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  • A different Christmas story for a change! This is an interesting and original story about a 1945 woman is transported in time to 2016.

    It's entertaining enough to keep one interested. The contrast between the values and traditions is cute and provides some cute insights. Nice link between the past and present with Tom Skerrit.

    Candace Cameron Bure handles the role well. It could have been daft if not handled well.
  • kall669513 October 2019
    This is a movie classic. A young nurse who lost her husband in WWII travels forward through time at Christmas. This is a great movie about traditions that have been lost and found again. Heartwarming with excellent cast. Add this to your Must See list of Holiday movies.
  • I just loved this film. If you are over the age of 50 you must have memories of your own younger self, and can only wish now that you would have held on to some of your own personal belongings/artifacts such as maybe some special basebal glove or hockey cards, toys, books, record albums, report cards, christmas decorations, and/or family pictures. Journey Back to Christmas helped bring back some of my own memories from decades ago and as this Christmas themed film's intention was to help us determine if we are either believers in the unfamiliar or lean more toward being skeptics, it is obvious that we are better off if we believe in miracles, or at minimum that our hearts and minds remain open to other people's opinion(s) and beliefs.

    Candace Cameron Bure, Oliver Hudson, Raven Stewart, and Tom Skerritt's performances were especially enjoyable. Darn it if they didn't make me cry a few times throught this retrospective and nostalicg Christas tale. Of course this is a film about stirring up the Christmas spirit in all of us and much like many of our fondest memories as time fades so do many of our past practices. A picture can tell a thousand stories and Journey Back to Christmas is a most enjoyable Christmas classic.

    I give this film a perfect 10 for 10 rating
  • djkash15 December 2016
    I really love this movie. I love most Hallmark Christmas movies and the plots are very simple-- couple falls in love, couple has misunderstanding during the last half hour which threatens to break them up, but then in the last 5 minutes the misunderstanding is resolved and everyone lives happily ever after.

    This has a complexity and a very realistic time travel element that is beautifully done and not completely unbelievable. The costumes are wonderful and the plot is meaningful and believable. The nostalgia makes me realize how much simplicity adds to Christmas and how small actions make a huge difference. Amazing story. Hope they bring this one back every year for a long long time

    I disagree with Candace Cameron-Bure on politics I can push that aside to watch her films on the Hallmark Channel. Most of them are great and she has such a pleasantness that make her films worth watching. "Journey Back to Christmas" is one of those films that might not of worked if it was cast with someone else. Candace proves her star power here. SHe carries the film on her shoulders and she makes it look easy.

    In this film she plays A WWII era nurse is transported in time to 2016 and meets a man who helps her discover the bonds of family and that the true meaning of Christmas. Oliver Hudson co-stars.

    In between the lines the film shows (without preaching) that we all have to have faith in others. If we don't have faith then we have "Nothing".

    I will watch this again. Candace "Congratulations". This is your best Hallmark movie. Looking forward to more.
  • This is not a boy and girl fall in love, girl gets upset with boy and leaves and then boy and girl fall in love again movie. I found the story line engaging and I didn't want the story to end. Love Candace Cameron in Hallmark movies and I hope I see her in many more to come.
  • I've decided not to describe the plot of Journey Back to Christmas. It's absolutely magical if you watch it without knowing anything about it. If it were up to me, I'd recommend Journey Back to Christmas with absolutely no details, and you'd watch and love it. But you probably want a little more information, or at least a couple of reasons, before sitting down to watch it.

    This Hallmark delight stars Candace Cameron Bure and Tom Skerritt; even though I've seen the movie three times in two years, I always call it "the Tom Skerritt Christmas movie" because I can't seem to remember the title. He adds a lovable, charming, classy element to the film, and he's just as incredibly handsome as he was in The Turning Point. Without him, it would still be an enjoyable movie, but with him, it's an essential film during the holidays. Candace is also extremely likable, and she completely lives up to her reputation as Hallmark's Christmas darling.

    Fans of WWII homefront films or heartwarming movies will love this movie, and if you're looking for a modern classic to add to your yearly line-up, this is the one you've been looking for. It's the best new Christmas movie I've seen since 2011's 12 Dates of Christmas, and now I can't imagine a Christmas without it.
  • I'm not crazy about Candace and was hesitant to watch this, but I'm glad I did. It was far better than I expected. I don't give out many 10's. If the movie is good I give 8's or maybe 9's. A Hallmark movie has to resonate with me and tell a great story that is not part of the "formula" for me to give it a 10. This one did. Watch it, hopefully you will not be disappointed.
  • Candace Cameron Bure gives what is nothing less than the performance of a lifetime in this deeply moving television presentation. A supporting cast of very talented actors certainly add to the power of this piece and director Mel Damski does a superb job but in the end it is indeed Bure who supplies the depth, meaning, and magic. It is a simply lovely, sensitive, thoughtful, and very memorable bit of acting that brings life to what might otherwise be a mundane movie. While the spirit of Christmas is captured beautifully it is Candace Cameron Bure who centers the proceedings and brings a warmth and humanity that would otherwise have been missing. A truly touching holiday feast that is more than worth viewing whenever it might be served due to one tremendous young actress.
  • InitforREEL4 September 2017
    The allure of this movie undeniably magnetic. Time travel has long been an intriguing topic for anyone with an imagination. Candace Cameron Bure's portrayal of an intelligent, sensitive, kind WWII Nurse, who, with the help of a miraculous comet, is sent to the future, only to find that her seemingly mundane acts of kindness during her lifetime in the 1940s, were not so ordinary, as they led others to heartfelt, inspiring gifts.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This did not feel like a hallmark movie. And that's not an insult. Just an observation. We all know hallmark movies are a tad sappy, maybe a little silly or even unbelievable but who cares its a christmas hallmark movie..its what's your want. Simple. Pretty. Fun. Positive. But this movie..although time travel is VERY unbelievable for most...was just so sweet and for me not at all sappy or silly. I went from feeling really sad for Hannah actually thinking about how lost and sad and scared she must of felt to just really loving get character and Jake's character. And it wasn't entirely predictable. The main characters didn't end up together! There wasn't a kiss at the end under falling snow. That wasn't a career woman. It was different. It was most realistic with the current day characters. And Candace Cameron Bure is just cute. Very likable. Really glad I gave this movie a shot!!
  • I've watched a fair few of these Hallmark Christmas movies, this was better than most despite the abrupt ending. I'm a sucker for the time travel stories though and that helped here. I particularly enjoyed the1940's parts and how they all connected in the future.

    Candace Cameron Bure does a good job, she's perfect for these types of movies; sweet, innocent, kind. Tom Skerrit was a nice surprise here too, as was the comet part of the story -different.

    Back To Christmas follows Bure as a World War II nurse whose husband is missing in action presumed dead. She grieves and continues her work at the VA hospital. On the night of the so-called Christmas Comet she bumps her head and suddenly finds herself transported to 2016 where after a 5150 sanity check she's taken in by a policeman and his family. As she unravels what happened to her and gets a makeover she helps his family find the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Another delightful Candace Cameron Bure Hallmark Christmas movie. This one is about a nurse from the 1940s who finds herself magically transported in time to 2016. She helps people, they help her...lots of smiles all around because this is Hallmark and I wouldn't have it any other way. A pleasant, charming little movie with one of the best performances Candace has given yet. It doesn't hurt that the impossible to dislike Brooke Nevin is also here in a supporting role. And hey, there's Tom Skerritt!

    I have some minor quibbles, mostly about how they gloss over the "woman out of time" aspects. She just seems to take 70 years of cultural and technological changes in stride. But that wasn't the story they wanted to tell and I think I can understand why. Also, this isn't going to be a romcom for Candace and Oliver Hudson, in case you were going into it assuming that. It's not a romcom at all, for one thing, it's a light drama. For another, despite being the female and male lead they are involved with other people. That may be a Hallmark first. Anyway, it's a very enjoyable movie that tells a simple heartwarming story. Also, I appreciate Hallmark attempting to recapture the '40s aesthetics. Were they totally successful? No but they filmed this with a small budget. I've seen many major theatrical releases that did worse.
  • This movie is definitely my favorite out of all Candace's Hallmark Christmas movies. Maybe it's because I'm a little bit of a geek, but I love the time travel aspect of this movie. Perhaps this movie is like Back to The Future meets the Notebook or something. Of course, I also loved the romance. I'm glad the movie didn't end wit the "modern" guy traveling back in time with her as that wouldn't be realistic at all. I liked this movie so much that I found Candace's 2017 movie to not live quite up to my expectations. Overall, this is a great Christmastime movie and a very sweet story with an inspirational message. 10/10
  • sdquinn2-127 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Tonight I was reading a book while my wife watched this movie on Hallmark. I finally put down the book and finished watching this movie. This movie is pretty standard fare for a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. Here is the plot. Candace Bure plays a nurse in a small town in 1945. One snowy night she gets her car stuck in the snow and takes shelter in a nearby shed. Then, somehow, during the night she is transported to the year 2016. The first thing they do, after she is discovered, is to take her for medical help. Here is where the movie makes the first big mistake. She is examined by an African American doctor. Back in 1945, Caucasian women were not examined by African Americans. Ms. Bure just sat there like this was a normal everyday activity. In reality, she would have said something right off. The scenes back in 1945 were pretty unrealistic as well. She was shown driving all over town, when there was gas rationing and people only got 4 gallons for a full week. Plus, the automobile she was driving did not have either an A or a B sticker on the windshield. You would have to have been alive during World War II to understand what those stickers were. Aside from several large mistakes like the above, this movie was pretty good for what it was aiming for. I would recommend you give it a viewing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ***Huge spoilers****Unlike many, I am not a huge Candace Cameron Bure fan. I find her competent. The first ¾ of this movie left me rather cold, despite the wonder and mystery provided by the great concept of a miraculous Christmas comet. The main character, Hanna, was just a too sweet cardboard cutout. However, the time travel gimmick usually delivers stories that keep me engaged, or at least semi-engaged, and this one was no exception. I did roll my eyes at the irrational behavior and attitudes of some of the townspeople and the police. Why all the hate and suspicion of nefarious motives on the part of the police chief, Her primary supporter, Jake's, partner, and the town busybody? The conflict was too manufactured and not rational. When Hanna, fresh from segregated 1945, is examined by the black doctor, and interrogated by the black chief of police, why no surprise or incredulity? They missed a great opportunity to add a little depth to the story there, and it would have taken all of 20 seconds. Her one champion, Jake, a policeman, was nicely played by Oliver Hudson. Sarah, Jake's partner, was foreshadowed to be the love interest, but for most of the movie, her cynicism and unfounded suspicions made her very unlikable.

    The last ¼ of the show is more than redeemed by the appearance of the Tom Skerrit character. Now an aged and respected figure whose life was changed by Hanna by her kindness to him when he was a little boy, he validates her story. He leads the way to finding a solution to her predicament of which life to lead. Previously unknown ties between Hanna of 1945 and Hanna of 2016 are uncovered. The doubters are proved wrong and they are even a bit redeemed in the process. Both Hanna and the understanding cop,the two leads, find their happy endings, though hers was cheesy to the max. Oh well. Sometimes cheese is the way to go.

    Everything was tied together beautifully. The last quarter of the film had me in tears. It was that good. I don't think I have ever seen a Hallmark movie that went from "blah" to stellar with such whiplash speed!
  • Kirpianuscus14 November 2020
    First, Candace Cameron Bure makes just miracles with her character. Second, it is not exactly, for so many reasons, a Halmark film. Or, more exactly, it is far to be the expeted film. Three - it reminds Operation Philadelphia in fine way. And it is just charming, giving the chance to Oliver Hudson and Tom Skeritt to do their the best. So, just special.
  • One might be thinking what is this person thinking giving a Hallmark film a high rating and writing favourably about it. In all honesty, many of my ratings for Hallmark films range between mediocre and slightly above average and to me their Christmas film output is very hit and miss. Expectations were slightly higher than usual for 'Journey Back to Christmas', as Hallmark regular Candace Cameron Bure is watchable and more in a good deal of their work and it had one of their best ever concepts.

    A concept that was executed in a way that is relatively rare for Hallmark, it actually met and made the most of its potential and exceeded expectations. To me, 'Journey Back to Christmas' is one of their best of their Christmas output (and we are talking about by far, not by a little) and in the best group of their work overall as well. As far as Bure's Hallmark films go, 'Journey Back to Christmas' is up there among her best and contains one of her better performances as well.

    'Journey Back to Christmas' less than modest budget does show at times, especially in moments of not so smooth editing.

    Have often found the music for Hallmark films over-used and in need of a toning down tonally too. There are pleasant moments here and there is some authentic atmosphere, but part of me did think it still could have been used less in placement and been more understated.

    Bure on the other hand gives a performance of real heart and charm in one of her better performances as one of her more likeable characters. Hallmark do not always score when it comes to having female lead characters that are likeable, but they score here. She has a pleasing and hard to dislike chemistry with Oliver Hudson, equally appealing, and for me their romantic pairing was more rootable than most Hallmark romantic pairings. Tom Skerritt steals his scenes though the whole cast are never less than better than average in roles easier to invest in than most Hallmark Christmas films.

    There are some lovely locations here and some pleasant moments in the soundtrack. The script is light-hearted without being too frothy and is not as cornball or as soapy as other Hallmark Christmas films. The story deserves a lot of credit for doing something different, a word usually not associated in the same sentence with Hallmark, and is a lot more creative than most Hallmark films. Concept-wise and its execution 'Journey Back to Christmas' is to me in the top 5 of the most creative when it comes to Hallmark Christmas films, and is the most unique. It is not as formulaic and there is less of the Hallmark cliches. The story is also very charming and heart-warming and the time travel element is not wasted, avoiding convolution too.

    Concluding, surprisingly very good which was not expected. 8/10
  • I said this regarding a competitor's (UPtv) movie "a christmas movie Christmas" that mocked the redundant remigined Santa, parttime matchmaker /magic at christmas/romance at christmas, etc, themes that commonly flood the harlequin channel, excuse me, hallmark channel line up :-). Seldom do they ever even mention, even in passing, the true meaning of Christmas. To score seven (the perfect score on my scale) It has to be a lot better than the worn out cliché movies they turn out at a rate of a dozen a week in December. This movie, for the Hallmark channel scored, the same as its competitor's brilliant twist on the cliche romance at Christmas theme referenced above. It has time travel it, has elements of it's a wonderful life, it has a positive message, and yes real Christmas carols, not the Seccular "let's celebrate winter" tropes. I've seen a lot of reviews of modern Christmas movies where the slightest hint of a religious theme is criticized Bitterly by other reviewers. For those who take the religious aspect of Christmas seriously a movie like this is more a step in the right direction. Good job Hallmark. Please give more equal time to those who recognize the religious reason as the reason for the season, then i might not be so hard on the "dessert" christmas entertainment.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have already reviewed this engaging movie itself. This is to clarify some supposed historical glitches cited in other reviews, so feel free to see the movie first -- then read this later.

    The movie begins in December 1945, which is four months after gasoline rationing ended, so there was no need for the nurse's car to have a rationing sticker on the windshield nor for her to be concerned about driving across town, for a good reason, on the spur of the moment.

    As I recall, the camera traveled to the future in the nurse's purse, so there would have been no issue with film deterioration when the film was later developed.

    I very much enjoyed the 1940s re-creation. Using the party line phone as a plot device to move the story along was brilliant -- I didn't see that coming, but it was right on the mark. We still had a party line phone into the mid-1950s, so I shared the nurse's frustration with the line being in use.
  • The time travel element in the movie is integral to setting up a meaningful and satisfying story. It also sets up some character interrelationships that bring closure to interesting aspects of the storyline and some unexpected twists. Well worth a watch.

    An interesting aspect was the 1940s portion of the movie. It felt just right, consistent with my memories of that era. It was more accurate than some other reviews would have you believe. (I will comment on that separately.)
  • If you're like me, and sick of home alone again this Christmas, watch this. Sure to bring a tear or 2 to your eyes....

    Beautifully scripted and fairytale like and raise the spirits for a icy Christmas. Characters were convincing and plot was simple yet entertaining. Love Tom skerritt as always. He was the only notable actor in the mix.... Him with his white hair so much grown from his picket fences days.

    One of my fav Christmas movies this year.
  • I loved this. Totally crying, totally in the Christmas spirit ( on July 4th). Absolutely charming.
  • Gubby-Allen25 December 2017
    Surprisingly brilliant Christmas film.

    Admittedly, it could have been set at another time, but it tied Christmas in well and never flagged at all.

    You do not expect much with a Daytime Christmas TV film and seeing the high rating and the description of the plot, I was intrigued but the rating is exactly right, a bit more than 7/10.

    It avoided too many cliches, there were very few of the "why would they do that" moments and the plot generally followed a route as believable and realistic as the story would allow.

    The lead actress was terrific and made the film and the character was never irritating a she easily could have been.
  • Journey Back To Christmas has Candace Cameron Bure as a 1945 recent war widow who gets caught in a garage and knocked out in December 1945 and then wakes up in 2016 some 10 days before Christmas in her small town.

    Policeman Oliver Hudson instead of arresting this strangely dressed woman takes her home instead although proof of who she is can't be established.

    Tom Skerritt plays an old man and town benefactor who comes to Candace's aid. She knew him in an interesting way back in the day.

    This is a nicely packaged Yuletide film. A bit of a combination of Berkeley Square and The Time Machine.

    Good viewing at Christmas time or any time.
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