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  • In its heyday (circa 2010), England's quirky Bluebird Films thought nothing of releasing 3 or 4-hour long videos, and produced a dizzying number of titles utilizing both British and Chatsworth talent. But by 2013 when this lame-ducker was released, the vanity label had run out of gas -it runs only 73 minutes long and seems to be missing an entire vignette.

    I came to that conclusion when compiling credits, as Cate Harrington is listed on the DVD box but her scene is missing on screen. What we do see are a series of dreary set-ups, cheaply shot in a dingy room (serving in place of a prison cell or dungeon set) where either a girl or a guy is in bondage, all tied up in ropes and humped. It plays unintentionally as sort of a British outcry or protest against missing the boat on the lucrative though mindless Bondage Video niche in American porn -those tedious short subjects cranked out by labels like Harmony Concepts, FM Concepts and Anton Productions. (After all, Britain is seemingly the founding nation of BDSM, certainly in literature dating back to Victorian porn.)

    The content is cheap and annoying, not arousing. Stacey Saran has a CFNM scene where her male victim is nude except for his ropes and she is fully clothed in fetish gear, humping the poor sod. There's no story material, no torturing to get vital information, a failing that reduces this to nothingness.

    DiSanto, at rival labels including Killergram and daring!, ran rings around this nonsense, for example in his imaginative "Sexual Interrogation", "The Art of Control" and "Bound by Lust". So suffering through this Bluebird misfire is strictly optional.