• WARNING: Spoilers

    A sexual friendship develops between two Brazilian men. Sensual Marcelo is gay, good-looking and something of a flirt. Márcio is the doorman at the apartments where Marcelo lives. Márcio is married with two young daughters, whose pictures he proudly carries in his wallet (but no photo of the wife). For their first intimate encounter, the two ride off on Márcio's bicycle in what has to be the sexiest, most voluptuous bike ride ever. They arrive at the apartment of a friend of Marcelo, who has asked him to take care of his cat while he is away. The first tryst is awkward and not successful, but Márcio, who suffered from erectile dysfunction originally, comes roaring back the next morning to make up for lost time. Their second encounter is all passion and lust, their love-making running the gamut of possibilities, portrayed in strikingly graphic images. The inevitable bump in the road comes when Marcelo and his friends throw a rowdy party one afternoon on the apartment grounds. One resident complains, and the police may be called. As the voice of authority on the premises, Márcio must put an end to the disturbance. The two men fight over the incident and stop seeing each other for a while. In the final scene (New Year's Eve night, after an indeterminate amount of time has passed) Marcelo is alone on the beach and receives a phone call from Márcio. Both Márcio's and Marcelo's minutes are about to run out, but before their time expires they manage to suggest renewed contact for the coming year.