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  • nebk13 April 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    10x10 is a by the numbers (pun intended) mystery thriller starring Luke Evans and Kelly Reilly in principle roles as a kidnapper (Lewis) and his victim (Cathy). The movie starts of interestingly if unrealistically enough when Cathy is kidnapped in broad daylight in front of a shopping mall. From there onwards what ensues is supposed to be a cat and mouse game between the two with the kidnappers motive becoming explained as well as the fact that Cathy is not an innocent victim in the story.

    The relatively good aspects of the film are the acting by the two main characters and the nice house in which most of the movie takes place. The poor aspects of the movie are the increasingly weak story and the fact that Cathy has 3-4 excellent chances to overpower Lewis and subdue him and yet she gets recaptured every time. When the explanation is finally offered for the whole mess, the movie becomes even less believable as Cathy is actually a murderer who killed Lewis's wife and other patients in a hospital where she worked as a nurse. So this supposed Angel Of Death who had numerous chances to escape and/or kill her kidnapper allowed herself to be captured a number of times. It just doesn't add up.

    Overall a poor thriller that could have been better if care was taken to develop the characters and make their actions more believable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Honestly it was so hard to get through this movie... One poor scene after another., where nothing made sense.

    The woman kept beating his ass to the ground, yet she always left him in a fine state ready to overtake her again, until the end where she turns into some kind of monster.

    I have no idea how this movie keeps a score above 3, which would still be a kindness.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Escape one time, hit the guy hard and doesn't finish him. Escape twice and she has the time to lock him into the 10x10 room and she doesn't. Last thing this 160 lbs woman is stronger than a 200+ man... shame.
  • Not sure what the terrible reviews are about. This deserves at minimum 5-6/10. It's unique, it's got some thrills and great fight scenes. Give it a try, guaranteed your entertained.
  • First of all, I'm not a fan of people who say the actions of characters in movies are stupid or illogical, or that no one would actually behave in that way, because usually they are talking about a situation that they have never personally been in, and more importantly, all people react differently to situations so who are we to say how the characters should react.

    That said, these characters' actions are too absurd to be believed, and the only reason for such behavior is to further a silly plot. For example, the women held captive is going to bop the captor on the head (who is holding her hostage with a gun) and knock him out several times throughout the first 30 minutes of the movie, at which point she could easily grab the gun and be in control, but for some reason she repeatedly tries to run, at which point the captor magically awakens and catches her again, only to be hit and knocked out again, and so on and so forth.

    Furthermore, it becomes clear right away that the captor knows she is concealing her identity by repeatedly asking her name and getting angry when she answers, "Cathy." So everyone knows she is not actually Cathy... but Cathy fails to realize this and is flabbergasted that he keeps asking who she is. She was arguably the most frustrating and annoying character to listen to, but one also has to wonder why Luke Evans does not just stop asking her name and reveal that he knows exactly who she is. It's stupidity of both characters in order to try to build suspense/mystery that really ends up being irritating.

    On top of all that, the ending is quite unsatisfying. If you thought all this nonsense was building up to some awesome twist or revelation, you'd be wrong.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This film had extreme potential after watching the trailer, but failed due to unrealistic (very unrealistic) aspects of the film. This is a film that keeps you questioning the characters behaviors, but that's all it does. There is no deep connection with any of the characters simply because the lack of backstory. Also, 80% of the movie is filmed in a house, which makes it extremely frustrating to watch. SPOILERS: First, the good. The characters were played well, the filming and lighting was strong, and there was a good (poorly developed) story.

    Really? In broad daylight at an LA Fitness? Next to a guy who is backing out? No.

    Really? The guy is terrible at his job, allowing the girl to escape multiple times. Also, the girl gets good hits but never finishes him. These type of kidnapping films make me cringe. The ones where they attack their kidnapper but never knock him down hard enough.

    There is hardly any character development and no depth behind the characters lives. The film seems to drag on and on, but finally comes to an end after multiple escape attempts.
  • I don't know where to begin. It made no sense from beginning to end. Most of what I will expose is pretty much already in the trailer, however, this wealthy guy had zero plan to kidnap her. All done in the wide open constantly exposing himself to getting caught. You'll see if you ever bother to watch it, which I don't recommend.

    You have to buy a bunch of things that don't make any sense logically.

    For example, that a weaker woman can overpower a guy pretty much over and over again. That the guy, even though he keeps seeing he can't trust her, will constantly open up room for her to fight back, like putting a gun on the table next to him while having her sit across from him with a knife aiming at him. Mind you, this is after she attacked him like 5 times, but apparently, he doesn't mind getting attacked. She becomes like Jason from Friday the 13th.

    So apparently he builds a secret room in his house just for her, but willing to abandon that and the house... why? No reason.

    This movie is SO ridiculous one scene after another. nothing worse than seeing unrealistically dumb characters that do stuff that no one would ever do.

    I'm sorry, ladies, but biology, unfortunately, gave men a lot more strength to the majority of men compared to women, and this case is no exception, except in the fantasy land of feminists. But that all made sense once you see who directed the film.

    Which, takes me to the next point, which is there is a certain amount of complaints from women in Hollywood over equal pay, which I think may be misdirected. Instead, they should complain that so many movies have foreign actors replace American roles, like this one. All the leads were English, but playing American roles. We can hear the bad accents. Please stop replacing this many parts with foreigners playing American parts when there are so many struggling actors in Hollywood that need the work.

    I could write a screenplay of how many problems there were, but I suggest you skip it.

    If you want to see a good film directed by woman see any of the following:

    Near Dark by Kathryn Bigelow. Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola Monster by Patty Jenkins American Psycho by Mary Harron Big by Penny Marshall Deep impact by Mimi Leder What women want by Nancy Meyers Little Miss Sunshine - Valerie Faris Fast Times at Ridgemont High by Amy Heckerling

    There are many others, but those are good and gender isn't injected into the film because at the end of the day, who cares who directed the film, just don't make us aware of who did, especially if you infuse themes of race and/or gender into it that make it obvious.
  • At no moment was there a compelling reason to continue watching this folm so I wen to IMDb to see what others thought about it and just had to finish the movie to see if the bad reviews were accurate. They are. This movie makes you cheer for the lady who never had to use a bathroom the entire time she was held in the small room. It made me want to cheer for the lady because she showed considerably more passion in her role.

    I will never have those minutes back in my life to waste on things like eating, drinking, sleeping, or looking through my chairs for lost change.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Please do not watch this. This was so dumb. A man kidnaps a woman. He closes in a cell. He asks her all the time What is your name?? What is your real name? Anyway , we come to find out that this woman was a deranged angel of death who took the place of her dead sister and as a nurse she kept killing all the patients who had commited sins. But this could be interesting if we actually watched a movie of her actual action before. Not to see her incarcerated and being asked the same question all the time. The man knows that she was responsible for his wife death. He KNOWS that she is deranged and what does he do?? He allows her to move around his house wielding a knife at him. He feels safe because he has a gun but she actually cuts his with the knife all the time. I mean , in the end he kills her, after she has become a maniac with a gun. WHY DID NOT HE JUST SHOOT HER IN THE FACE AFTER SHE CONFESSED? This is not a story of someone who wanted to learn the truth and just let her go. He wanted all along to kill her. Why didn't he do it? Why did his risk his life and his daughter's life? And of course the poor nanny-cleaning lady who died because he was unable to kill the psycho. This movie was terrible. This is not a plot for even a tv series. NO .NEVER. They just put luke evans in the film so that they could project this movie in theatres
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I should really thank the reviewers for lowering my expectations, and then myself for not caring about reviews or rather, for reading between their lines.

    I am very content with this movie: story is good, atmosphere and music are used effectively. Few things are overdone.

    Here is why this movie is realistic:

    • Yes, there are vigilante religious nuts who take it upon themselves to punish people.
    • Yes, "survivors" are made of selfishness and apathy. Kudos for that observation, that was fantastic. To survive, you have to adapt. To adapt, you have to accept the rules as they are. To accept is to maintain status quo, regardless of what it means for the masses.

    It was a Darwinistic world eaons ago and still is, only because humans who draw a thick line between animals and themselves have failed to even want to better it. Surviving in a Darwinistic society tells a lot about you, or the Macchiavelli in you. Not talking about breathing here, obviously.

    And just like a survivor does, a beast disguised in feigned innocence slowly unravels its ugly face. You get your hints though: The acting, the manipulation, the utter strength that comes from having no reservations.

    The man's getting beaten a couple of times, was, to the contrary very realistic. How so? Well someone who is not accustomed to using violence on a daily basis is inclined to think others aren't, too. In other words, they are not cautious. Especially when they think they have the upper hand. It has nothing to do with your physical strength when you're taken down by surprise.

    And because the man in question thinks he can reason with a survivor in some twisted, perceptibly life-threatening environment he put this survivor in, he is actually hoping for a change.

    As stated in the movie, he didn't put her there to kill her. He put her there to judge her, force a confrontation, an admission of guilt. He put her there to see why she did what she did, and most of all, if she regrets it.

    The captor was fooled into thinking the abductee had her own lines she couldn't cross. She had something human in her.

    And in the end of the movie, where the real physical fight starts, we hear her letting the man know of this big mistake: "Did you think I would give it all up for you?"

    Actors were in fact good. Scenes of realizations were shot well enough to feel immersive.

    Predictability is of little value here. This is not a movie that challenges you to guess who will do what and who will win in the end. This is a psychological thriller movie where the biggest twist is the abrupt change in the transparency of personalities. Denial until the end, and then dropping the act to display one's true colors only when one thinks there is nothing more to be redeemed... is the true nature of a narcissistic suvivor that we all have in us to varying degrees. The build up of tension in the environment towards such breakdown was the perfect setting to render this transformation visible and in a striking manner.

    The man carries a gun, but even during his knee-jerk reactions, he doesn't have in himself the selfish recklessness of this survivor of an inexorable woman who knows no bounds. That is why the fights were so realistic. The disbelief with which the man improvises was acted out perfectly by the actor. And same could be said of the actress as she transforms into a monster.

    Both characters' actions and choices are wrong to different extents and you still can find yourself rooting for one over the other. That is because evolution made sure we have an inbuilt justice system which we call "conscience". It all sits well in this movie of a fight of altruism vs selfishnessness/sympathy vs apathy.

    All this carried out without the torture porn, and still effectively to the point. There's some blood, and a violent scene of fight but I could cite countless movies held in high regard having much more violence in them than this one.

    In short this movie is the portrayal of a sociopath versus a normal person going vigilante upon losing it when they yearn for actions to have consequences. Nowhere along the movie was I duped into thinking the movie was about something else. No feeling of being shortchanged.

    And for those wondering why such movies are on the rise.My take is: Because we are in an era where we have seen laws selectively working for too long and we have pent up, toxic anger that we try to slowly get rid of our system by seeing a similar story told by someone else. It confirms our sense of justice and helps explain our anger, and draw lessons from what is actually a "simulation".
  • We slowly learn why Robert Lewis (Luke Evans) has abducted a woman Cathy Noland (Kelly Reilly) from a LA Fitness parking lot, in broad daylight, and taken her to his home, only to be imprisoned in a sound proof 10x10 hidden room. As the movie progresses, many of the plot elements here are head shakingly ridiculous, which destroys much of the film's credibility, as I see it. It will all spiral down into a most wild, violent, and absurd finale.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    10x 10 is an unrated, tersely compact thriller. As something about a man who confines a woman to a soundproof cell only to find out that she killed his wife, "10" has a torture porn setting without the actual torture porn. Granted, the film could've stretched its running time past a mere 87 minutes for added absorption. Plus, there's a cliched clip of the authorities showing up conveniently after the final confrontation goes down. Nevertheless, 10x 10 leaves you torn and nomadic on which gender to root for. It serves up its transient premise in creepy and effective fashion.

    "10" stars Luke Evans as the wealthy kidnapper and Kelly Reilly as the one being kidnapped. Evans is a tad wooden as Lewis when he is mourning his dead spouse through past home videos and random news footage. Reilly outmatches him as Cathy. She channels a sense of raw fear and raw distress as a would-be, bible-thumping criminal. Cathy and Lewis go at each other mano-a-mano and bloodied cat and mouse. They give 10x 10 the feel of being a violent, ungovernable, and unsettling affair.

    Director Suzi Ewing (she helms mostly shorts) makes "10" atmospheric and woodsy in a Hostel/Human Centipede sort of way. She even uses a few long shots when the main damsel in distress is letting out shrill screams. Don't be fooled though. Ewing's narrative is wholly original and not really in the realm of horror fare. 10x 10 in totality, is more psychologically intentioned as opposed to psychotically intentioned. With a minuscule cast, minimal locations, and personas that have a high threshold for pain (and appetite for that matter), it's a low budget character study that's almost "ten"fold. My rating: 3 stars.
  • SPOILER: Really, the title says it all. 10x10 is 0x0. I watched it until just after the housekeeper arrives and I switched it off in favour of watching a MARRIED WITH CHILDREN re-run. MWC was far more realistic and far more entertaining. I switched it back on just in time to see the ending, from the part where Lewis is stopped by the cops. Sigh. What a crapfest.
  • The stage curtains open ...

    It's really hard to talk about this movie without spoiling it ... but, I will do my best not to. Let's just say that nothing is as it seems - sounds familiar, I know. It's another one of those kind of movies.

    The movie starts with a man watching a woman, and then eventually, abducting her and taking her to his rural home in the trees. He drags her inside the house and throws her into a 10x10 padded room (hence the movie's title). Right away, you are intrigued. Why does he have her there? Why all the preparation of the room, hiding the room, and why her? The movie does a good job of building the suspense and the questions are coming up right and left as it begins to develop. I actually liked the story and the reason why she was there.

    My problem with the movie, though, is in how the answer is delivered. I felt this was a missed opportunity for something really special. First - for having "months" to prepare for this, he really wasn't too bright. Abducting her in broad daylight, in the middle of a shopping center parking lot - she even got out some shouts for help (but, of course, the ONLY person in the vicinity is wearing headphones and listening to loud Then when he gets home, before he takes her out of the trunk of his car, he just leaves the garage door open. There is a reason for this - a real eye roller too. And then he isn't quick to notice that she still has her cell phone on her, even inside the secret room.

    She isn't too bright either ... for starters, there is one point in the film where she manages to knock him out cold. And instead of taking his gun, she wastes time trying to get out the door, use his phone ... pretty much everything except for the one thing she should have done. But, I guess if she would've done that, we'd have no spectacular ending - which really isn't that spectacular.

    I can't recommend this one. The idea of the movie was better than the movie itself. This could've been so much better. The promise just got worse and worse as the movie wore on. Too bad. I just hate seeing great ideas go to waste like this one.
  • I want you to tell me your name. Cathy. My name is Cathy Noland.

    One thing is certain. "10X10" breaks all records when speaking of resurrections. The number of times you see one of the two protagonists getting back on their feet again seemed endless. It looked like a newer version of "Night of the living dead". But this time with two stubborn non-zombies playing in it, whose resilience seemed superhuman. At one point I was more concerned with figuring out which of the two had the lowest IQ. Because you can't keep up with the number of stupidities after a while. And finally, I also wondered at the end what statement Lewis (Luke Evans) would give about the whole event when the police show up on his driveway. It's clear I didn't really like this film. And that because of the accumulation of absurdities.

    I wanted to see this movie solely because of Luke Evans appearing in it. Personally, I don't think he's a bad actor. He has a certain likable appearance. In my opinion, he didn't act so bad in "No one lives" and "Message from the king". He radiates a calmness and coolness. But here he also seems to have the gift of stupidity. Or they tried to portray him as a real amateur. However, it all starts fairly intriguing. The patience with which Luke observes his future victim Cathy (Kelly Reilly) and the seemingly perfect way in which he carries out the abduction. From then on it started to look more like a slapstick than a nerve-racking thriller. The abduction wasn't perfect, but rather a combination of coincidences and pure luck. But for all we know, he could have been caught red-handed and taken into custody. On the other hand, would that be the case, this would have been a short movie. Speaking of luck-pushing.

    The next hilarious moment (intentionally I suppose) is the arrival at his hypermodern, tastefully decorated house. There the victim awaits an ingenious installed, low-noise isolation cell of 10 by 10 meters. Luke turns out to be a regular do-it-yourself shopper because he made it all by himself. He did manage to do that. But apparently, a perfectly functioning garage door was a bit too much. And from then on a psychological cat and mouse game starts that only revolves around revenge. It's best I don't tell more specifics of this less successful film. Contentwise, it's already nothing much. Let alone I'd reveal more. Actually, the content is so limited that they decided to fill it up with irrelevant trivialities and artificial emotional moments. You have to admit that the creators of this film ensured that the pace is high. Only half an hour has passed and poor Cathy is already gagged and screaming anxiously in her cell.

    The fact that "10X10" didn't meet my expectations is, in my opinion, not due to the acting itself. That wasn't so bad. It was even reasonably convincing at times. I think that the script is the cause of this disappointment. And this because of a too limited story. How can you make a whopper of a film from a wafer-thin, simplistic plot? Even the Spielberg's and George Lucas's wouldn't figure out how to do that. To be honest, it didn't matter to me anymore who would die in the end. I was already satisfied that at least an acceptable playing time had been provided.
  • A waste of time ............................... Enough said
  • If you are just looking for anything to watch you should give this movie a try. Slow in some parts, and very predictable. Not only that, but the scenerios in the movie are very far fetched, and in my mind could not happen.
  • I thought another flop film, but i enjoyed the film very much! Excellent acting for both actor and actress.
  • rklatt0719 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Ok so guy kidnaps girl in BROAD DAYLIGHT... only person in the parking lot is a random dude with headphones on... what?? Guy brings girl to his home where he spent wayyy too much money fixing up to be a prison and throws her in a 10x10 padded SOUND PROOF cell. Girl spends more time screaming (which she knows no one will hear her) and clawing at a broken piece of tile (how her finger nails didn't fall off is purely inconceivable)... guy demands to know her name (by this point in the film I figured out everything the plot was based on - she's hiding a secret - secret is she or her family had something to do with the death of one of his loved ones) after demanding to know her name so many times he finally puts a gun to her head and that's when my theories are proven right. She's a religious nut job who took the bike out of context after finding out her dad cheated on her mom and killed her kidnappers dying wife for cheating on him. She's in the wrong obviously so a huge fight ensures. She deserves to die simply for the fact that she had 1 million chances to escape her captivity and instead stayed around to play in her own blood. Guy turns out to be the "hero" but is really no better than she is, because who gets away with kidnapping someone regardless of what they did? Oh and his child isn't even is.. shocker. Come on Hollywood, I'm a freakin film major and can write WAY better scripts than this, give me a shot instead of wasting opportunity on ridiculous idiocy... is like a freaking "paycheck" too thanks!
  • jacques-6020417 February 2019
    Sorry self for watching that garbage, don't make the same mistake I made, be warned
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Imagine a film that uses the side-alley scrap from They Live as the template for its structure. Now take out all the humour. And all the suspense. And all the fun. And all the will to carry on. Congratulations, you have 10x10. Woeful, truly.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie desperately wants us to believe that the kidnapper took months to prepare his rapture. Yet, he comes up with a plan that makes ZERO sense. Why the hell would he try to kidnap her in broad daylight in the middle of a public place?? Why not at night, when she closes her flower shop?? This idiot almost got caught, by the way. This... brillant mastermind plan could have been trashed within seconds. Then, the girl takes over stupidity. On one occasion, she knocks out the guy. She could easily have locked him inside the room, but doesn't. She knocks him a second time (God, who is she? Captain America?), then she DOESN'T take the gun that lies near the unconscious kidnapper. What the hell, girl??? The "secret" between them is not interesting at all. The movie makes us root for the girl, then the guy, then the girl again, then the guy again... It's fine, but the plot is so stupid and boring that I just couldn't care. This movie looks like a cinema semester final project, filmed by amateur students with no budget. How the hell did Luke Evans get here?
  • Wasn't bad at all it could've been better actually it has a good acting good fights plot not too much but entertaining this was the first real film for director Suzi Ewing I would support her and would recommend this movie to others , keep up the good work Suzi ...
  • gadfly_mta12 July 2018
    I rarely review anything but this movie was painfully bad. The woman has got to be one of the worst actresses out there. You couldnt have any feelings for her character one way or another other than just being annoyed at how bad her acting was. Ive seen no budget movies made by college kids with better acting. Maybe the end was glorious, ill never know because I could only endure about 2/3s of this movie and I probably have only skipped out on a move 3-4 times in my life. I will usually at least try to get to the end no matter how bad a movie is hoping it will get better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Seriously, why would you have shaky cam everytime the screen pans to Luke Evans? He's mentally unstable therefore shaky cam? Gave me a damn headache. At the very least make your film watchable instead of annoying the heck out of viewers in a facile effort to appear deep.

    The script itself makes 0 sense, Luke can't even plan a proper kidnapping yet he's built a secret soundproof room, which doesn't even feature much at all. With a name like 10x10, you'd think the room would play some part but no, it's just some soundproof room he throws her in. Kelly's acting is decent as someone who doesn't give up. Luke meanwhile was atrocious but I think the terrible script played a big part in that. All in all, one of the poorest movies i've ever seen that wastes the talents at it's disposal. Director needs to learn to direct and writer needs to learn how to write. Not recommended.
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