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  • Warning: Spoilers
    In the first episode, one doesn't truly know how much Jon Glaser loves gear. You're only introduced to his partial love of gear. From episodes 2 through 9, the love affair web of gear is weaved with the intricacies of a freshly woven basket. In the last and 10th episode, the basket is tossed into cement, you've finally been sold that this man is borderline obsessive-compulsive about gear. The story is told from Glaser's perspective, and that perspective is primarily that of gear.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just discovered this show and I love it! From the title, I expected a boring reality show in which an actor checks out various types of activity gear he enjoys. But that's only the fake premise of the show. Each episode begins that way but within minutes Glaser is embroiled in ridiculous, hilarious story lines as he portrays himself as a self-absorbed and not too bright jerk much like his Congressman Jamm ("You've just been Jammed!") character in "Parks and Recreation." An episode featuring hockey gear wound up with Glaser seeing a psychiatrist for his "mommy" issues and forcing his uninterested "son" (he explains that he had to hire actors to portray his wife and children because the real ones refuse to participate in the show) to play hockey. A episode about gear for owning dogs deteriorates into Glaser plotting a murder. He has a phone app "Geary" that advises him about gear but usually ends up arguing with him. The show briefly includes his talks with professionals about the gear they advocate and they seem genuinely surprised at his idiotic questions. This is a fresh, original and hilarious show. Well worth the time.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know what the other reviewers were popping before writing their "reviews", and I use that word in the loosest possible sense, because they hardly fit even the most basic criteria to qualify as reviews.

    Anyway. This show was by far the funniest show of 2016 and it is a shame that it

    a) flew by under the radar and b) undeservedly is being bashed by these so-called IMDb reviewers, adding insult to injury!

    This is easily Jon Glasers best work since Delocated, because his character is similar to "Jon" from Delocated, just without the mask and without the voice modulator. I truly enjoy this insufferable douche testing gear, getting cOoL sHoTs and annoying everybody around him in the process.

    The "Surfing" episode stands out.

    Here's to a hopefully long life of "Jon Glaser Loves Gear", we need at least one more season of this. Thank you.
  • It is weird semi reality show that can be awkward and very funny at times. On top of that it does actually show real gear (depending on the show theme, i.e. basketball, tennis) including brands and how they work. Jon glazer is funny and the fact his "real family" refuses to participate, his wife and kids are blurred out.
  • ddeleon-1079623 July 2019
    If you loved Delocated, you'll love this show. The style of comedy Glaser uses by combining his inept self centered character and spoofing reality TV is like no other!
  • I have to start off by saying, how the hell does this have a higher rating than Delocated?It's basically the SAME show.The only difference is that this show isn't funny.I have loved Jon Glaser for years and even though he has a definite comedy style(his mannerisms are 99% of his act), I can't believe that he has run out of ideas and I'm the only one who noticed.I don't mind that he got a bunch of the cast from Delocated(and Neon Joe) for this show, that makes sense.They were great on those shows, why not give them another shot?I do mind that the show is completely unoriginal, right down to the wife who doesn't want to be on the show.Over the years I frequently missed Jon when he didn't have a current show but those days are over.Now when I see him I wish he would go away forever.The lowest rating allowed is one star but this show is far below that.(He hasn't written for Conan since Late Night)
  • chococat-0765515 January 2019
    I wanted to like this show but I watched one episode and quickly realized this show had no point, and really didn't seem to have any redeeming qualities. I realized its supposed to poke fun but its not funny in the least. Its just dumb and pointless, I'm even more shocked that it got renewed for a second season.
  • I'm really not sure what this show is supposed to be. Is it a comedy making fun of people and their hobbies? Is it a show about bad products? Is it a show that is just the opposite of that? I have no idea what the point of this is. I just don't get it I guess.