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  • Strangelove, a competent enough pornographer following slavishly in the footsteps of Tanya Hyde over at London's Harmony Films, forgot to tap the Creativity bin while making "Deadly Women", a deadly dull exercise in Kink Lite. The result is the sort of stuff I scrupulously avoid in the form of today's #1 practitioner of generic BDSM, and so utterly redundant.

    There are connecting themes running visually among the five stand-alone porn vignettes, notably fetish-clad Brit beauties ascending a staircase before getting down to Brass XXX Tacks, all the girls wearing glasses, as well as the lovely and outre lingerie they're wearing. But at no time is there any emotional contact made between the overworked Brit Porn talent, a mini-who's who of top players ranging from Danny D to Omar Williams on the male side to Sam Bentley vs. Jasmine Webb among females.

    Euro talent provides probably the best scenes, as Liza Del Sierra is a magnificent specimen in her teasing intro scene servicing a Danny D in bondage. Cathy Heaven outdoes her by demonstrating her nonpareil extreme penetration abilities, riding a wide-girth dildo machine stretching her posterior quite visibly and then giving sustained deep throat to partner in porn Jay R. (or Jay Snake as his tattoo implies). They have a brief vignette in an office environment that is actual pantomime, with finger- pointing in this "no dialog" all-sex extravaganza.

    Sam Bentley's segment is off-beat, as she's dressed in fetish-nurse gear, pushing an old gent in a wheel chair who turns out to be Dirty Dog/Ian Tate, more than up to the task of servicing her. My favorite actress of the lot is Paige Turnah, disappointingly wasted in a standard threesome scene with studs Marc Rose and a no-namer billed as "Kane Turnah" -her plummy English accent is not utilized at all, much to the detriment of the video.