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  • Every Act of Life (2018) is a documentary directed by Jeff Kaufman.

    It details the life of the prolific, successful playwright Terrence McNally. McNally is openly gay, and many of his plays address the issue of what it means to be gay in the United States.

    McNally has won numerous awards, including four Tony Awards. At age 79 he's still writing. He is probably the best known and successful living playwright in the United States.

    A documentary about Terrence McNally can't miss. That's certainly true of this biography. It's a solid, careful piece of work. We see quite a bit of historical footage, and many interviews with McNally and his friends and colleagues.

    McNally's life has had it's share of great highs and terrible lows. Still, if what we see on screen is true, he's doing well and is happy and reasonably healthy in 2018.

    I'm really a fan of movies, not theater, so this film wasn't as meaningful to me as it would be to someone who is a true theater fan. Still, it worked for me and I enjoyed it.

    We saw this movie at The Little Theatre, as part of Rochester's excellent ImageOut, the LGBT Film Festival. It will work well on the small screen.
  • As good as any biographical documentary I have ever seen. A portrait of a lovely, brilliantly creative and generous man, drawn by a remarkable group of friends and colleagues who have worked with him, loved with him, celebrated and cried with him. Anyone interested in the theatre should not miss it.