The film mirrors real life in certain ways as it is a Christmas movie shot in a small town famous for its Christmas celebrations about a film crew who goes to shoot a Christmas movie in a small town famous for its Christmas celebrations. However while the fictional film crew takes advantage of the fictional town's celebrations, the real film finished shooting over a month prior to the real town's Christmas celebrations.

Although set in Iowa, the film was actually shot in Georgia.

The film employed approximately 300 local extras and is estimated to have had a $375,000 economic impact on the town of Dahlonega.

Aired as the eighth of nineteen original films in The Hallmark Channel's 2016 "Countdown to Christmas" lineup.

A little under a year after the film premiered, on October 24th 2017, it received a novelization by Kara Tate, released as the second e-book from the recently launched Hallmark Publishing.