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  • Such a light-hearted comedy. I am a big fan of Parks and Rec (another top-rated political comedy) but Servant of the People has replaced it as my favorite in the genre. The show must have been pivotal in getting the main actor elected as president of Ukraine IRL in 2019.

    The show gives great insight into Ukraine's pains and worries about the rampant corruption. I was born and raised in Ukraine and watching the show from the U.S. brings nostalgia and inspires hope that one day I can return into a truly free country.
  • The funniest thing about this series is that the actor who's portraying the President of Ukraine has indeed became the President of Ukraine on the elections held on 31 March 2019 :)

    The series itself is a lot of fun, you most likely will enjoy it a lot :)
  • Tv serials produced special for political campaign. As a result populist became a president and started destroying country....
  • The first season - it is an interesting new format with funny jokes about a vital issue at that time. The second season - it is a feeling that the jokes are sucked from the finger, and the series is simply trying to sarcastic over politics. Bad trying, but somehow it will go. The third season - you need to somehow finish it. ... After the first season, this whole sarcastic theater, in my opinion, more and more slipped into some kind of absurdity. Humor for the sake of humor, but not the plot.
  • TV show that succesfully was used to brainwash the half of the country. It was streamed at the american Netflix and main ukrainian channels to reach as large an audience as possible. Everything showed in the series was used to portray main character in a good light. Then in real life people started to see this character instead the actual person that was in front of them. People are still blind, but sadly there will be time when they understand the true meaning of everything that was going on during 2019 election of president in Ukraine. I don't know if there have been more genius and at the same time disgusting TV show ever done.
  • A simple history teacher thanks to a viral video on the Internet becomes the president of the country. It would seem, how is this possible? The hero becomes the president of the country in reality.

    This is a historyless case, but this is the current reality and we will have to live with it.
  • ArnaudAGMeert27 November 2019
    Not often do I come across something which without being vulgar or merely trying to shock you with indecency, manages to portray the (perceived?) reality of politics in such a raw fashion. The last time I was stuck to my screen with such interest was when watching Dr. Strangelove. I'm not proud to say that (even?) as a Western European, the political incompetence and blatant corruption are very familiar, so the plot works no matter where you live.

    The casting is great, the satire is splendid, the plot is amusing. I'm sold.
  • Yes as stated the weirdest thing is the guy actually did become president of the Ukaraine. Not knowing the day to day on the ground their dont know if he is good or not. Im guessing they saw Trump win in the US and said the same thing. Tired of politicians give someone else the role. I guess when their are huge protests then he will be gone but I think he is doing the best he can in a country at war with Russia beset on all sides and corrupt as all get out. As for the show it had its moments enjoy subtitles Im leaning toward a 6 half way into season one will see from their Funny only 3 seasons as he got elected president for real. Again cant make this stuff up