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  • Courtney Ford really shone as lead character, Erika, in this one. There were a few schmaltzy moments, when it seemed like the movie couldn't decide if it was a light drama or a comedy (I didn't care for the mother character - don't know if it due to acting, writing, or directing - she was too over-the-top for me, and seemed very out of place for this otherwise warm and gentle story). However, there was one hillariously sweet moment toward the end, concerning the the brother-in-law-to-be, in which I was simultaneously laughing and "aw-ing" out loud (Johnny Kramer, as Scott, toed the "dramedy" line quite well). Overall, the acting was well done and believable; the story was enjoyable; I would watch it again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I gave this a 5 because the scenery is beautiful, and the actors all had chemistry. I couldn't fault the movie on those aspects. I watched this movie on the Feeln app. This movie is NOT what I expected. My emotions ranged from feeling empathy for Erica to feeling a bit repulsed at the idea that she almost cheated on her husband while he was deployed, before his death. It did not have to include that aspect in my opinion. The story could have been lovely without that thrown in, in my opinion. It was really hard to move beyond that and enjoy the remainder of the movie.
  • Erica (Courtney Ford) is engaged to Marc in Chicago. She is still haunted by her husband Seth's death in the war. She goes home to prepare for her sister April's wedding. Everyone is walking on egg shells around her. She reconnects with old friend Nate and finds a support group for military widows.

    So she planning to get married while dealing as a war widow and her almost affair. There is one too many relationships. I couldn't see how they could screw up a simple widower having a romance movie but this is how. It's an overly complicated premise and it isn't well laid out at the beginning anyways. The easiest thing to do is to eliminate Marc from the story. This is a story about loving someone while honoring the lost of a great love. Marc adds nothing but speed bumps to journey. The movie also moves rather slowly and it becomes a bit of a grind. It's too bad. Courtney Ford has the potential to pull this off without the emotional baggage of Marc or the secret.
  • clintondenise26 May 2019
    Sooooo, is Erika havingba thing for Nate and has a boyfriend named Mark????