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12 November 2016 | lor_
Sub-parody misfire, thankfully below the radar
Paul Chaplin late of wacky Bluebird Films has hundreds of nutty features in the vaults, which I'm rummaging through slowly in order to maintain what's left of my mental health. "Borata" is a would-be riff on Sascha Baron Cohen's "Borat", and is bad beyond belief.

Jasmine Black, whose huge breasts and vast amount of screen time here recommend the video to her die-hard fans (myself included), stars as Borata a TV reporter from Kazakstan in England representing channel KZVT69, doing man-on-the-street interviews which somehow always lead to group sex. That's because producer/"actor" Chaplin insists on inserting massive orgies into nearly every vignette in his interminable films, this one clocking in at a ridiculous 3-1/2 hour running time.

The six orgies are boring and unarousing, particularly because Chaplin portraying Borata's TV field producer insists on humping the talent. That's his real purpose in making porn videos, not to earn an unholy buck but to impose his pasty, unhealthy looking body on top actresses who indeed are trying to earn a buck to keep the Wolf from their doors.

With a thick, stupid accent, Chaplin's improvised patter is nauseating in the dialog set-ups preceding the endless orgies. Besides Jasmine, many other familiar Brit Porn stars pop up but are wasted, along with guest star Tarra White from the Marc Dorcel camp.

Final segment is indicative of Chaplin's brain-dead approach. On a crummy set pretending to be a back alley sort of setting (in the studio), Chaplin keeps talking about a "red lampie", and sure enough a busty hooker is there to set the orgy in motion. After the final money shot, cops arrive, including an uncredited Pascal White, and typically arrest the girls, sending the johns on their merry way. Yes, porn, even Brit Porn, unconsciously reflects society's sexism, ingrained in the maker's DNA.

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