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  • I often watch short films when there is not enough time or simply do not feel like dedicating 2 hours to a certain feature. Just something to rate, think of, and be done.

    Paseo is the first short film where I genuinely was upset that there were only two minutes left, at the 11 minute mark. Not only is Sarah Gadon's character taken to Barcelona, we are as well. As she gets to explore a different life or options, we do too. I think it's the details that are so great here.

    Not only does she perhaps want a different life away from her current relationship, but she wants to try new things. However, herself, others, or plain life doesn't allow her to.

    She learns Spanish, but cannot communicate with the waiter. She meets a new man, but cannot escape the relationship she is in now. She meets a new country, but cannot escape the life or reality she is in today.

    I would call Paseo a masterpiece for its cinematography, ability to get the viewer to connect and relate to it's mysterious protagonist, and score that could be listened to for hours on end. Most importantly, that I wanted this film to be 10 times longer than it was.

  • lyxanna28 February 2020
    Started slow. Basic premise was, interesting. Ending was a little mind bending and possible, although not very probable.

    I really liked it as it grabbed my attention quickly and the scenery was beautiful, as Barcelona always is.