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  • Just by looking at the poster for this I knew I was going to watch it. I love these types of teenager movies with violence, especially because they have the potential to achieve cult like status. I liked the trailer for the film because it had a lot going for it to make it interesting. Pretty girls, sex, blood and gore, bright lights. All the makings of a film that would bring the blood thirst entertainment. Assassination Nation actually has too many problems with it and I couldn't get past it. Stylistically the film is nice but man its a wreck otherwise.

    The film is primarily about a group of four teenagers. They somehow manage to get center circle in a hacking scandal in their small town of Salem. This causes mob mentality and the inhabitants of the town start to show their true colors and go into a bullying and murderous rage. Why is that? Because they are intolerant, bloodthirsty, and want to kill girls who act like sluts. The main character among the four, Lily, is affected greatly by the hack and she has a target on her back. The film stars Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, and even Bella Thorne.

    The films messages are current for sure. The way information is spread, nudes and incriminating information being leaked out, police brutality, mob mentality, rioting, and the importance and dangers of social media. Stylistically, the films scenes look nice at many stages. The cinematography is vibrant and pulsing at times and it looks the part. However, all else doesn't work for me. The characters are all unlikable and you don't care about their fate. The main core of girls are not developed well at all. Suki Waterhouse's character... whats her deal? Not developed even slightly. The film felt like a brainstorming of good ideas just jumbled together with current media issues injected in it for a drug fueled mess.

    The high school girls all know how to shoot guns and assassinate all of a sudden? They operate shotguns and assault rifles like nothing. People in a town are all blood thirsty loons all of a sudden? Even the characters you thought were good? Okay. I know you have to suspend your belief but this was ridiculous. It strives to send out ham fisted social messages and none of it worked for me. Sorry. I wanted to like this film but needed something that would engage my brain and not have me laughing at how stupid everything was. Nice try, but no go.

  • Didn't know what to expect when I saw this at a sneak peek tonight. My friends and I enjoyed it! Some unexpected storylines coupled with the director's use of close-up shots and bass created a sense of claustrophobia throughout the movie, which worked well with the script. Had a great take on current internet culture that felt real and not like some 50 year old executive's take on "being hip". Only gripe was the last 15 minutes or so seemed crammed together. Would have gladly sat through another 10 minutes to wrap up some things they skillfully built throughout the movie. Overall I enjoyed it and would watch again. The older people in the crowd were not pleased at all, however. Lolz! (You'll better understand that last bit after the movie.)
  • As a cinephile, it is common for me to try to find what's good in every movie. This one made that search a little harder. Aesthetically pleasing scenes with lots of close-ups coupled with an ethereal and current soundtrack were the only silver linings in an otherwise nonsensical and often muddled film. The story seemed unable to find, and stick to a central message; was it "Girl Power"? Or a statement on the apparent death of privacy to make room for the digital age. In a nut shell, my high hopes for the movie were cut down by an inability to convey a message, and an ultimately confused storyline.
  • Think of this movie as Mean Girls meets The Purge. Sounds strange, but it's completely worth it. Highly original and eerily perfect for the moment.
  • piggulu24 September 2018
    Tries way to hard to be edgy and poignant with the incessant hypersexualization and teen dream drama that completely dominates the 1st half, but it's all just numbingly dull. The characters are neither exciting nor memorable, and while some have a few ideological points to make, none of them actually make you care. Except for Joel McHale, who is all-around awesome :).

    The story itself doesn't do them any favors, either. The leaps in mob paranoia and violence make no sense, and though one can argue such things aren't rational in the first place, in here they really make no sense. Especially when it comes to the heroines being blamed and targeted for everything, despite no reasonable inklings or motives as to how they could be responsible for anything. And the ending is as dumb as can be.

    Don't be fooled by the film being billed as a cross between "Heathers" and "The Purge" since it shares practically nothing with the two. Don't get intrigued by the trailers (which, I'll admit, are good). Don't waste your time and money on this.
  • This is a fantastic commentary on social media and the cloud...the thin line we tread between privacy and being completely exposed. It delivers on all fronts and definitely lives up to the marketing campaign pushing how "graphic" it is. Perhaps some parts were a little obnoxious and overly self-aware but wow was it a fun experience. See this in a good theater with proper speakers and you won't be disappointed.
  • soulthlives21 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    The movie tries to be rather super open minded but it feels fake and disconnecting to the realism of it all. Also the girls try too hard to be mean and rude, and honestly it makes me not want to root for any of them. I get it. Teenage girls aren't sweet and nice, and honestly? Go for it but really we're supposed to like these girls? I can't find a single thing great about the fact that they are rude, spoiled, and honestly hypocritical. The movie also tries way too hard to call out stupidity white hetero situations but also can't really pick a side of being a book feminist or just being a sexually liberated feminist. Which you don't have to pick, but apparently to them. You have to pick one.

    Don't see it. It's not worth it, it's obviously a bad movie and it just tells us the whole issues of singular midwestern christian white towns. All full of want to be like Los Angeles but no one wants to really listen what the Angels are saying.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was extremely excited to see this film since it was announced back in 2016. i'm a fan of a lot of the actors in the movie like bella thorne, suki waterhouse, bill skarsgard, and maude apatow so when the movie finally got a wide release, i grabbed my best friend and went on opening night.

    the theatre was empty, the screen was big, and the music was loud. it was amazing. the movie has everything i was excited for: a strong female cast, violence, gore, sex, swearing, and so much more.

    odessa young and hari neff were the real breakout stars here. they are both such talented actresses and i can't wait to see what they do in the future.

    the real standout scenes in this movie are definitely the home invasion scene, the bella thorne baseball bat scene, and the lily vs. daddy scene. they were all so well shot and exciting to watch.

    due to the violence and relentlessness of this movie, i know a lot of people are going to hate it. but i think this movie was successful in what it was trying to do; start a conversation.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw "Assassination Nation", starring Odessa Young-High Life_tv, Wonderland_tv; Bill Skarsgard-he was Pennywise in It, Atomic Blonde; Colman Domingo-Fear the Walking Dead_tv, Selma and Joel McHale-The Great Indoors_tv, Blended. This is a weird @$$ movie. Maybe I'm just getting too old to understand all the symbolism going on here because I like a lot of the aspects in the film-it has been described as Heathers meets The Purge. It was just a little confusing to me. There are scenes of people wearing masks but no reason why-even a kid on a tricycle. Odessa plays a teen girl-in a 4 girl group-that lives a usual teen girl's life until one day, someone hacks people's phones & computers and starts leaking private information and embarrassing photos. No one in the whole town is safe. Colman plays the principal of her school and he becomes an early target. Soon, almost everyone is hit, including students, teachers, police and even the mayor. It's the data hack from hell. Bill plays Odessa's boyfriend and Joel is Odessa's next door neighbor that used to babysit her. There is a peculiar cameo of Bella Thorne as a cheerleader-she is not one of the 4 in Odessa's group of girls. The end of the movie has a lot of blood & violence-there is one scene where Odessa is covered from head to toe in blood and it isn't even hers-which I don't have a problem with the violence but the the story goes off the logic rails. As the end credits start, there is a parade of high school kids playing their band instruments marching towards the camera but none of them are any of the stars of the movie. It's rated "R" for disturbing bloody violence, language, drug & alcohol use involving teens and sexual content-no nudity except for a graphic drawing-and has a running time of 1 hour & 50 minutes. It's not one that I would buy on DVD or even rent. I would wait until it comes to cable if I were you.
  • mariob-4730721 September 2018
    Now before you start reading all the negative reviews about this movie and start thinking that the just another teen movie with stupid consequences and slutty remarks and different kind of videos and music that you don't understand you have to realize that if you take a hard look at anyone that you actually think you know this is a possibility in life Not saying that the world's gonna go into complete anarchy and chaos but haven't we already ascended to a point close to that. It was directed well the acting was really good it was an advocate for humanity writes I would say it was an advocate for telling the truth it was an advocate for chaos and anyone who has any badd reviews about this really really needs to look at their browser history. This shows you the basic elements of humanity where the masses can be swayed easily while the few have to fight just to survive good movie I'd recommend anyone I know it's the purge meets Facebook enjoy
  • rodriguezjace22 January 2018
    Was it the best film? No. But it's a fun movie, it goes more towards the teenagers, young adults but it's about a small town where everyone loses their minds and it's a fun storyline. If you're bored i definitely would watch this movie, it's not boring and it has good talented actors.

    Bill is amazing, Bella is a great actress not focusing on her in the media, Cody Christian did his job, he isn't the best actor, but he's a good actor and i can see him in more roles soon.
  • First off, I am stoked to be the second person on IMDB reviewing a film that is sure to blow up! Judging by the date, I probably saw this film at the same Sundance screening as the previous reviewer.

    With its $10 million sale at Sundance three days ago, this movie is sure to get a theatrical release this year, and deservedly so. It may even win the Dramatic jury prize at Sundance in a few days. My mind is dizzy right now with thoughts I want to express about this film - so I will only stick to the essentials. Let me start with this: this "little" film (cheekily dubbed as a "true story") about the breakdown of the small town of Salem, Massachusetts, will stir up national debates about internet transparency, morality in the digital age, toxic male egos, gun culture, and teenage online delinquency.

    And that is just scratching the surface.

    This is a film that can be assaulting on the senses with plenty of teenage sex, gun violence, and excessive blood. This shit is not for everyone, especially viewers over 45.

    Really, I am a bit overwhelmed. I will say that the story hits a home run. In our heroine, Lily, we find a character arch that begins with strength, then vulnerability, fear, despair, and then finally renewed strength. It is classically Aristotelian in that way. The technical execution is something to behold, with one breathless technocrane/steadicam (step-off) shot - showing with heart-pounding grace how thugs ambush Lily and her friends in a house. The price of admission is worth this scene alone.

    My biggest critique of the film is that the last one-third of the film differs in form or genre than the rest. Though I am sure this was a deliberate choice which helps the film be entertaining to its targeted youthful viewership, I also feel that this tactic may keep the film from making any lists of great cinematic achievement.

    The first two-thirds of the film is a gripping tapestry which includes music-video aesthetics, split-screens, driving dance beats and youthful energy - rife with empathetic sensibility. The second half is completely devoid of any empathy in a balls-to-the wall grindhouse or revenge story featuring babes with shiny red jackets enshrouded by guns and seemingly impervious to bullets. Also, enough blood and killings to make you think you are seeing grindhouse B-film from the 70's.

    What this film does startlingly well is that the audience is willing to let itself be immersed by the lack of empathy and incredulous violence in the last act because by this point the director has earned its trust with the gripping story and the sympathatic plight of the main characters. That Sam Levinson the writer/driector made us make this jump with him is a stroke of --I will say the word-- genius.
  • livseywill-4654123 September 2018
    The first half hour of this nihilistic crap was all I could take. Avoid at all costs
  • I like weird movies. But this was the worst thing I've ever seen. I would give anything to unsee it. I have never hated a movie as much as I hated this one.
  • jericw1611 September 2018
    Terrible but not a surprise coming from this writer/director. this is an overrated movie, that will no doubt lose at the box office.
  • Assassination Nation is a "modern" take on the Salem witch trials, which, coincidentally takes place in Salem. Once a hacker starts exposing deep secrets from the townspeople ranging from the mayor to the principal to the students, all hell breaks loose. And when main protagonist Lily along with her 3 girlfriends are blamed, they find themselves fighting for their lives. I loved every minute of this film, the cinematography was not only stylish but necessary, avoiding borderline pretentious arthouse that leaves you feeling robbed. If you are going in for the violence, you won't get much of til half way into the film, but when it does come, it is a very satisfying and adrenaline filled rush. That's not to say I didn't feel exhausted from this film by the time we reached the last 5 minutes, but only because this story took quite a bit to spiral out of control that by the time sh*t hits the fan, you are left feeling quite full with what you are fed in the final act. I say this because if you are expecting those 4 girls to absolutely obliterate a whole mob of angry people, you will be disappointed to hear that the film ends before we see that carnage, but what you do see is fulfilling enough to forgive that cliche copout, which is why I take one star away from an otherwise perfect film. If you are the type of person that thinks 4 girls talking about male genitals and whose nude pictures they have on their phones, you might be a bit annoyed with our leads. But as for me, I loved every second they were on screen. Not to mention the polarizing use of modern trap music and the booming bass constantly playing in-between scenes and in the background that compliments the 4 girls aesthetics, whether they are simply walking down the school halls or doing something mischievous that will ultimately have consequences by the time things start going south. I ask you why you are on iMDB because, it's not that this movie is some "snowflake" SJW horror film trying to bombard you with the words "trigger warning" but that it is very political and seeing how the Purge movies are received, I highly doubt this movie won't take a beating from a few bothered people. Enjoy this movie for the hilarious and disturbing outcome of what happens when a paranoid town resorts to gory violence. You may walk away feeling pleasantly surprised
  • It gets from 0 to 100000000 in a second. This film was well written and directed. Aggressively edited. The main continuous shot it's EVERYTHING. and the script it's fun. It's about feminism. Labels and rebellion. Very very enjoyable.
  • Finally a truly 2018 grindhouse film. Based on the description I thought I would pass on this film and apparently so did a lot of other people because there were only two other people in the theater.

    It has it all: violence, rage, social media, hacking, gender hypocrisy, and general mayhem.

    I thought it was a really well done feminist teen film.. Bravo.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    While the trailer had gotten me interested in the premise, I came out of the theater feeling a little confused. I was the only person in the theater, which is always a pleasant experience. It also gives me less direction about how other people are interpreting what they see. It's hard to call this a comedy, since there was one thing - possibly two - that I interpreted as being jokes.

    I've had a day to sit on this, and I've come to a few realizations. There are two scenes in this that seem like they're hitting the audience over the head with messaging. One of them is with the principal early on. The other one is a monologue near the end. The first one is more permissible, since it helps to define the lead personality, and it also gives a very sympathetic view of the principal. Once it gets combined with that ending monologue, the movie is making too hard an effort to spell out a message.

    I can't brag about being "woke" or anything, but the movie assumes that the viewer has something to learn about feminism or equality or... something. If you have none of these lessons to learn, it comes across as sort of confusing.

    There are a few annoyances. The direction seems far too stylized. In some cases it works, in other cases, it's too much. It seems like some material is missing. We don't get any followup about the principal. After being kicked out of the house, where does she go? There's a jump forward in time, and it results in things getting much worse very quickly. This works against selling the possibility of these events. Instead, certain things have to be covered in exposition, like "why isn't the government stepping in?" The bigger question is "why does this town seem to exist in a vacuum?"

    Despite these failings, I still found it interesting, and it did raise tension. I still found myself worried about the fate of the characters.

    Ultimately, the ending will be a dividing point for viewers. Our epilogue scene reveals the culprit (who somehow was obvious about halfway through the movie) and someone mentions that the main character survived. How? Show, don't tell. But I understand - this movie has too much going into it to be handled in a single feature. Three-part miniseries would serve the ideas better.
  • So its early, I worked all week....Saturday.....and surprise! had a great week. saw Juliet ,Naked....rented Halloweed...and awesome stuff. in Halloweed theres innapropriate stuff, language etc...and its great. The only surprises I got here...starting from the theatrical previews are: gerard butler and matthew macconoughy. competition for shia lebouf somehow someway. then the film starts. SUKI WATER HOUSE? JUD apatows daughter? how can yall be apart of this film with parental guidance? this film is literally a disaster. im trying to cross reference some important influential nonsense during this review...and first person that comes to mind is doug benson. go oprah. one reaction. I saw another movie not too long was about a couple of dudes who moved furniture, were friends and one of them had just gotten a gun... it was better than this...kind of. this is not an annoying movie but its disturbing. remember that video by a perfect circle with those gangster bikini like bandits? or how about that one Justin Bieber video :what do you mean? there was a good long portion of this film that became that video for sure. I don't even like writing and typing anymore because when I want becomes a scrambled ADHD bipolar labeled mess. so, seriously. Bella Thorne.great job in midnight sun.effing beautiful.exploiting what imitation concerning what men want condensed to what some women do all day long brainstorming or just doing in general was perfect.which is probably why when looking up the filmography demography associated with the TRUE active scene happening from Florida to California....the worst part of the film was watching a mother die....a principal suffer.....and as it continued I noticed that there were so many Quentin Tarantino like snippets from a girl fighting back in a bathroom scene to almost KILL BIll like stuff wrapping the film up.without being mean...I leave this review to the opinion of a performer named ADORE DELANO.and he/she has a song called I adore you. how was that?
  • Robbie K back with an abbreviated movie review as we cover a movie with a lot more bite, slander, and just about any sort of graphic violence you can think of. Tonight, we review:

    Movie: Assassination Nation (2018)

    Director: Sam Levinson Writer: Sam Levinson Stars: Odessa Young, Hari Nef, Suki Waterhouse

    LIKES: Acting Has Guts To Tackle Issues Fast Pace Special Effects/Costumes/Make Up Solid Political Points

    DISLIKES: Too Dark/Graphic Too Forceful Little Story No Good Characters (everyone rotten) Ridiculous Hyperbole Lacking Action


    Assassination Nation, gets points for its brazen, fearless addressing of the political hot topics that are hitting the media. The girls are portrayed well, subjugated to a lot of hard-hitting scenarios that will leave many uncomfortable. In addition to solid acting, the movie works well with special effects and a fast pace to stoke the chaotic fires that light up from the start of this movie. It is going to speak deeply to people who like extreme, political stand points, with each character holding some outlying personality quirk to jump on board with. Yet, the movie fails to impress me because of how in your face, political warfare it is, making sure to be extremely liberal in its approaches to address all the wrong in the world. If that's not enough, for me I had issues with getting behind the characters who had little that was good about them, and seeing the dark, intense montages of stupid antics, sexual promiscuity, and drug abuse did not make for the most engaging material. As all of these aspects were blown to large proportions, the darker, gore filled edge they injected brought the shock value, but failed to add to the story. And finally, when the moment came to use that ridiculousness to make our "heroines" fight the good fight, the action turned into short lived, anti-climactic skirmishes that mostly looked to blood instead of moves. Overall, the movie succeeds in its mission to shock you into engaging with the political qualms that this film is loaded with. If you are ready to put yourself into that setting and test your patience and character with the extreme ideas and scenes in this film, then this is the movie for you. Otherwise, skip this shallow plot film and revisit a classic, because there is better use of time then the gore fest this movie is.

    My scores are:

    Action/Comedy/Crime: 5.5 Movie Overall: 4.0
  • I loved this film, saw it early and had no perspective going in. Of course if you're expecting a perfectly logical/ realistic film - Assassination Nation is not for you, however if you're like me (Artist/Designer/female/mental health advocate/environmentalist, etc.), you might enjoy it! I get the feeling a lot of people will dislike this film, I don't think this film was made for the masses. It's for anyone who wants to be inspired.

    Enjoy the film! Cheers, DW
  • Sam Levinson's 'Assassination Nation' is an interesting beast. It contains themes and attributes from a multiplicity of genres, but ultimately asserts itself as an exploitation film, using modern fears about data protection and amping it up to eleven. The narrative is fairly straightforward, a series of events resulting in a one man (or, four women) vs. the world scenario. Whilst this story is tried and tested, the characters and direction help this film stand out. Each of the four protagonists are written with such a legitimacy rarely seen in similar films, teenage girls talking as teenagers would, rather than how an older writer perceives them to be, grounding them in reality, a base that is definitely required in contrast with the absurd plot. All the actresses give stellar performances, and their chemistry becomes the lifeblood of the film. On the flipside is Levinson's directorial eye, which proves unique and unabashedly in-your-face, with fragmented party sequences, a technically mind-boggling long take, and an elasticity within the camerawork that is somewhat unrivalled by anything in recent years. Whilst some films of this ilk build tension through dialogue or within the score, Levinson's visuals prepare you for the madness to come. There were certain aspects of the film which will cause it to become dated rather quickly, its references to Twitter and Instagram preventing it from becoming something timeless, however, for what its worth, its message is extremely contemporary for the here-and-now, whilst Levinson's directorial eye will help preserve its lifespan as a likely cult favourite. The term 'cult film' has many facets. As a result, many people will actively dislike this film. At times it is overly gratuitous or even nasty, with the majority of its protagonists unlikable, but intentionally so. If, like myself, you enjoyed it, then these will be no bother, however, if you reject any of these features, it is likely you may give up on 'Assassination Nation' before its conclusion. From my perspective, there were few places where the film faltered. The pacing could become a little slow in the second act, with the set-up completed, it felt more a precursor to the third, rather than a continued progression, and the eventual outbursts of violence, whilst cathartic, could have been pushed yet further, Levinson's camerawork largely straying away, rather than embracing, besides from a particularly gnarly shovel scene, to which there was audible applause from the audience. Furthermore, the frequent inclusion of social media-centric iconography and soundbites grew wearing at times. Besides this, Levinson's film is a brilliantly executed exploitation film, with a unique visual and narrative direction. Like many similar films, some will hate it, however, those who don't, are likely to love it instead. 'Assassination Nation' is here to tell its story, and to be honest, it doesn't really care what you think.
  • From the off, it's clear that Assassination Nation won't be for everyone, what with its hyper-stylised visuals, extremely dark humour, and its passionately political core message. However, while it's not a film that manages to tie everything together perfectly, it is a hugely energetic and exciting watch throughout, with thrilling action and stunning visuals coupled with a riveting and terrifying story about contemporary culture.

    One of the major issues with films like this being so forward, explicit and passionate, is that it can feel a little like provocation for provocation's sake. In the opening act, the movie doesn't quite manage to get you on board as it attempts to shock you with its explosion of energy from the very start, complete with all of the so-called 'trigger warnings' you could possibly imagine.

    In that, it's a movie that takes a little bit of getting used to, not least because of its heavily stylised cinematography and directing, however when things really do get going, it turns into a thoroughly exciting and entertaining watch.

    Now, the film's representation of the perils of the internet in the modern age is an exaggerated one, while it also pushes forward with an often hyper-feminist and strongly anti-misogynist vibe, but while that may come across as simply preachy in a lesser film, the brilliance of Assassination Nation is that it ties its more exaggerated elements in brilliantly with a stunning darkly comedic vibe, allowing it to remain an entertaining watch while still having a good amount of depth and intrigue.

    Of course, the movie's political leanings do make it a controversial one, but with the symbolism of its story inspired by witch hunts being set in Salem of all places, furthered by that exaggerated side of its major themes, are what make it work so well, and although it's certainly a film that will divide audiences when it comes to its commentary on modern society, it's one that works absolutely brilliantly as an out-and-out horror-thriller.

    The first half is a riveting and very energetic social drama that places great focus on the uncontrollable dangers of the internet, hacking and waves of public anger, but it's when the film takes a ridiculous step up in its second half that things get really exciting.

    With that darkly comedic atmosphere running throughout, the preposterous extent to which the film pushes its story, and its symbolism of the political issues at its core, works brilliantly, and along with some stunning visuals that mix the thrills of cult horror cinema with a very modern kaleidoscope of colours, furthered by dynamic and thrilling camerawork across the board, it turns into an absolute riot of a film that I couldn't take my eyes off for a second.

    Director Sam Levinson does a brilliant job at bringing all those elements together, and as the dial ramps up to eleven over the course of the insane second half, the ever-growing tension and ever more chaotic story creates a palpable heartbeat and a relentless pace that makes Assassination Nation a non-stop thrill ride right to the end.

    Another big positive comes in the form of the lead performance from Odessa Young, who plays a teenage girl who finds herself at the centre of the chaos unfolding in Salem. While the rebellious teen is a role we've seen for decades and decades now, Young does a fantastic job at both getting you on side with her modern streak, as well as having a good degree of self-awareness to make fun of her character and generation's more ridiculous characteristics, something that plays in beautifully with the film's comedy, and makes it an even more likable and exciting watch.

    Of course, this film won't be for everyone, and as well as its political message being a likely point of controversy in the eyes of some, plus its immensely explicit violence (although that works very well in the context of its giallo-style final act), I feel that the fact that it is so contemporary is something that will hurt it in the long run.

    For the people of 2018, this is a film that speaks volumes on so many different levels, and that's what makes it more than just an insane horror-thriller, but I do feel that it's a film that will quickly become dated when new problems take hold and those represented here take more of a back seat. It still speaks about a range of important issues, but its extremely contemporary focus occasionally means it lacks a deeper, more general sense of humanity that would help it to retain relevance over the coming years.

    With that said, however, I really liked Assassination Nation. It's not an endlessly perfect film, and definitely not one everyone will take to, but with a passionate political core, furthered by brilliantly dark comedy, stunning visuals and direction, an excellent central performance, and a thrilling transition into all-out chaos in its second half, it's an immensely entertaining watch that you just won't be able to take your eyes off.
  • Wasn't sure what to make of it after reading reviews. But I found it entertaining and at its heart was a description of how society has descended into a world dominated by social media.

    Probably more of a wake up call if you are 20, not 50 like me, but the themes, whilst taken to extreme (to make. Point) were well made.

    Worth a look!
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