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  • An "rapid" in depth review

    Raven Software has just proven to us how they are one of the few developers can remaster a game. Everything from the character models, attention to detail, textures, visuals/graphics, audio, voice, gun models and lighting are truly at a professional level! You could actually see for yourself that they actually put a lot of effort into this remaster.

    The story/narrative of mwr still holds up from the original (which in my opinion is a certified masterpiece). I mainly play games for the single player, which in my opinion is a massive pillar in games. This campaign is A LOT better when it comes to the technical department. The replayability has reached the stars compared to the original, which I would give it a 10/10

    The music, still the same as the original, still is spectacular!

    The coop in this game is good. Had a blast playing 1 on 1 with my little brother, but as you play for a while you see that half the maps are premium, meaning you have to pay 15 bucks to access them, which is absolutely absurd. Apart from that, I had a good time.

    The multiplayer is above average at best. The guns are good and the maps are great. However, the lootbox system, currency and the lack of variety in weapons is what had pissed me off. This gives new players a disadvantage which kills off the interest for them. I know it's not Raven Software's fault, but because of Activision's greed.

    Overall, I had a great time. The campaign and the technical department is a masterclass. The multiplayer and the coop on the other hand, is a bit of a mess. Nonetheless, it's at a AAA quality game when it comes to the singleplayer and the details. The multiplayer and coop, I recommend you to be patient.

  • tywilliam-7498413 March 2018
    I think this is a fine game it's super nostalgic with a few new things thrown in it's fun for sure don't listen to the hate
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will for the foreseeable future be my favorite Call of Duty game of the all time. It has very flashy, fast and fun core gameplay that put the franchise on the map, great multiplayer that is absent of any of the over-compressed-skill-gap and coded lag like modern CoDs do, and a pretty good campaign with a good score, and interesting characters and well-presented plot.

    Raven Software is one of those developers that works in assistance with many projects but extremely rarely primarily develops projects. This remaster stands as one of these exceptions, and Raven has done a great job with almost everything- the lighting, textures, detail, all of it looks absolutely fantastic and feels like a true, effort-filled remaster of Call of Duty 4. For a developer that has only worked in assistance on other CoDs such as MW3, BO1, Ghosts, AW and BO3, and only developed one project on their own (Singularity, a reasonably praised game) Raven has admirably proved themselves as a competent team with this game, be it only a remaster.

    The only major issue with this game is the paywalled maps and lootbox micro-transactions, major poor behaviours on Activi$ion's part.

    This game, in general terms, is a great remaster of an already great core game beneath. 8/10
  • What a brilliant game. It perfectly captured the spirit of the 2007 wonder as well as capturing the essence of all the well scripted characters. Captain Price. Khaled Al-Asad. That dreadful Imapran Zahkaiev. I MISS GAZ. I shall always love this game and any to follow.
  • Pjtaylor-96-13804424 March 2020
    'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (2016)' brings 'Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)' into this generation. It has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to, essentially, 'up-scale' the initial game. Basically, this represents a smoother, slicker version of the original with better graphics and slightly refined mechanics. However, since this is my first time playing through the campaign, I'll be reviewing it as if it were a stand-alone title.

    The game plays like pretty much any other 'Call Of Duty' title and, as such, it feels quite sluggish when compared to its (admittedly newer) peers - such as 'Titanfall 2 (2016)' or 'Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014)'. However, you get used to this slightly slower pace rather quickly. It's not like the actual game itself is slow, either. Most levels chuck dozens of enemies at you; bullets whiz past your ear as you dart away from one of the many hand grenades exploding by your feet. At its best, this chaos evokes an anxiety-inducing claustrophobia, the feeling that you're really fighting for your life. At its worst, it makes the game feel cheap, especially when you keep dying to constant grenade spam or getting picked off by one of the often infinite hostiles. This problem is accentuated on the higher difficulties, with 'veteran' (the mode I played) having you die in literally two or three shots. The game is frustrating at the best of times, but some missions just take the cake and force you to hunker down or battle through far too many baddies for the experience to be fun anymore. The campaign itself is comprised of several missions that, essentially, recreate a 'brainless' action movie. The plot only serves to get you from set-piece to set-piece, each probably picked because the prospect sounded 'cool', and the characters, though somewhat charismatic, are all stereotypical and ultimately quite flat. The set-pieces are often impressive, though, and they provide ample opportunity for the gun-play that makes up the entirety of the game loop. Even though they all hold your hand, there are a nice variety of missions. Their visuals are always spectacular and they do a good job of keeping things feeling 'new'. It's the sort of game that guides you down a specifically designed path, attempting to seem cinematic without taking control directly away from you. The seams can be seen if you look hard enough, but the campaign is pacy enough that you might not notice - unless you get stuck at a checkpoint on your 'veteran' play-though.

    The 'Call Of Duty' series has become known for its multiplayer and, as you'd expect, it's here in just as 'up-scaled' a way as the story. You tend to get killed quite quickly after spawning - indeed, the 'time to death' is typically very low - and the sluggishness of the gameplay becomes more apparent when versing twitch-fingered online foes. It's fun enough, though, with a decent progression system and some memorable maps. The game also offers up an arcade mode, which presents the campaign with an added 'score' element.

    Overall, though it feels quite dated and restrictive in some ways, the game is an entertaining ride throughout. It isn't all that long and its 'veteran' difficulty often feels cheap, but it's a solid shooter with some stand-out set-pieces. 7/10
  • As a big fan of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I was really excited for a remake nearly a decade after its release, unfortunately, the game suffers from a few too many problems for a positive review.

    First of all, the game just has updated graphics and not much more. I was mostly expecting this, but it just seemed boring as I played through the campaign and multiplayer since it was basically the same thing I had played years earlier, and I could get the same amount of enjoyment from the original.

    Another big problem is that you NEED to get Infinite Warfare for this game, so it you're not interested in that game, I would just stay with the original. The other thing that made me really upset was the micro transactions in the "Remastered" multiplayer.

    Honestly for any fan of the original, it's just not worth it.
  • Pros:
    • Good story & characters
    • Great intense Gameplay
    • Simpler level designs adds more realism
    • Great graphics
    • Multiplayer is fun

    • Some level designs can feel abit dated
    • Some multiplayer maps are abit small

    Verdict: A very polished remaster, that expresses the great nostalgic essence of arguably the best COD of all time (COD 4).

  • nothing good to say about this game.

    they bundled it with another cod game force people to buy a game they knew no one wanted.

    game lags like crazy for first 15 sec at the start of every game.

    and again no dedicated server and not even trying to stop all the hackers in every lobby. making it unplayable and complete waste of money
  • ryanb-3834817 April 2020
    The remastered campaign is a nice look to a Xbox one console however the multiplayer is awful feels like you have zero starting health and you can barely see the enemies just don't bother wasting your time with it when there is the newer cods out. So disappointed.