Grace: [Del shows a pink electronic device to Grace] I don't know what that is.

Del: [Del opens the device revealing the batteries inside] Batteries are the most important commodity the dead can offer.

Grace: The necrophiliac in me would have to disagree.

Patrick: Okay, uh... all of the negative feelings... that everybody has, they just... wipe 'em off the spectrum entirely. Yeah. All the... grief and sadness. And, uh... anger, despair, guilt. These people shouldn't have to live with that shit, right? It's not fair. Right? So we're doing something about it. You keep your town nice and clean. It's great. And we do that with our people. They don't have to remember what happened before. They don't have to live in the past. There's no before.There's only from now on.Isn't that beautiful? To not have to remember anything?