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  • heatherc69213 October 2017
    I don't know what everyone else's problem is, but my husband and I watched the opener and loved it. It was cute and funny and I personally love the fact that Jim Parsons is narrating. We are both huge BBT fans and are especially fond of Sheldon, and we thought this was a great episode and can't wait to see more. The only thing I'm irritated with is that they're waiting a whole month to air the next episode. That is just ridiculous to me!
  • aledrien2 October 2017
    Love it
    Not sure how people are crapping on this show,.. it is wholesome,charming and reminds me of a better version of Wonder Years..

    how they made a better version of wonder years i have no idea,.. but here it is,..

    maybe it's the influx of mindless remakes and zombie movies since early 2000s that have made people forget what good programming / writing and Casting look like!?
  • When I first read about plans for a TBBT spinoff, I did not think that it would work in a million years. Maybe the reason so many people are disappointed is the huge difference in tone - and the fact that young Sheldon is way too cute. While TBBT is more or less a nerdy version of Friends, Young Sheldon is more like a classic family comedy with typical family problems and the special task of raising an Asperger genius. The key ingredients are the same as in TBBT though - fresh humor, well defined characters and a brilliant cast. For me the best new show of the season.
  • munchere-260-5987992 February 2018
    I have a problem with the reviewers complaining about how Sheldon is such a brat and at the same time say they watch TBBT. If they watch that show then they must know Sheldon is a brat. In this show, though, we have a 9 year old version of a bratty Sheldon. In both cases he isn't bratty because he's spoiled or mean hearted. He's bratty because he's a genius and a social simpleton. That's the point. I Iiked the show right off but I can also say that it has improved as these brief, less than 30 minute, episodes are able to develop the characters and relationships more. One reviewer complained about the lack of character development after only watching the first show! I also think the actor playing young Sheldon is doing a great job. As with the adult Sheldon the young Sheldon is sincere, wants to be good, knows his own mind but also knows that he doesn't understand social norms and so listens to those close to him although he reserves the right to not accept those norms. I enjoy the family dynamic and the situations that arise because he's special. This family is much more realistic than the Malcom in the Middle family, a show one reviewer touted as being at a level this show couldn't come up to. The characters in MITM were ridiculously stupid. The characters in Young Sheldon each ha ve a unique personality and do things that you have seen others do or can imagine others doing, like Sheldon's brother trying chewing tobacco, repeatedly spitting it out in disgust then saying "I must be doing something wrong". The writing warms the heart as we watch a family moving past disagreements and difficulties caused by their special Sheldon - all realizing that they love him and he's family which is more important than those disagreements and difficulties.
  • I thought it was a great first episode and a brilliant idea. There's so many ways this show can go if done correctly. Taken a character already loved and showing us all the bits we hear pieces from on The Big Bang Theory. I think it was a bit reckless using an actor from The Big Bang Theory to star in a different role in this spin off but can put that down to me being picky.

    Overall I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing where the series goes!
  • victorlk-0763613 February 2018
    I like the original TBBT series, but Young Sheldon is a huge step forward from a comedy to a realistic documentally description of Sheldon's life, naturalistic pages of americans life in 80-th. One of the best series ever created. My congratulations to director and other guys which are involved in these series creation.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Loved watching the lovely tribute to The Big Bang Theory on S02E22 - TBBT characters as their younger selves. 😀
  • cherold27 September 2017
    I was surprised how many people dislike the pilot. I thought it was an interesting idea done well. And now that I've watched six episodes, I feel fully justified in saying this is terrific television.

    The show centers on the childhood of The Big Bang Theory's high- functioning autistic genius Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is a quirky savant in a very ordinary family with a religious mom and a puzzled dad. Too smart for his peers, the 9-year-old Sheldon is boosted to high school, where he promptly alienates everyone.

    Some people complain that Sheldon is too annoying, but why would you want a series about a young Sheldon if you didn't want to see someone annoying? I find the kid version less irritating, primarily because he is powerless and thus is not, like his adult counterpart, bullying and browbeating and insulting his friends to get his way. Young Sheldon is just trying to survive and, more importantly, learn.

    In fact, my main concern is that Sheldon seems a little too normal. He's got some funny habits and is a bit obsessive, but I would have expected someone far *more* obnoxious and weird. He really just seems precocious and socially clueless.

    I wasn't surprised that Sheldon is socially inept or sometimes rude - if you are, then once again I have to ask why on earth you watched this show. I was surprised at the sweetness of the series. Sheldon's mom is wonderfully understanding and supportive, and even his dad has occasional moments of rough, loving insight.

    Some people have said there aren't any jokes in this series, but it's actually very funny. No, there aren't any Catskills comics material, but if you think there are no jokes I think you just need the BBT's laugh track.
  • Will be interesting to watch and to enjoy. That said, i have to mention other reviews that tells me more about people these days. So, basic human reaction according to these people on IMDb commenting this show is when you see someone smarter than you, is to kick him, shut him up, make him stop, tell him he is weird, etc. It scares them and makes them angry at the same time, even though it's an imaginary kid on a TV show. What did this world come to?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show gives off a wholesome vibe and at the same time it shows Sheldon being an obnoxious child. Some people do not like it but what they fail to realise is that this childhood story is being told FROM current Sheldon's perspective. So for him his childhood will be magical and since he does not realise how obnoxious he can be he is just remembering him being himself.

    The story is amazing, it directly reflects TBBT and all the little details Sheldon talked about in TBBT. The production quality was amazing for the pilot and I hope it remains the same throughout the season. Even the voice of Sheldon's young mom is so spot on and similar to his current mom in TBBT. If nothing, give this show some credit FOR the amazing attention to detail.

    I am reading bad reviews about this TV show already mainly because it reflects on the large amount of hate TBBT receives. However people should realise that TBBT is one of the biggest TV shows currently and this spin off is simply keeping things more interesting. The show has changed so much in 10 seasons and it continues to change to keep it form being boring.
  • Anyone expecting 'more Big Bang' will be sorely disappointed by Young Sheldon. This is a very different kind of show - and a far, far better show than we had any right to expect. Young Sheldon could have been a quick cash-in on the huge popularity of Big Bang Theory. But it turns out to be a whole new thing, only loosely connected to the previous show.

    True, Young Sheldon does pick up the backstory established for the Sheldon of Big Bang. But the writing takes off in a whole new direction. Gone are the zippy one-liners, the exaggerated characters, the zaniness, What we get instead is something no one could have predicted: heart.

    It's a huge mistake to think of Young Sheldon as a prequel to Big Bang. Think of it, instead, as a 21st Century reboot of Leave It to Beaver. This is a slice-of-life story of growing up in Texas. Instead of being set-bound like Big Bang, Young Sheldon is shot largely on locations. Instead of being stylized, it's realistic. Instead of being glib, it's thoughtful. There's plenty of humor, but it's gentler and more complex.

    The third episode, for example, deals with a child coming to grip with the possible death of a parent, and with the role of faith in his very logical universe. The script doesn't judge, and it doesn't forget to be, at times, hilariously funny. (The last line had us in stitches.)

    The acting is uniformly superb. Sheldon's mom perfectly evokes Laurie Metcalf's older version from Big Bang. Annie Potts playing Sheldon's 'Meemaw' is as brilliant as she's ever been (and that's saying quite a lot.) And then there's Iaian Armitage in the title role. He doesn't mimic the older Sheldon, but he does ring absolutely true as a precocious yet naive kid, totally out of step with his surroundings. After watching him for a half-hour, I no longer cared whether he was supposed to be a younger version of some other character. He's a totally memorable character in his own right.

    Chuck Lorre has taken a huge risk, defying audience expectations with Young Sheldon. Let's hope he and Steven Molaro (who've co-written the early episodes) can keep the series going as powerfully as it has begun. And hope also that audiences can shake off their addiction to Big Bang Theory long enough to appreciate something that's as fresh and ground-breaking today as Big Bang was eleven years ago.
  • Excellent pilot! Smart funny dialog, loved the mother (the resemblance is amazing), I would watch it even if I wasn't watching TBBT. I already have my favorite characters, it was so well performed and young Sheldon totally sold it! I am looking forward to it, it's disappointing to wait a month for the 2nd episode.
  • nihalat-2706315 May 2019
    This show is downright funny and keeps you entertained for the full 20 minutes. I don't know why lots of reviewers are complaining but this show is great.
  • yogawoman1 December 2017
    Obviously, from reading some reviews here, there are people who wouldn't enjoy life if they won the lottery! I think this is a great show! I love watching this little boy, and I think they did a great job choosing the rest of the cast. His sister is cute as she can be & a little wise-ass, which makes her even more appealing. The brother is adorable, too--his complete lack of concern about much of anything concerning Sheldon is funny. I love their accents. The dad is a little surprising, as older Sheldon always gave the impression that he wasn't really close to his dad--although these shows have shown some strong attachment in instances. The younger Mary Cooper is perfect---she has older Mary Cooper's voice, mannerisms--everything down pat! And I LOVE MEEMAW! The first show where all of Sheldon's teachers were complaining about him was hilarious--especially the guy with the wet armpits & Sheldon volunteering to be his leader! (True Sheldon). This little boy does an amazing job of capturing Sheldon's expressions, mannerisms, etc. You watch him & think, "This is where it started." I LOVE IT!
  • asaleepi26 September 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is not called TBBT, it is called Young Sheldon. Therefore, stop expecting it to be anything like TBBT. This show is about learning why the character is the way he is. You will be disappointed if you watch the show expecting the same level of comedy.

    As a loyal TBBT fan, I am very pleased to learn more about Sheldon's character. I also giggle every time a reference is made to something that was mentioned in TBBT.

    I will of course need to watch more in order to give a more accurate rating since a lot of what happened in the pilot episode was expected due to the trailer, but overall, good show. I will most definitely keep on watching.
  • I was slow to try this one -- a show about Sheldon can be too much Sheldon. But it is very well done. Love that there's no laugh track!
  • With that said, I think it's particularly important for all the viewers who absolutely love this show to give their opinion and write an honest and true review for the show.

    This series is awesome on so many levels, it's truly a fun-filled family show! If you like TBBT you'll definitely love this.

    I don't need to write more, just see it for yourselves! Thumbs-up for the cast and crew!!
  • After watching several trailers I wasn't very enthusiastic about watching this show, but I'm glad I did. Sort of...

    Scenes that had no emotional effect on me whatsoever in the trailers worked very well in the context of the entire episode, scenes I've already seen gave me a couple good laughs. There are two things crucial to the entire substance of the show I don't like.

    1. It's foreshadowing more drama than comedy. Don't get me wrong, I don't generally dislike dramas, but I can't get behind a drama as a prequel to a sitcom. I shouldn't have expected anything different, I already knew from The Big Bang Theory that Sheldon was constantly bullied, his father turned into an alcoholic etc., it's just that being confronted with this side of Sheldon head on makes me feel very ill at ease.

    2. Sheldon's portrayal is wrong. Granted, Iain Armitage is a child actor and I can't expect the same level of acting skills from a child than an adult, but his portrayal of Sheldon is a complete failure. The actor's portrayal of Sheldon is way too wooden, older Sheldon is enthusiastic about everything he says, he prides himself on his knowledge and revels in imparting that knowledge, he's all giddy when he talks about his interests or pursues one of his hobbies etc. Iain Armitage's Sheldon is just a robot. There is no emotion, no conviction behind anything he says or does and that's just not Sheldon.

    I'll have to watch more episodes to see where this is going before I can rate it but the pilot episode was a 6 at best, and with more episodes this show could easily turn into a 4.
  • I set it to record on a whim & went in with no preconceived notions. I'm only a casual watcher of The Big Bang Theory so I appreciated this look at Sheldon's background & really liked the actress who portrays Sheldon's Mom. I would definitely watch future episodes & hope there are some on their way!
  • I tried giving this show a shot. Maybe a new fresh way of Sheldon could be fun again, as when big bang theory first started and it was a bit nerdy and kind of fun. You know, before it became a soap opera with random references and no jokes. Well Young Sheldon is more of that same recipe. Random references (maybe, sometimes, one episode we saw Elon Musk appear in the last scene), no jokes, and soap opera story line. I mean the latest episode I watched S01E07 where the premise of the whole episode is Sheldon's grandmother will not give Sheldon's father her recipe for brisket? I mean really? His grandmother is also portrayed (in all episodes so far) as being a full on asshole while from Big Bang Theory all we got was that she was the most loving and amazing person in his family.

    Anyway, no reason to devote your time to it, with so many TV shows available the last years, there is no reason to watch this one.
  • I watched the whole episode with a smile on my face; it was extremely entertaining and showed promise for a great series. This show is all about seeing the world from young Sheldon's perspective. It is NOT about entertaining you whiners. This first episode wasn't HahHah funny but it DID set the scene for future episodes, showing family members, neighborhood kids & school population young Sheldon had to deal with & their attempts to deal with him. He was not snotty-just a young kid trying to follow rules of a high school set before him. Remember, Sheldon is very literal-he has to GoByTheRules-they are the only part of his world that make any sense to him. He was a highly intelligent little boy trying to live in & figure out a world of people who were, to him, as a chimp would be to you. It was great that the creators of the series had Older Sheldon do the voice- overs; it really reminded viewers who young Sheldon became later. The kid was great & his family all had their own personalities-all of which I'd like to see more of. I'm sitting on pins & needles waiting to see the next episode-just wish it wasn't coming a full month from now.
  • I love it! This pint-sized new star Iain Armitage sure can act. His lines must be extremely difficult to remember for such a young lad. Young Sheldon being the prequel to the adult Sheldon of the multiple EMMY award winner The Big Bang Theory will thrive based on the eclectic cast of characters who are living in the 1980's. I see very little need to compare it to TBBT but I will say that it has taken sixty (60) years since the family themed Leave It To Beaver once aired, and I do see some comparisons between the Cooper family and the original (Beaver) Cleaver family.

    We see how young Sheldon and his family cope with his genius whereas the rest of Sheldon's family are a normal working class family. Sheldon's father is the high school football coach, his mother (who is played by the real life daughter Zoe Perry, of adult Sheldon's mother played by Laurie Metcalf) relies on her faith in the church, his big brother is a jock, and his twin sister has a mouth on her like a bar maid.

    I cannot wait to see when they introduce the audience to the other woman in Young Sheldon's life. That person being Sheldon's mee-ma who apparently will be played by Annie Potts (Designing Women). Another pleasure of Young Sheldon is the series is void from that horrible staple of many comedy series, that being the canned laughter box. Thank you, thank you a thousand times thank you. Let's let the audience decide what is funny and what is not. For now I am laughing and I really enjoy Young Sheldon.

    A perfect 10/10
  • Well if you didn't watch big bang theory at least 25 times for episode, you will never understand Young Sheldon. Your reviews are so poor, and it's clear that most of you is writing reviews because "you have to"...well...Don't.

    As Shelly would say... If you haven't got the at-least-sufficient knowledge to understand every single moment of this WONDERFUL series, just avoid to express nonsense opinions.

    I have a Big Bang Theory PhD. Watched 80/100 times every single episode, and i can ensure you ... You Just can't understand.

    My compliments to Chuck and Co. Another masterpiece. Go on Guys!
  • This show would be funnier if they put focus on "Sheldon's Mother" other than Sheldon. It would be funnier to see a woman learning to navigate a boozy husband a smart mouth daughter and stupid son and a superior minded son. What would be funny is that the hardest thing in her life is dealing with a prodigy son. SHe can handle everything else.

    I am sure CBS pushed for some sort of "Big Bang" spin off and this is what we got. Where "The Big Bang" is traditional 3 camera situation comedy this is a single camera show.

    In this comedy It's 1989 and 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper has skipped four grades to start high school along with his less-intellectual older brother. As he struggles to be understood by his family, classmates and neighbors, his mother arms him with the best tool she can come up with: reminding bullies his dad is the football coach and his brother is on the team. His twin sister doesn't share his exceptional mind, but she has a much clearer vision of what life has in store for the young genius. Jim Parsons, who plays the adult version of Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory," narrates.

    I think having Jim Parson narrate is A HUGE problem. His voice over should be funny. Jim Parsons is funny in "TBBT" but he is not funny doing the narration for this show. I know that "The Narration" is not suppose funny in this show but in this show EVERYONE IS ANNOYING AND NOT FUNNY EXCEPT THE MOTHER!

    I will pass on watching any future episodes! Unless they re-tool make the mother the focus and Laurie Metcalf does the narration. If they hate hate that idea then just "Stop with the narration".
  • After watching the first episode, I almost gave up watching the series. But I'm glad I gave it another chance. This show, like Malcolm in the Middle, resembles many experiences I've seen within my family, as well as several of my friends. I don't think you have to be raised between the 50's and 70's to appreciate comedy & drama of Sheldon's setting. Then again, maybe that's exactly why I'm hooked on it.
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