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  • GUENOT PHILIPPE23 September 2017
    The searcher
    Warning: Spoilers
    Two years ago, we discovered THE COWBOYS, a film about a desperate father searching his wayward daughter. Now, we have a divorced father in search for his kid boy who suddenly disappeared. In both movies, you have some tiny links to the western genre; just watch out very closely. I highly prefer the 2015 film, far darker and more bitter than this one because of a so so ending...Good acting and directing, some unbearable torture sequence and unfortunately some elements are not explained, such as (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS= why the hell those gangsters kidnapped ordinary kids? Why?
  • Rick James17 May 2018
    Pretty boring
    Warning: Spoilers
    I can believe this low-budget thriller was shot in 6 days, as is stated in the trivia. The slight interest is from the scenes of frantic search and discovery for the allegedly missing child, but too many leaps of faith are required. We are expected to believe in the protagonist's insight since we follow him the whole time, knowing he will succeed in his quest. There are too many implausibilities and loose ends in the chance discoveries. Just as an example, how come this abandoned resort is still lighted and well-maintained if it's only a place for crooks to keep their kidnapped children? How come the authorities haven't monitored such an institution? Why was the protagonist not prosecuted for assaulting an innocent man, the former wife's present boyfriend? The questions the gendarme puts to the protagonist would never pass legal muster. I could go on. It's fun to watch if you know it's going to have a happy ending, even if those final scenes are pretty sappy.