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  • Los Scandalous Films provides product for Wicked Pictures release that is strictly bottom-of-the-barrel, and this more ambitious than usual (not merely wall to wall sex for a change) feature is quite poor.

    The gimmick is a $100 bill that changes hands at the end of each scene (following XXX sex), the only real connection between boring vignettes. Such a movie structure has given rise to many movies, notably "Tales of Manhattan", and I even recall a B-movie of yore painfully similar to this one, in which it is a $20 bill that keeps getting spent or discarded or lost (inflation raises the ante to a Franklin now?).

    The cast is listless throughout, certainly going through the usual motions and moaning and groaning that accompanies explicit sex on screen, but never making any emotional connections or establishing any characters. The filmmaker from Los Scandalous is identified as "Baby Gurl aka Monica", and little demonstration of film (or video) technique is displayed, with the lighting becoming especially crummy in the later reels.

    Cast is consistently better working for more serious directors, witness Brit Porn import Stallion looking tough (as if Idris Elba had been forced by circumstances to turn to porn roles), as he services pale Casey Calvert for maximum skin tone contrast; jail-bait gal Ziggy Star as a feisty teen stuck humping wooden Damon Dice; and starlet who needs a new moniker and agent Teanna Trump cast as a prostitute servicing politician Steven St. Croix (one of his least interesting roles in a long career).

    Threatening to create a story line and actual persona is Bianca Breeze, who apparently didn't get the memo that you don't need to act, just put out, for this project. She plays marital counselor/therapist to Stallion and Casey, and oddly gets paid for a weekly session by Stallion with the torn $100 bill of the title. In an absurdly dumb scene she's stopped by cop Romeo Price when she gets lost and drives her convertible onto private property. She easily seduces him and after getting duly f*cked hands him the Franklin with her phone number written on it. Part of the film's pointless (Chaos Theory anyone?) connections has Price as Ziggy's dad, in another lousy scene in which perhaps the cast's most alluring femme, his wife played by Dana Fox, ends up assigned merely a bit role, NonSex yet.

    Hottest gal in the cast is Black starlet Izabel Vessir, cast as St. Croix's campaign manager who receives in person the $100 bill as a donation from drug dealer Donnie Rock and humps him in return. If this script by Baby Gurl seems to have been scribbled on the back of an envelope, so be it.