping with current trends, IR casting is used half the time.

    I dig Subil Arch, an Eastern European (Russian) model making waves Stateside after making the rounds of Private, Dorcel and other labels. The other gals are oveexposed big-busters.

    Skow's in a rut, and there seems little hope of him going back to interesting story features after cashing so many gonzo checks of late.