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  • Kesari (UA) (PG12)

    Genre: War History Action


    1)Akshay Kumar Performance

    2)Action is well choreographed

    3)Location and Cinematography

    4)Music and BGM



    7)Direction and Camera Work


    1)Parineeti Chopra Performance should be more better but OK

    Jai Hind
  • A very sharp script with a powerfull performance.The screenplay is superb.akshay kumar's acting is top it for sure.
  • Akshay's best movie. The CGI is impeccable. If you are not aware of Sikh martial art than you would not understand the fight sequences. If you visit a Sikh Akhada where they practice martial art you would exactly see what Akshay has done. He has brought out the true Sikh Martial Art essence. The slow motion is not over the top because it is exactly how they fight. The film flows beautifully. The graphics and the sound design is absolutely spot on. Direction has been at its finest. Every Indian must watch this film.
  • From the beginning of the movie till ending visually it's awesome that too in such budget, story is all about history which has to know every Indian how 21 sikhs fought woth 10000 patans and sacrifices their lifes movie is emotionally connected particularly last 20 mints of climax, bgm work is good, director has succeeded with his script, dialogues he delivered good out put in limited budget all though we can find few minor flaws but that will be not a problem for general audience, editing should have been bit tighter,Over all technical values are good enough.

    Akshay Kumar's best performance till date, he lived in the character throughout the movie so natural kudos to him for choosing such kind of subjects he is becoming versatile actor, parineeti chopra has very minor role but promising one she has done her best in limited time, all other 21 sikhs and every other character had done very good job.

    Final verdict-go and watch this emotional action drama saga am sure you won't regret.
  • amitmardi-3182121 March 2019
    Go & watch... & judge yourself...

    A blockbuster writingover it. Akshay Kumar's best acting. Action sequencs are lit ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ It deserve blockbuster .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kesari is an evergreen flim and amazing,we learned so many things from Battle of Saragrahi (1897).Huge thanks to Akshay Sir.
  • This movie bring a sense of pride under every Indian
  • parasps21 March 2019
    Had a great experience watching it amazing visuals and music was really cool
  • The battle of Saraghari is wonderfully depicted in the movie "KESARI" The bravery and devotion of Sikh soldiers who had shed their blood for our motherland is something worth watching. I saw this movie on first day first show. You will surely have GOOSEBUMPS. You must watch this GREAT MOVIE๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ.
  • Movie is awesome in every aspect.every scene from the movie was awesome
  • Stop spreading these type of rumours that it is not a well deserved movie. The inside you know that you are wrong. After some days people are gonna know the truth why so jealous man.

    This is the story valor of 21 sikh who died for us and feel proud for the. Stop wasting your time blaming Director,producer and actor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Emotional and real true story Akshay sir is a brilliant actor in world
  • manojmeenaar21 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Kesari is a very good movie and Akshay sir has a very nice acting
  • Guys, ignore all haters and go to this movie. This movie is masterpiece from Akshay sir.. Actually, I was expecting a good movie from akki sir but this movie is lifetime best for me now ..
  • Best movie for all and some people r not like this type of movies because they like movie Race3....
  • This was my first movie in hall and i feel proud to myself that i selected this movie. My salute to our an INDIAN security forces and Akshay Kumar.
  • sujondevnath21 March 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is indian movie landmark movie. akki best performence direction best dialogue..don't miss it.
  • I'd never seen a Bollywood film until now but having read about the Battle of Saragarhi I thought it would be interesting to watch. I will admit there is definitely some heavy melodrama in a few action scenes, I don't know if this is common in Indian films or not but it does disrupt the flow of the film somewhat (or at least give you the impression that beards and turbans give you superpowers). That being said most of the action sequences are well done and the tone while serious is punctuated by some hilarious jokes and dialogue that reflect the camaraderie amongst soldiers in such situations and make relating to and investing in a rather large cast of characters considerably easier. I don't know how Indian audiences would rate this film against other Bollywood films but I found this far more entertaining than recent Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Absolutely amazing movie. Making of This movie is about proud of us. Emotional, Comedy, Full of action & Country love, a Country devotee. Every Indian should watch this movie with their family & friends.
  • Best movie of year, tribute to 21 soldiers, Everyone should watch this movie... great screen play by all artists, specially those 21 artists, Salute, respect โœŠ to all those 21 real soldiers of Hindustan...Salute to their bravery. Great effort to make this movie... movie keep you all time...just excellent.. Not any kind of vulgarity in this movie. Must watch. Again salute those 21 soldiers.
  • A best movie..watched 1st day 1st show...good action..few comedy seen also there. ..not enough space for parineeti but good appearance ...only big thing is AKSHAY KUMAR and SHIKH BRAVERY...MUST WATCH
  • desispitz27 March 2019
    I never write these things, most of the time I just rate a film and move on to the next one. Not this time. Kesari is an immortal film, a movie about 21 Sikh soldiers who are fighting in the British Regiment during 1897. The story follows Hawaldar (Officer) Ishwar Singh and his troops as they hold a fort against 10,000 (yes 21 vs 10000) Afghan soldiers attempting to invade Northern India and take more land for themselves. No spoiler here, but these 21 soldiers will leave you shocked, amazed, and have goosebumps in numerous occasions. Just because its a war film doesn't mean that for 3 hours you will just see violence, the character chemistry and insane amount of historical accuracy and details will leave you astonished. Highly reccomended, whether you speak the language or not, in today's technologically advanced society all foreign films can be found near you at a theater with subtitles. Feel the emotion. Feel the power of Kesari. Top ten bollywood films of all time.
  • Hats off to the producers and Akshay Kumar for picking up and showing all passion for wanting to make a movie based on this true story from the pages of less known Indian history. Akshay kumar rocks as usual and everybody seems to want to give in their best in each scene. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Hoping more such stories will keep getting made into movies.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The main character hallucinates of loved ones as he rarely gets to see them. The movie emotionally connects to the audience. It is based on true events. The music contains hymns related to Sikhism. Action is superb. Villains have acted well.
  • The whole movie was like a climax scene. Each and every scene was outstanding and whistle worthy. You just can't afford to miss it.
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